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My personal experience

At the time I became pregnant (2008) I was working at a job with no health-care benefits, nor could I afford to buy coverage. The medicaid coverage allowed me to be able to go to the doctor, receive proper prenatal care, and deliver in the hospital. During ...

Cutting funding reduces the possibility for low income families - especially the children- to have the same opportunity as their more fortunate middle and high income peers.

There is an absolute need for our assistancde. Good education opportunities ...

Today's children are tomorrow's Americans

My youngest daughter is a working, single mother of three, hanging on to her uninsulated home. She has no cable TV, land line phone, or internet. She has one low-limit credit card, and a 7 year old car. She pays her mortgage and utility bills each ...

Transformation from Program Recipient to Tax Payer

I am a former WIC recipient. WIC educated me on nutrition and supported me in breastfeeding, and my children are not obese. They love vegetables, in fact. I received therapy for post-natal depression at my community mental health center. I am very healthy, ...

Head Start Confidence Builder

My daughter is twenty-six (26) years old with a son which is now five (5). The economy has been so hard for the young people. Had these programs not been there for my grandson, his nutrition would have suffered without WIC. Head Start has provided ...

My own children are grown, but I am a public school teacher who has seen the results of programs for children. Kids cannot do well in school when they are sick or hungry or neglected. When Congress talks about making a better country for our children, ...
—LorraineNew York

Making it one day at a time.

I am a stay home mom of 4 children. My husband works and is finishing a graduate degree, but we still have an income that puts us well below the poverty level, until he is done is 3 years. While we have not applied for much government assistance, we did ...

Allison Hofstedt

I need my WIC benefits, health care benefits, and child care grants in order for my family to survive. I work 2 jobs and attend school full-time. Even with my 2 jobs, I cannot afford healthcare or daycare for my children, because they are not affordable.

Consider our future and invest wisely

I have been a part of Head Start for the past 13 years. I have witnessed first hand the positive effects the program has on children and families in my community. We all have a responsibility to provide the children of this country with the best possible ...

Small town america

I am a single mother who lives in a rural town. Any place I have to go I have to drive 35 plus miles to get to. I have to drive from eastern washington to western washington every year to have my autistic son checked at the Childrens hospital autisim ...

We can't eat insurance

My daughter is on All Kids. If you close programs like that, she will be without insurance. I am already, as my husband can't afford the premium for Family coverage from his workplace. We pay for his insurance through work, but the company doesn't offer ...

Shame on America

I, along with all of us, will be impacted by these proposed cuts. We will have to live in a nation that tells its children they are not as important as invading other nations and slaughtering their people for oil and political power. The military budget ...

Justice for all, not "just us"--every one of us is potentially impacted.

I am not personally impacted by cut to child, maternal, and other women's programs, such as crucial reproductive rights, but I wanted to tell Congress that (1) I don't HAVE to be personally disadvantaged by Republican-led cuts to programs for women and ...


As a 58-year-old, single, childless American citizen, I will be directly impacted by any cuts that result in less opportunity, less education, poorer health, and the long-term effects these early childhood difficulties will have on our citizens of the ...

Fed up with how Government works.

I am a 71 year old widow living on Social Security and a small amount of interest from small savings. If my Social Security is cut I will be standing in bread lines. Does the Government really want to see the country go through that. It will when they ...


My family relys on the assistance provided through the WIC program to provide grocery assistance. It is extremely difficult to stretch our budget to cover our monthly food cost as it is. Combine the cut in this essential program with the predicted food ...

Kids are our future!

Joel Trupin

My wife and I, along with most of our friends and neighbors in this Vermont village where we live, use the Plainfield Health Center for most of our medical care.Community health centers like this one provide low cost care to rural communities and are ...

I work with teen parents. I am a mother of a three year old. My husband and I work opposite shifts to make itwork for our family so that I can support our daughter and support those who are most in need. Cutting from the most vulnerable of the country ...

Its a learning experience

I am a single Mom living in Washington with a 2 year old daughter who depends on me to take care of her. I am trying to get out on my own, to make a good life for the two of us. I want to make sure that she has all she needs in order to be the healthiest ...
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