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I keep hearing the rich $250K+ saying they need to keep their $$ and not be taxed more so they can hire more employees -- why haven't they done so yet?


Ready to retire but can we?

I have worked full-time for over thirty years in law enforcement, as has my husband, though he has more than 40 years' worth of full-time work. Many of those years were on a swing shift and outdoors. The whole time, we paid into a pension fund that ...

Another struggling family

My husband and I both rely on our Social Security checks to survive. In addition, my husband has a small disability check for injuries received while he was serving in the military. I have a small retirement check from Delta Air Lines, my former employer. ...

Why taxes for us should not go up

I think that the wealthy should get taxes raised but not the working middle class people due to the fact that it would hurt most of the middle class due to the economy but the wealthy can afford more to go out of their lives than us!!!

Never catching up

I am the mom of three kids and a new small business owner. I am still paying student loans and debt I acquired from going to school 5 years ago. Our family makes about 68000 with both me and my husband working. We've never gone on fancy vacations nor ...

New baby

Hello, my story is short but not simple. My husband and I have a 2 year old boy and another on the way. We just found out that our baby has a very severe heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. We don't have a large income, I work for the ...

worked over 30 years.

I worked over 30 years and social security were taking out of my check every week before I even receive my weekly pay. I paid into social security so when I retire I would have enough money to pay for my living expenses. Now I'm not sure if they are ...

Our Fiscal Cliff

I am a mother of three beautiful and intelligent daughters. One is grown and independant, one is eleven, and the other just turned 18 and moved in with her sister, the independant one in order to save for college. We can't afford to send our daughter ...

Don't take any more

I am a retired civil service employee living on my retirement. I am also providing for daughter who works part time in the school system. My husband passed away 5 years ago. He worked for 40+ years as an engineer and manager for private industry and ...
—Mary P.NC

The Working Retired

I retired in 2000, my husband was forced out of the computer business as much of those jobs went over seas. Social security and my retirement income from the State of Maryland are important sources of income for us. But we also work, I have retrained ...


I do not really have a story or a title. I am one of the people who might have to pay a little more and I have no objections if my money goes toward making life better for the 47% and not the 1%. Paying down the debt is important but not at the expense ...

American Dream for an Abused and bullied American Gal

I was able to realize my dream of owning my own home. I was thrown out of my house by my family growing up. And still managed to make my American dream come true. There are too many details to describe my family's abuses...

Thank you

President Obama


Making it - Just Barely

I am a single mom - I teach at a university in Wisconsin. when I was younger, I knew that I could work hard, better myself through education, and I wouldn't have to worry about sending my kids to college or my retirement. Presently, I am one of the ...

Life of a teacher

I have worked for 34 years as a teacher. I am 60 now and look forward to retiring when I am 65,

I am a middle class American who has worked most of my life serving children in their pursuit to learn and parents in their pursuit to educate their child.

I ...


Inflation Ate My Future

For decades, inflation has been outpacing wages more and more, I never wanted to be rich, but only to be comfortable in my old age. I have worked very hard my whole life, sometimes holding multiple jobs. I also took care of my aging parents for several ...

Many Thanks to the people who created Medicaid and Medicare Hospice

My parents were Depression Era kids - they scrimped and saved all Dad's working life, and with investments (excepting Enron) managed to save $800,000 on a middle class salary. My mother had a stroke 20 years ago. When Dad (Mom's only caregiver, at home) ...

Mothers returning to work and financial insecurity

My husband has a good paying job, but hasn't received a salary increase in 4 years. I took a few years off to be home with my young children, but now need to get back to work to help close the gap between the quickly rising cost of living and our stagnant ...

Hard Working Middle Class Tax Payer

For the 40 some years I have worked hard and long to stay on top and climb the career ladder with many sacrifices and losses due to economic recession. I was poor growing up and I made it my goal to give my family a better life than mine. I suffered ...
—Dora TCA

I lost it all to bankruptcy

I was wealthy for a great deal of the time while raising my children, and was able to give them the best of everything. I know what it is like to be blessed with financial security, but felt it was my duty to help the less fortunate. I even bought my ...

Old Age is not for Sissies!

When I retired in 2011 it was an anxious and fearful time: my home was "under water" financially and unsellable, my last year of income had been frozen and I was about to embark on living on a fixed income that was less than half of what I had been earning. ...
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