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help for seniors

my husband has parkinson's disease and the senior provision giving the rebate will help with prescription costs.

also he has to have a colonascopy routinely because of a family history of colon cancer and this new program will help us as we are on a ...


America-killing Agenda

(no phone/disability: This form requires a phone number)

I'm in housing for the elderly and disabled, and current proposals include ending rent subsidies for the elderly and disabled. Without this, I will be homeless. I receive services funded by Medicaid ...

—Diane HWisconsin

SCHIP critical for small business owners

My children are beneficiaries of South Carolina's SCHIP program. Although I hate "being on the dole," I hate even more that my self-employment income isn't enough to insure my sons. With them insured, it is one less source of pressure, and I am able to ...

My Mother

Hope Life Cares saved my mother from being left with no way to live. She has outlived all of her money and only has Social Security. She uses a walker and is losing her memory.

Her shared apartment costs $2100.00 per month, soon to $2168.00. That ...


special from the start

The day my son was born it was supposed to be a moment of joy. When they whisked him away the joy was quickly replaced with fear. He had respiratory distress syndrome. His little lungs were not ready yet. At 10 days old I held him, nursed him for ...


My son has asthma, I would not be able to afford his medications and doctor appointments if we did not have Medical Assistance or CHIP. I have major depression wish has been mostly kept in check due to medications that I cannot afford. If I did not ...


I work as a Hospice Chaplain I have many clients who are helped by Medicaid who have young children

Single Parent

Being a single parent of two wonderful kids, medical coverage would be out the question for my kids. My place of employment doesn't offer medical insurance unless you are an full time employee. The payment for the insurance would take most of my check ...

Family of 7

All my children do have medicaid and my husband has VA. I have nothing because they say we make to much and yet we are a one income family making only about 1400 a month. Cannot do away with medicaid and cut it. If anything it needs to be made to where ...

Hope for the future

My family welcomed a healthy baby boy into our family when he was born at 37 weeks, or so we thought. Over the next several weeks he refused to eat, could not gain weight and began having terrible acid reflux. The pediatricians sent us to many specialists ...

My Mother

My Mother, Sharon, 64 years old has multiple sclerosis and has been unable to care for herself for the last 15 years. It is because of Medicaid that we have been able to care for her, mostly in home. We know at some point she will need to be cared ...

Medicaid - a hero for medically fragile families

I had a perfectly healthy pregnancy and followed guidelines to the letter. More than half the time babies are born early, there is no reason ever identified. My daughter was born at 25 weeks gestation and weighed 2 lbs.

Premature birth can happen to ...


My son

My son was born at 40 weeks and 6 days. I expected a completely healthy normal baby when he arrived. Instead I got a baby with blood sugar issues and possible NEC. I watched as a new mother as my son was poked and prodded, had xrays and many other ...

Mother and brother

Both my Mom and Brother have HIV and are currently receiving help from Medicaid. Otherwise they would be with out help as they are poor and don't have income, except help from the state. My other 15 yo brother has epilepsy and w/o medicaid he would not ...

My son needs the best care

I am single mom & there is no possibility of with my $31,000 year salary, I can afford health care for my son, without assistance from Medicaid / and or CHIP!

Spencer's my special child

I adopted a child with special needs and he needs his Medicaid.

single moms rising

So many women like myself need Medicaid!!!

My girls!

I don't have a traumatic story but mine should still count. My girls are 6 and 9 years old and currently on Medicaid. If they weren't on Medicaid I would be able to afford medical care for them. My youngest daughter has asthma. I would never be ...

America Used To Be A Great Country

My mother just got approved for disability and Medicaid 3 days ago. Now I'm reading that congress is trying to drastically cut benefits to people that need it the most. My mother has COPD, Mental health issues, Serious back pain, Diabetes, and now there ...


I am the grandmother of four children. They were all born premature and had medical problems. Without Medicaid I shutter to think of the consequences.

I also work for disadvantage populations. Cutting care for children or seniors is not an acceptable ...

—Roxanna IL
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