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Progress on Paid Family Leave!

"Keep up the great work, MomsRising!"

impossible choices

A friend of mine told me that she has to choose between keeping her job and taking her daughter to the doctor. That is outrageous!
—RoxaneNorth Carolina

Necessary to support our economy

Paid Family Leave provides working families a way to care for themselves without risking their economic security.

Thank you!

Thank you for taking action on this important issue.

Could have used some family leave.

When my second child was born, my husband had saved up vacation time to take some time off to help out at home and get to know his new daughter. Instead, things got busy at work and his company required him to work overtime. I had postpartum depression ...

Paid family leave helped ...

Paid family leave helped me recover from child birth and allowed me enough time to rest so that when I returned to work I was a productive and focused employee.

In September 2010 I gave...

In September 2010, I gave birth to my first child via c-section. I had arranged for 12 weeks of maternity leave at 2/3 pay, using vacation time, sick leave, and taking four weeks unpaid. I worked for a small nonprofit that lacked resources for paid ...

No paid maternity leave throws a new family into financial chaos

Having no paid maternity leave from my waitressing job threw my husband and I into financial chaos. It was so stressful- on top of having a newborn, not even knowing how we were going to make what little savings we had last, having to stress about buying ...
—MelissaNew York

Ive not hvad a baby yet...

I've not hvad a baby yet, but we should take examples from the British. Once a baby is born the mom and dad are allowed paid leave. In the U.S. it's almost like having a baby is a burden to our employers. as if we're inconveniencing their flow of work. ...

Wonderful Start for our Family

I had a work experience when pregnant and following birth that I feel had a huge impact on my child and on my family.

I was hired when I was very pregnant - where it was obvious I was pregnant. Not one mention was made of it during the interview process. ...


Small business success story

I worked part-time when I was pregnant with my second baby. During my six week maternity leave, I got paid for those days I was out (I worked two days per week).

Eventually I worked back up to one day a week, and then back to the two. A few weeks ...



I am expecting my first child this year. If I did not have paid leave, I would have to quit my job. The knowledge that I will have 12 weeks to focus on meeting the first needs of my child enables me to focus on my job now, before I deliver the baby. It ...
—AnonymousNew York

Sleepless in America

My first baby didn't sleep through the night until she was 7-1/2 months old. She was premature, and nursed every 1-1/2 to 2 hours for the first several weeks of her life. Without leave I would not have survived. No daycare in the area would take a ...

A "developed" country should care for its own mothers and babies

I have four sons, three birth children and one adopted, and have experienced both paid and unpaid maternity leave. With my first son, living in Virginia, I had unpaid maternity leave for most of my leave from my job and my husband and I had to take out ...

I was very fortunate tha...

I was very fortunate that I was able to quit my job and be home with my child. I don't know how I would have done it otherwise.

I weep for the future.

I am not a mother, and right now this country's attitude toward child-rearing makes it so I can NOT imagine becoming one. Our current culture is seeing a decline in marriage statistics and people are opting to not have kids. Our government puts family ...

Fired due to no leave available

Because of a lack of leave for work, I lost my job while pregnant. Because FMLA (paid and unpaid) isn't available until workers have been at a job for a year, when I was put on bed rest for pelvic issues, the absences were unexcused. I'm currently 31 ...

Luckier than I deserve to be!

I was blessed in that my employer met the FMLA standards. I was able to take the 6 weeks guaranteed leave for my first born (actually I got 8 since he was a surprise C-section!) plus additional vacation time I had banked. Two years later when I had ...

No maternity leave in academia

I had to double my teaching load during the fall semester so that when the baby was born in the spring I could be off duty from teaching. However having to teach that much pushed my research schedule back. My husband and I changed our work schedule so ...

Nine children on a sshoestring

I am 67 now, but between 1963 and 2005 I raised nine children and sent them all off to college. I could NOT work for seventeen years, but I kept acquiring degrees, so that eventually I could return to the workforce--which I finally did after my doctorate. ...
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