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Health care premiums are top budget item

After completing four graduate degrees and spending five years looking for permanent jobs, my husband and I (along with our two school-aged children) have made our 3rd cross-country move in the search for work. With each move, I've had to accept slightly ...

More DEBT!!!

At this time, usually at the end of the month, when I run out of funds, I have to use credit cards for necessities (like FOOD). If my (lower income) taxes increase, I would have to go deeper into credit card debt.

Barely hanging on

I am the single mom of two wonderful and amazing little boys, both of whom happen to have significant disabilities. They require therapies and medical treatments that are not fully covered by our medical insurance. I work full time and I work hard to ...

Another Family Afraid of Falling off the Cliff

We are a small family. We have 2 children - one is in high school the older one is on his own. My husband became disabled about 10 years ago. I became the sole income provider. In 2010 I was laid off from a job I held for 14 years. We were devastated. ...

Part Time Professor?

While the 1% is given tax indulgences and the Middle Class is threatened more by the day, the conservative right screams for cuts to education, while at the same time claiming that the middle class can't advance because they don't have the skills, There ...

Making it tenuously

I am a single mother of an 8-year-old girl. I am college-educated, and work a full time job for the public library. I've always paid my own way through things; paid for community college, then university, but I've run across hard times and have needed ...


Please eliminate tax breaks for the wealthy! Don't create more hardship for low-income and middle class families. It doesn't make good fiscal sense !

A look at history

FDR created the social safety net to protect his oligarchic friends from the all too real prospect of a peoples revolution movement in the 1930s .

The main benefit of Medicare and Medicaid is lessening the rate of bankruptcy and homelessness among the ...



We'd be up a creek if mediare and social security were reduced or vanished. I substitute teach so we can see our grandchildre 2300 miles away once a year.
—Bonny LynnAK

My fiscal cliff.

In 1995 I was crossing the street and was hit by a drunk driver who was also high on PCP. I worked another ten yrs and then the pain in my joints became so bad I had to apply for SSD.

In 17 yrs I have had 24 surgeries. My sister is now applying ...


Insurance Cuts ~ $10k/person

The local school system is cutting back by having all the employees pay $10k towards their health insurance policy for the year. Think about it... that's a $10k pay cut for a para-professional that makes about $15k/year!! The left over $5k will in some ...

Fiscal Cliff

I am 65 a Vietnam Era Veteran, I am collecting Social Security, I have a small savings, I still am working but only a Part Time Job. My Nest egg went with the Bush 2007-2008 Stock Market crash.

If Social Security is cut during the Fiscal Cliff negotiations, ...

—Joe FL

Hardly the American Dream

I am a working mother of 2 with a working husband. I have a doctoral degree. We live on Long Island. We own a home. Some would say I've achieved the American Dream. However, my financial life is far from a dream. My husband and I struggle daily ...

Stretched thin

I am 72 and work 2 part time jobs to keep my head above water. When I retired, I was confident my retirement investments would get me through. The interest income I depended on has all but disappeared with the banking crisis and I'm trying to avoid ...

Worried Mom

I have daughter who needs a Lung Tranplant. She is a Veteran, who did not serve a full tour of Duty. She was in the Army for one year and a half. She is now fighting with Sarcoidosis. This disease has destroyed her Lungs. We have been turned away by UNC ...

Divorcee with Depression

I got divorced last winter. I started out with about $26,000 in savings. I lost my job shortly before the divorce. So I started 2012 by moving into an apartment complex known locally to be a home to drug dealers.

I suffer from depression. It's really ...


my fiscal cliff

I am the mother of two teenage boys, and the wife of a small business owner. My husband, Mike, owns a catering company in the Boston area. He has lost his two best clients to the poor economy. Usually, at Christmastime he makes enough money to get us ...

Can't Make it any more.

I am the only one in my housewhole working. My husdand has been laid of now since April 2012. Sallie Mae is on my daughter's and myself back calling over ten times a day. My daughter graduated from Howard University two years ago and can't fine a job. ...


It is definitely NOT OK for the middle class to have to support both those who are in need, AND those who have more money than they can ever spend, but still don't want to share.

The rich AND corporate America should pay their fair share - just like ...

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