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Miracle Baby Andrew

My Son Andrew was born premature, 29 weeks weighing only 1 pound 6 ounces, he was in the hospital for 3 months, he had multiple surgeries, my husband and I were both working when my son came early but we were not able to manage the financials burdens ...


Barely making it...have to choose meds or food often.

How would we afford a nursing home for my mom?

My mother is on Medicaid in a state-run nursing home. She is completely immobile, has numerous chronic illnesses and needs 24 hour skilled care. Without Medicaid, my 75 year old father would be completely unable to care for her, nor could he (or his ...
—Mary Ann IL

Jahnathan and Jahkayla

As a single mother of two, I was working as an IT Analyst for 3 years my pay was great and I could afford medical insurance for myself and my kids. In Nov. 2010 my job migrated to India causing me to change job positions. Although I was thankful that ...
—Holly NC


My son also came into this world struggling. He was born at 31 weeks, 2 lbs 13 oz, after my 6 week hospital stay and total 10 weeks bedrest. He remained in Nicu for 9 weeks and unfortunately contracted RSV. He spent the first 4 months of his life in the ...


My husband and I were both laid off and I am a diabetic; Both our girls have severe allergies and poor immune systems. If we weren't able to get medicaid, we would be in serious trouble. I could even die without it!! Don't take Medicaid away!

Insurance too pricey

We are on Medicaid. There are few insurance options and the ones they have are very expensive here in Maine. We need Medicaid to get health care for our family.

Mrs.Anna Shafsky

I'm on Disability so I get Medicaid. I fell and broke my hip awhile back. I live alone and it took 2 hours for someone to here my calls for help. I was laying out in the rain all that time. I had lots of complication's and was Hospitalized 3 months. No ...

Jim and Cheryl

Jim and Cheryl are a mentally ill couple who have struggled with homelessness and the effects of their illness most of their lives. They have been in institutions and jail and finally they have been able to settle in a housing situation that has stabilized ...

Autism intervention is Mediciad wellspent!

I'm a single parent with a 9 year old. Solomon was diagnosed with autism at he age of 2. If it wasn't for Medicaid I would not have been able to afford his therapies. Early intervention of autism helps reduce symptoms dramatically and reduce the level ...


My two children are actually my foster sister's children. When she passed away in September of 2009 I took them both and with my limited income it was very difficult to get medical care for them. Once they were allowed to get on Medicaid they could ...

working poor

I have a Master's Degree in Social Work and my license. I am employed at a national agency, yet my income qualifies me for Medicaid. The blessing is that there is something out there for my children to be covered under so they can have regular check ...


My teenager has a mild heart condition that requires bi-yearly exams and daily medication. I am a graduate student with a very low income and can not afford her medication or her doctor visits without Medicare. Stop cutting taxes for the very rich! instead ...

Nursing Home Social Worker

I have been a nursing home social worker for many years and am very frustrated by all of the cuts and proposed cuts to Medicaid. It has dramatically affected our ability to care for our nursing home residents. Our psych care is going down as the psychiatrist ...


My daughter-in-law is right now hospitalized on bedrest for the duration of her pregnancy. The baby is 25 weeks. We know she will be born prematurely, we just don't know when. I can not imagine going through this stressful time and having to worry ...

Get real!

Sometimes I think people in Washington have NO idea what is going on with people in the U.S. This is primarily because our legislators are middle or upper class folk. And guess who they hang out with, and talk with? Other middle or upper class folk!! ...

Special Children

I am a LPN who does private duty nursing care for children with special needs that is funded by Medicaid. These kids are precious and medically fragile. Without home care these families will not have the help they need to hold down their jobs and get ...

Don't Cut Medicaid

I have a 31 year old Downs Syndrome son that desperately needs his Medicaid.Without it he would suffer greatly. I am the bread winner at my house my husband is disable and what money we get from my job and their checks we barely make ends meet, not only ...

Continue funding Medicaid!

I want to encourage you to continue to fund Medicaid to protect everyone who is and everyone who might become eligible for this vital support. Thank you.

Mother who suffed abused during pregnacy.

Without the help of medicaid, I would have had the opportunity to carry my son safety to full term. It is very necessary to provide Medical care to babies, and women who are pregnant. Please do not cut medicaid; when are children and pregnant women need ...
—Heidi NC
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