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Lost job due to insufficient daycare

I was coming back from maternity leave in a couple of weeks and work and myself already had arrangements for me to work three days a week and work from home or bring the baby to work two days a week until I could secure full time daycare in about one ...

Taught by A Mommy

We don't need a bill or anyone else to fight to give us aN early childhood option. We are mommies for goodness sake and we have the ability to educate our own children. Our children look at us first thing in the morning and last at night and all the ...

Is it worth it for the Providers?

I would like to get a chance to show my skills and do what I love and that is "Caring for Kids!" Yes, we need money in the early childhood field but family daycare homes need help too!

Single Mommy

I am obligated to pay for everything, although it doesn't bother me a bit, the extra help with diapers, wipes, medical expenses and child care fees would be appreciated.

Infant Closet

While expecting our first child, my husband did the prerequisite visits to local child care facilities in our area. The director of a facility housed in a church started our tour in the infant room. The room was no bigger than a closet with no windows ...

The trenches: Working in the Child Care Subsidy Unit

As a social worker in the child care subsidy department I thought I'd seen it all, but I hadn't not until the other day. I had a client call Child Protective Services on herself and risk having social services in her life well...forever, because she ...
—AnonymousNorth Carolina

Great child-rearing environment

Commercial daycare did not meet our family's needs. We are grateful that the city had another option to enrich our lives.

Enrichment for all children

I believe that the best hope for our children is to have excellent early learning experiences...We need early enrichment for all children in order to compete in the global world but most of all simply to enable children to grow into healthy, happy, contributing individuals.

Retirement Plan???

My husband and I, who are still leasing a home and have no retirement plan, both work full-time to provide this quality care for our children.

Cooperative Preschools

Take the time to find a co-op or ECEAP Preschool if you have a young child. Find one you love and can be involved in! Search out what fits for you! It does take a community to raise a child and you can choose that community if you look for it!

Child care costs

I wanted to put my daughter in high quality child care at 6 months and was willing to pay up to $1500 a month. I was suprised to find out that such care hardly exists in NY city. When it does, you must generally be poor to get into it. The few people ...

Low Income Status Does Not Guarantee Childcare

I tried getting assistance from the Texas Workforce, and according to their calculations, choosing my own childcare provider and going to school full time I'd have to pay $85.00 a month. I can't afford $85.00!

Childcare crisis

The childcare crisis is a serious problem across the country and is truly unacceptable in a country that is supposed to be advanced such as ours...Early childcare and education must be a priority.

Needing Help

I'm terrified that my children are going to slip through some legislative crack because children and families weren't as important as some other, more heavily funded and lobbied issue. In my mind, there only one question. What could possibly matter more?

Who can afford to stay at home with the kids?

Dollars and excellence spent on the earliest years of life save exponential dollars at the other end (fewer jails, victims of fraud, divorces, orphans, sickness and poverty).


Put money into schools that families want. Alternative education!

Situation not that bad overall but a very deep personal sorrow

The fact that I had to work much more than I wanted to work when my son was young in part to pay the high cost of daycare, will remain one of the great regrets of my life.

Why do we pay for Childcare when our kids are absent from the daycare center? Where and when did this start?

I want to start a petition to local state Governments to regulate the fees associated with childcare. What if I have a death in the family? I still have to pay a full week of tuition.

Spectrum Infant & Toddler Montessories can make a difference - but we need your help

I became an advocate for better quality child care when my daughter was physically abused in a licensed Family Child Care Home. The provider had been tying our children up and leaving them in hot stuffy closets for hours. This was a regular occurance ...

Chicago Public School Cut Preschool For All Funding

I, along with several other parents at Barbara Vick Early Childhood & Family Center are disheartened. My daughter is in an IEP and I believe the reason for her success is greatly due to the blended classroom environment that Barbara Vick offers.
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