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personal story

I grew up on Welfare in the 50s and 60s and know what it's like to worry about not enough food on the table and not being able to pay the rent. Over 25% of the children in this country now live below the poverty level while the top 5% in the country ...


My Mother is Eighty Two years old and lives with my family. Twelve years ago she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. Also she has been a diabetic since she was in her fifties. Her doctor told me when she got cancer that I would be lucky to ...

90 year old is caregiver, needs help

Medicaid is helping my 90-year-old mom take care of her 91-year-old husband who has Alzheimer's and can hardly walk. They've both worked their whole lives, but they need help now. I have two kids and have to work. Without her home health aide, I don't ...

Medicaid Saves Lives

Medicaid is an essential service for fighting diseases and saving lives.

Medicaid is a necessity

My mother-in-law suffers from Alzeheimers. She was rapidly declining until she received Medicaid which pays for her daycare. Her daycare has others like her who she can talk to and spend time with instead of staying home all day. Without medicaid we believe ...

It's Medicaid for me!

My story is pretty standard. I am a single mom - my son's father does not contribute in any way - and my son has been on Medicaid since birth. I am now blessedly receiving Medicaid as well, and was able to go to a doctor for the first time since he was ...

My family needs Medicaid

Hi I am a full time student in my senior year @ TWU and a single mom. Because I am finishing my B.A in Interdiscplinary Studies (Teaching Program) I am unable to work full time to provide health insurance for my 3 beautiful children. Without Medicaid ...
—Angeline TX

It's Hard!!

I, myself am a Medicaid recipient, so I know your delima. I can't afford Medicare part B therefore Medicaid is paying the premium for me. My husband became disabled last year in Nov. and just recently got approved for his disability, so now they are ...

My DAD's massive stroke

Without medicaid, I don't know what we would have done, when my dad had his stroke. We had promised him, to live at home instead of a nursing home. It was very expensive and we had to pay out of pocket for someone to help us take care of him. Medicaid ...

All insurance policies are not created equal

When I worked for a large mulit-national company we had great insurance for a low monthly cost. I didn't realize why people who had insurance were complaining about coverage and cost until I lost my job and our health insurance coverage comes from my ...
—Kristina DE


my husband had a stroke 10 months ago, he had to retire at the age of 58,i do not work ,i assist him at home.we could not afford medical insurance from his job after he retired. the amount it would of cost was all of his check. we waited 5 months for ...

When I needed it most

When I relocated in 1994 and was unable to find work for quite a few months. It was a small but important relief to be able to receive medical care (preventative/maintenance) with the assistance of Medicad at that time. Of course as usual it was not ...

Medicare/Medicaid Elderly

M/M are both vital in taking care of aging parents - I experienced a horrible situation with Medicaid for my elderly Alzheimer's father which ultimately ended in his death due to the outcome and situations surrounding the changes in environment for him. ...


To whom concern ,please leave medicaid alone there are so many peoples depend on it my mother depends on it ,she worked for 30 years at a nursing home helping other peoples now she needs help P.S. She is 73 years old and take over 10 medcines

six of one /half a dozen of the other...

Only a few years ago, I was a fully independent senior. That is, until I was put on a medication, Lipitor that has since compromised my mobility and dramatically changed my life.

At 65 I had returned to school to re invent myself to survive in this ...


Keeping my grandkids HEALTHY

I am a 50yr old single mother/grd mother. I have reaised 4 great children, 2 neicies and now i have 2 grd children.

I am employed full time @ Jewish Family and Children Services.

I can not afford to put the grd children on my insurance through my ...


my mom rocks

my mom earned her masters in special education when i was 5 or 6. during the next 18 years she worked in special ed and as a montesori teacher. she was paid virtually no retirement through those years.

she went on to move to california from oklahoma, ...


The Caretaker Of My Mother

Not only am I my 85 year-old mother's caretaker; but I myself have a disability.

I have no one to help me care for her or money to hire anyone.

She and myself are on social security and can barely pay our bill as it is.

You probably don't care ...


Journey for Jessica

My daughter is recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury. She has been in a semi conscious state for two years. Although her Father and I are divorced we have chosen to share a home in order to care for our daughter. She requires 24 hour round the clock ...

My mother

My mom, Mildred, has always been independent and a hard working farmers wife. Not a day went by when I was growing up that she was not either in the garden and the orchard harvesting our fruits and vegetables for canning or that she was helping dad ...
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