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"My Little Sis"

Sounds silly at our ages, but you see my little sister (15 months than myself) has been battling MS since she was in her 30's 20 years later the disease has won the battle. She has been in and out of hospitals and nursing homes. At the young age of ...

My Grandparents Only Hope

The medicaid is the only insurance they have because they can't afford any other insurance on there monthly income and they still have out of pocket money, and please don't take their insurance away...because they need there meds. just like we do and ...

thank God for medicaid

My mother in law worked very hard for forty yrs,raised five children the best she could. In her later yrs she had nothing to show for all her hard work,her children were struggling to take care of their own families,she finally came to live with my husband ...

Aging Mom

I am a 40 year old single mother of 3 with a toddler grandson. My mother is 85 with alzheimers. She lives in a nursing home because I can no longer care for her because I have to work outside of the home.


I was born in 1940 to a hard working family in Ohio. I did what they taught me to do. I worked hard, did my homework and graduated from High School in 1957.

After working hard in college and waitressing and babysitting and doing all I could in the summers, ...


Children From Low Income Families

I share my story with you on behalf of all the families that strive very hard to meet the daily needs of their families. I am a Master's level Social worker, assisting the the public daily in meeting maintainig every day house hold needs, low income ...


My 93 year old mother who had Alzheimers ran out of money and we had to sign up for Medical. Thank goodness for that support. Without it I don't know what we would have done.

my daughter

When my daughter was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor at 15 months of age, I had to quit my job to take care of her while she received chemotherapy and IV meds literally around the clock as an inpatient. Due to the loss of my income our family ...

An ounce of prevention...

My dad worked his entire life to support our family. My mother's health began to suffer and without health insurance, they resorted to crisis care instead of preventive. After a twenty year battle with debilitating illness, my mother became bed bound ...

Hospice Services

I don't think any of us could have survived my mother's death without the wonderful services of Hospice, which were paid for my Medicare. It made my mother's last months so much easier and more comfortable and probably saved my life along with it. Caregiving ...

Disabled at a Young Age

I was disabled in my '40's. If not for Medicaid, I would have gone without desperately needed medical care for a life threatening condition while waiting for my Medicare benefits to come through.

I ask those who propose do away with (or cripple Medicaid ...

—Linda WA

My parents

My parents, aged 90 & 91, both have alzheimers and soon will run through their life savings. It will be possible for them to remain in the quality memory care unit they are in if they can get qualified for Medicaid. Don't take that away from them. ...

Adult Day Health Programs

I cared for my mother for over 3 years post CVA (stroke) during a time when she needed 24/7 supervision and complete care. I had to quit my job because we could not afford to hire someone. At the time my son was in college and we nearly lost our house ...

My mom's work history and quad-druple bi-pass

My mom is currently on temporary disability due to open heart surgery. If medicaid gets cut so will the dissability because she is off work. She can barely pay bills with the amount she gets now.

Once my mom goes back to work because she does not have ...


What this is really about . . .

My husband, Roger, has severe dementia and ALS. We care for him at home and we are very fortunate to have some resources to do so. But when we have exhausted those resources, we need to know that we can turn to Medicaid to fund his care. Roger worked ...


My mother was on an HMO the last couple of years and will now be placed back on Medicare and Medicaid as the HMO was a disaster.

I'm sure medicaid coverage will definitely help her in medical assistance, home health care, etc.


Where has compassion gone?

My 45 year old brother has had severe and chronic mental illness his entire adult life. He has been fortunate enough to live on his own and not in an institution. His lifeline is Medicaid. You can imagine $700 per month does not go far, but we are grateful ...

A View by a Korean War Veteran

I am 8O year old and now retired. Some 60 years ago, I fought in the Korean War. I was lucky to come home alive, and to have my college education funded in part by Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam helped me in becoming one of now dwindling Middle Class American. ...

Childrens' Healthcare and Medicaid

While my partner and I have always had strong employment, our four children have always been eligible for Medicaid Coverage. I have been so thankful for this coverage in so many capacities since I started my family. Medicaid Insurance ensured that I ...
—Willow VT


my parents depend on medicaid as will I in a few years.
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