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Fair Share

We have had these tax cuts and loopholes for 10 years! No progress! The top earners want to pay their fair share! Ask Bill Gates or Warren Buffet! We all need to pay our fair share to keep America strong! Hiding income from taxes is UNAMERICAN ...

Fiscal Cliff

My family of six spends $400 per month more for food and gas than we did 4 years ago. The minimum increase in salaries for my husband and I have not kept up with the rising prices on necessities. We are refinancing our home in order to lower our mortage ...


we need to get this straightened out asap so the working middle class does not suffer anymore at the hands of our elected officials.

middle class and lost benefits!

When my husband and I chose raising our child as a priority over my time-consuming, demanding job, we eventually found ourselves without good health care benefits.

Although we are still relatively young (mid 40s) and are quite healthy, we have high ...

—Cristin CA

Welfare for the wealthy

As a sole proprietor, my tax rate last year was 25 percent. Yet Mr. Romeny pays almost less than half that.

Talk about entitlements! End them for the super-wealthy. Either the United States of America is a democracy, or it is not. I want to live ...


Vietnam Veteran

My spouse is a Vietnam Veteran in a nursing facility, Our social security checks and retirement income is not sufficient as it is now to pay for his car and the rising cost of medical care and prescriptions. Along with the VA's garnishment of his check ...

a mom that needs those tax breaks and social security

i have been working since i was 17, and raising two children of my own and another child i share with my husband (my step-daughter though i hate calling her that, because she is my daughter.) and i have never asked the government for help with things ...

Why The Rich Should Pay Their Fare Share

I divorced when my son was 7. He is now 34. My entire life was a struggle to make sure he had a good education, food in his stomach, clothes on his back and a roof over his head. I never collected welfare and worked my butt off making horrible living ...

Can't Get Blood Out Of A Turnip

I would like to retire, but do not feel well enough prepared to do so. I continue to work and am 71 yrs. old! My savings were diminished 1/2 in the stock market crash. They have still not made their way back. What savings I do have are making minimal ...

unexpected turns

I am a divorced mom of a college aged son and high school aged daughter, and my ex is not able to pay child support. I have a job as a writer for a university magazine, making the nation's smack-mid-level average wage. I freelance for extra money whenever ...

The future of my grandchildren

With health care costs rising for a family of four, utilities, food, and gasoline costs spiraling out of control; how can a two income household save for a college education? There is no money left to save. No money left for swim lessons, basketball, ...

Economic pain is real, but not for the 1%

For the vast majority of American families, a few hundred dollars more in taxes can determine if they can get new shoes for the kids, for the family to be able to eat more fresh food, or even the family's ability to pay the rent. For the top 1%, any economic ...


The middle class continues to lose jobs and if we get them the pay is very low. But we still have to pay taxes and the continued high prices even though we do not get salary increases. The rich continue to get the freebies and the constant write offs. ...

Families on the brink

My family can't afford any more. I am a mom of one, a wife and daughter. The last several years have been very hard for us, starting with my husband losing his job. He was eventually called back but the damage hit fast. We are lower middle class and ...

Hard working middle class woman

In a nut shell I worked really hard in my twenties getting a better education so that I could stand on my own and raise a family. My husband and I met in the military and served a combined 15 years of service. He stayed home for four years with my two ...

We're too old to start over!

The baby boomers, who have raised their kids, and are now maybe assisting in raising their grandchildren, have already invested and put hard work into a future that may not exist.

We spent a good share of our retirement investment on caring for a daughter ...


Worry free retirement ?

I worked till I was 69 yrs. old so I could rebuild my retirement fund after the 2008 wall street drop and subsequent recession. I'm hoping to make my money last but everything has gone up except my social security cost of living adjustments.Now our elected ...


I'm only 20, and I have it easy compared to most, because I'm not a mother, and I have a family who helps, but change needs to happen. If these tax cuts are taken from those of us in the lowest tax brackets, I won't be able to make my mortgage payments, ...

My Take Home Pay Is Shrinking

In 2010 I became a single mom. I thought that my income level for a single mom was fairly sustainable however I learned differently. My take home pay is shrinking year after year. I am a government worker with an average salary in the low 50's. Every ...

Middle Class Today, Tomorrow?

My husband and I emerged from the recession with one less car, one full time job [mine] and a construction company that 's started building again [his and mine]. But -- my job with a nonprofit would be "on the block," and if the recession returns, there ...
—Anna HOR
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