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Our Little Warrior

Just over 7 years ago, on Father's Day, our son was born by emergency C-section. He was 7 weeks early and had stopped growing at 29 weeks. I had lost most of my amniotic fluid. (most likely due to stress from my x threatening to run over me--no he was ...

Mom with cancer

Health Insurance, medicare and medicaid was so important in caring for my mom with cancer when she could no longer care for herself. She paid taxes, social security and medicare taxes all her life as I have.

We should be able to have that help at the ...



My family depends on Medicaid. My husband is self-employed and my job does not provide health insurance. My husband injured his back a month and a half ago and has been unable to work since then. Without the help of Medicaid, we would be unable to get ...

Medicaid for my daughter

Hello, My name is Cynthia and I am relying on Medicaid for my daughter until I get through with school and find a job where I can get her on health insurance. I think that what congress is trying to do is just wrong. With so many people out of work right ...

Keeping Medicaid For those Desperately In Need

I am on disability with Medicare and Medi-Cal/Medicaid. Since cuts have been made already, I cannot afford to go to my dentist, or any other without having to pay cash out of my pocket. I am on a fairly limited monthly income, and some of what Medicare ...


Hello, there

My Mom is been a hard worker women even when she was a home maker person, always manage to sell and save for her family, when my dad died 27 years ago we loose our home and gain debts, mom manage to work and survive provide for us, even ...

—Maria CA

my sister couldn't survive

Hi, I have an older sister who has high blood pressure and diabetes. She is a single mother and desperately needs the help of medicaid in order to stay off the streets. Unfortunately, there are many people like her that need some help. We, the working ...

A friend & myself

A friend of mine has COPD and can no longer get around very well. He has to use an electric cart every time he goes to the store. I was just told that I've developed bad osteo-arthritis and may also need neurosurgery for problems caused by that and nerves ...

Methodist Home for Children and Youth

I work in a group home that serves children in foster care. These children and youth rely on Medicaid for all of their medical and dental needs as well as for their medications. Shifting these costs to the state will only mean that other vital services ...

My Sister

Michelle is the youngest of four children and was diagnosed with acute progressive MS at age 25. She had just graduated from college (which she paid for herself) and had her entire life before her. She is now 51 and living in a 24-hour care facility. ...

Medicaid helps a son with schizophrenia and a daughter with autism

I have two adult children with schizophrenia and one with autism. Two of the three have Medicaid. The other only Medicare. All are doing well considering their conditions. There is no way we could provide all they need on their own. Our son's progress ...

Help Sharon and my friends

Sharon, who worked 2 nursing jobs to take care of her children and disabled husband, deserves to be taken care of in return. Don't take away her medicaid.

So does my friend's mom. My friend is in college and her mom has been unemployed due to the recession ...


my aunt

My aunt has cancer, and it's been over 7 months STILL waiting for Medicaid.

I can't imagine if there were even more cuts: We've already been waiting for her Medicaid#, and have put off seeing doctors as most will not see w/o "some" form of payment.

Her ...



My friend's Mother and her Brother lived together in her home. They both are in their 80's and have physical problems as well as the Mother having Alzheimer type problems. She owns 2 buildings which the government said they would take to sell so that ...

Not Medicaid Too

Too many times I read about budget cuts over and over and I think about all the promises made to us during election.

Already in my 50's and now the same taxes I pay, I won't be able to receive any for myself, God forbid something happens to me, that ...


Single mother, two children: 14 & 80

I am a single parent with a 14 year old daughter.

My mother is an 80 year old widower with Alzheimers what it means is that I could leave my daugther at home and know that she will be OK, she will be able to make herself some food and take care of herself; ...


Medicare saved my life

I have been sick with Hepatitis C since 1981. I had to have surgery to remove my thyroid due to precancerous growths on it caused by the HepC. I had Interferon treatments for 4 years on and off to treat the HepC including a transjugular biopsy to see ...

Medicaid Saved My Life

I knew something was wrong in my breast, but I had no insurance. I knew that even if I could scrape together enough money for a mammogram, I couldn't pay for treatment. It would be a pre-existing condition if I got insurance later. So I tried not to ...

I am fighting for my SSI Medicare

I am 27 years Old. I have mild cerebral palsy, severe depression and post tramatic stress disorder please do not make this any harder for her Mom and for the rest of America

stop picking on the little people

I have had medical insurance for many years. I no longer enjoy the benefit of using the service because I make too much money; however the people who are eligible need help and they deserve to get the help they need! Try cutting some of your own benefits ...
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