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23 weeker

My daughter was born 14 months ago, weighing 560 grams. She spent over 20o days in the NICU. Medicaid covered her expenses while in the hospital, and has paid for her doctors appointments since coming home to live with us.

My husband is a Naval Officer, ...


Premature baby

I was born earlier than the child referenced in this article and weighed less than him at child birth. I was hooked up onto various machines for months after I was born, only able to receive my nourishment through a bottle from my mother. If it weren't ...

Ashame that our children have to stuggle

I don't have a story, But I see families everyday in the community that are struggle everyday to make it. And just the thought of them having to worry about this is down right ASHAME!. We did not expect for you to cut the lively hood for people but to ...
—Gloria NC


im here for can people even think about making choices like that that little boy needs health insurance..congress needs to put there self in other peoples shoes.let it happen to them and it'd be a different story.

A Blessing

Medicaid has been a real blessing for my daughter. She is due with a baby girl in June. In April they found she isn't growing at the rate they would like her to grow and so is on constant watch. Without Medicaid who would pay for the twice weekly exams, ...

My Son's

My two son's were born with multi-handicaps: severe mental retardation, autism, Gamit, epilepsy, along with other delayed developments. My son's and our family depend on medicaid to help out with all the medical needs and treatment they require to lead ...
—Michelle OH

My little sun shine

When I had my baby I never thought that my husband will loose his job, and I did not have any worries about how would I pay for medical bills for my little one, my son is a healthy baby and I never have any problem but he still need his check ups, his ...


I am a Public Health Nurse working with under-served mothers and children, the majority of whom utilize Medicaid funded services. If this de- funding proposal goes through, these families will be greatly impacted. These actions will ultimately have ...
—Barbara CA


My grandson had his one testicle removed, and if it was not for Medicaid/Chips I don't know if he would be around today. Not just for kids, adults as well, they pay rent, food, car expenses, do not have money for Insurance. What are we just gonna do, ...

My daughter

My daughter was born premature, and as such, developed asthma. I am a single parent going to school to get my first bachelor's degree and a teacher certification. Without the help of Medicaid my daughter would not get the medicine she desperately needs ...

Without Medical Funding My Mom Will Die

Not enough money without the funding assistance that she receives now to keep her alive.

Could you look your Mother in the eye and say "I guess you'll just have to lay there and die, they have cut your health funding coverage".

They need to look through ...


Loss of insurance due to illness

My sister was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She had insurance with the company she works for, but when she had to stop working because of chemo and surgery, her insurance benefits were cut off. Her only recourse to get the medical help she needed ...

Thank you Medicaid

I used Medicaid to finance my children's healthcare because my husband is being taxed ridiculously. Thank you Medicaid for helping with our medical cost.


I have been disabled for four years now. I am surviving on Social Security Disability for three of those years. If it were not for Medicare, I would have no access to health care at all. The proposed dismantlement of Medicare [that is exactly what ...


I have been in graduate school for nearly a decade. I earned a MA in Clinical Psychology and I'm in the final stages of completing my PsyD. I worked PT and FT jobs doing contract work in the mental health field, typically working without any kind of insurance ...


I am among the poor in Michigan and without medicaid I would not have access to medications that I have to have to maintain life. I am diabetic, have high blood Pressure, severe arthritis, severe GERD etc and have had 9 surgeries because of arthritis. ...

Special Education

As a public school teacher of 34 1/2 years in TEXAS I had many children who would have had no insurance without CHIP and

our special ed teachers had many children who were helped.




I had 2 preemie babies. My first one was born in 1988. Ryan was born at 27 weeks and weighed 2 pounds 2 ounces. We struggled as he fought for his life. He is now 23 years old and has lived a healthy life so far. I pray nothing shows up later in life. ...

daughter on drugs

If I didn't have Medicaid for my daughter, I never would have been able to send her to Manatee Glens for drug rehab. She was snorting Oxycontin. She is now drug fee and just finished Pharmacy Tech school at the Job Corps.

A physician's point of view

I have practiced medicine for over 30 years in Washington state. Every day I see patients who benefit from Medicaid. I also see people without any health insurance. Medicaid may not be as good as it could be, but it's far preferable to not having any ...
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