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State Cuts

Thousands of teaching positions cuts, deep cuts in funding for education across the state school officials are forced to elminate teacher workshops and professional training, early childhood programs, North Carolina has gone backwards on education.
—Danielle NC

Good Leadership

Until God's Kingdom comes we need good leadership; which I see in our President. He has a heart for the people. I believe this is because of his ties to the world. He has ancestry in the U.S., Ireland and Africa. He's seen poverty in Indonesia and being ...

Our way of life Democracy) is being taken away!

What I see is that the tea party candidates want to take this country not just back to the 1950;s but to the 1850's.

Back to the way of life before Abraham Lincoln, where women are nothing but breeders(barefoot and pregnant) with no say so over their ...



Since my parents were from Germany, I was the first member of my family to be born in the US. They were always so grateful to be Americans and instilled in me their patriotism. I not only consider it a privilege to vote, but a duty!


I pledge to vote because only I should decide what is good for my body according to my own morals and beliefs. I pledge to vote because I want to continue to be able to pay for school with grants and reasonable tuition. I plan to vote because I want my ...

Constitutional Rights

I vote because I want responsible officials in office who will uphold the US Constitution. I want the Federal Government to uphold it's duties and the state governments to have all the other rights not granted by the constitution to the federal government. ...


I vote because voting in America is one of the greatest opportunities in the world to participate in the decisions that affect my life and the lives of those I love.
—Lois EVA

Why I will vote

Voting is a privilege. It affords each one of us a voice in the decision of governing our country. In addition, voting is a responsibility. It is important to exercise this responsibility as a citizen. Voting allows me to express myself. I become part ...

Why I am and alwsys vote

One reason is that my late husband always said "If you don't vote, you do not have a right to complain about it later."

For the future

I will vote because I am sorely afraid, that all the progress woman have made through the years will be taken away from us by men who feel so self important that they think they know what we should do with our lives and how we should do it. I feel that ...

I was never interested in politics until I had a child

Now I realize how much his future is threaten by the greed of politicians who serve global corporations, who wage war for profit and oil, who don't protect our natural resources, who have destroyed our education system and ignore completely the needs ...

My story..

I came to this country 41 years ago and I have seen this country going from a Democracy to a Theocracy manipulated by a very white Nazi Christian minority and since the second WW and its ravages and motivation is still very much on my mind having been ...

Why I Vote

I vote because, it is good to exercise my right to vote for who and what I believe in. I want to make America a better place, promote peace, protect the environment, wildlife, freedom for all, help for the needy, create jobs, keep my freedom of speech, ...

Why I Vote

I vote, because I can. People fought and died so that I have this privilege. Many people in this world have no right to vote. I vote, because I can.

Voting is a priviledge

I am voting because I feel the Obama is the best candidate. We had 8 years of a Republican President before him and I feel that he was given a BIG MESS to clean up. If Mr. Romney is elected I feel we will return to the same situation. I am in my 60's ...


I'm voting to honor and respect those who fought for me to have the right to do so. Thank you, Foremothers!

I'm voting to protect my son's right to healthcare, even though he has pre-existing conditions.


Vote for Kids

I have never missed the opportunity to vote as it is a civic responsibility. This year, more than any other I can recall, the election seems to be centered around self-interests. I'm voting to support humanity above all else. Whether we talk about domestic ...


Voting is an obligation, not just a right or a priviledge. It is vital to participate in a democracy.
—Debra HaynesTX

A vital vote for my daughter's happiness and well-being

Our lesbian daughter just got married in Michigan and will be making it "legal" in Iowa over Thanksgiving. Her father and I want her and her partner to have the same happiness and legal protections and privileges as our other two children and their ...

The cost

I am voting becaus of the cost of freedom,The debt my father paid on Iwo Jima,in the Marine Corps ,the price I paid from 1961 to 1967,in the Marine Corps,the price both of my sons paid in the Marine Corps and the price all have paid to insure that we ...
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