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Getting to the "Heart" of the Matter

The day began with sunshine and smiles it was Mother's Day, 2002. I was reminiscing as mothers do on such a day and remembering all of the joys my two children had brought into my life over the years. My daughter now grown with a child of her own lived ...


Danielle was born 1 pound 3 ounces, she was fine with the exception of her small lungs. For the first 4 weeks our “Little Dink” looked good, she was placed on a vent and all brain scans showed no brain bleeds...

...The goal was to get her to take ...


Working poor

I am a mother of three and have always had Medicaid when pregnant, and my children have always had Medicaid. I am or CHP. I am so very thankful for this as my daughter has Asthma and has been able to receive the best treatment possible for her. If we ...

Maternal-Child RN

I've been an RN since 1972, specializing in "maternal-child" settings of the hospital. I've spend many an hr with the high risk mom before she delivered and then in then Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, aiding the child born with special needs-preemie or ...
—sueCalifornia (CA)


I am a single Mother of three children. Medicaid has helped me provide health care for my children. I work two jobs, have health insurance, but, Medicaid helps me pay co-pays and many services that my health insurance does not cover.
—Deborah NM

Dignity at Home

My father-in -law, a veteran of WWII, and a hard worker all his life, developed heart problems as a senior citizen. He was able to spend most of his last years at home, where he wanted to be, in part because Medicare and Medicaid provided some home assistance ...

Discovering the Definitive Cure for Degenerative Diseases

I've survived Obstructive Sleep Apnea, COPD, Congestive Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hyperlipodemia, Prostate Cancer, Diabetic Blindness, and went on to to the Library Research to enable me to discover the Definitive Cure for all of these Diseases, because ...

Medicare & medicaid Vital to my survival

I have MS and cancer. Without these two insurances I would not be able to pay for treatment. I would also not be able to stay at home. Home health aids are very expensive as are my cancer drugs. Please do not cut these programs. So many of us depend on ...


My niece has a very similar story. Her daughter, Tara, was born weighing only 1.8 lbs. and had a very difficult journey ahead of her. Without the help of Medicaid it would have been an impossible burden to bear. Luckily, with the help from Medicaid, ...


Without medicaid I wouldn't be alive today. Does that matter to those I trusted to represent me?

My Inspiration

Hello, My Name is Tracy, My children

benefit from medicaid. My oldest son

was diagnosed with Autism, and my second son was born with club feet, my

twin girls who are now 10 were born

prematurely, 2001. I feel that it would

be a shame to have medicaid ...


Out in the Cold!

My mother who is 98 years old and has very little income would be out in the cold without Medicaid. She worries about losing this valuable help. Should she at this age have to have this hanging over her head. Let's think about putting all congress ...

my daughter's health

My 26 year old daughter has some common health problems which are controlled through medication and routine doctor visits. This care ensures she is a productive member of society. She will graduate from college next year with a degree in speech pathology. ...

Working with people that need our food pantry

I work everyday with people that need to visit St. Mary Catholic Church, St. Clair, MI food pantry. They are hurting people that need Medicaid service and still that is not enough to keep them from going broke every month. I cannot imagine how devastated ...


My son was born 9 weeks early and had to stay in the NICU for 6 weeks. I have Cohrns Disease and had a really hard pregnancy. If we had not been on Husky I don't know what we would have done. I can not afford to lose my Husky insurance. I work full ...

People need medicaid and CHIP

To me it is unChristian to cut these programs or take their funding away.

Go Kari and Ike!

I know Kari and Ike through my mama's group. They are amazing people. So proud they they are standing up to fight the good fight. It is people like this who create real change in the world. My son is also on medicaid, and I think all children need to ...

Blessed to have been born in the U.S.A..

I know what it is like to be pregnant, and struggling. Yet even with the struggles I had, I still had great care for when I had my son. I had no income, was on state insurance, and went into premature labor. I can truly say God was the one whom saw ...

My kids

My husband had some medical issues, and we didn't think we could have a baby together. He is an incredible dad to my daughters, but we decided to try for one together. We were both working at the time, but his company went out of business shortly after ...


With out medicaid My spouse and I would be bankrupt because my daughter and I were born with weak immune systems, premature lungs & asthma along with a ton of other health issues and our meds are over $450 a month. We can not afford to buy them and have ...
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