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Life has ended

Im a single mom who is 57 years old that has been out of work as a hospital manager/AR consultant since 03/2012. I have looked and went on interviews but have yet to obtain a job. My 24 year old unemployed daughter is with me and we are living in the ...

Just another one

Blessings to all the working mom's out there. I've been one and now that I'm almost to the "retirement" stage of my life, I'm working, but doing what I really love. That's kind of the point, don't you think? Money is our system of exchange and mom's need ...

Let's end the cycle of living of the low wages of the poor

Let's end the taking advantage of those who are producing a REAL work unlike others in high places who live of bribing and favors

Tippiing Through School

I got my education the hard way -- took 6 years to complete my BA, because I was either working, pregnant or both a lot of that time.

I didn't take full time office or manufacturing jobs because I needed to have the flexiblity that's available in ...


Barely making it...

My husband and I work in the food service industry. Combined, our two salaries come to $22,000 per year. My husband works 40-50 hours per week, and I work 37-40 hours. We never see each other, much less spend time together as a family. Every month we ...


i understand how people feel with a minimum wage job. my last job like that was in 2004 until the store closed down, after that it's been hard to find work and i have been without a job soon to be 10 years. it's frustrating at time's, either your what ...

Peaceful Sleep

I sleep better at night knowing that there is now access to affordable healthcare options due to the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare).


Annoyed with Republicans Trying to Sabotage ObamaCare

I am so relieved that ObamaCare is law because it means I can insure my daughter til age 26, and that once she turns 26 she won't struggle with pre-existing condition restrictions. That is a huge relief for my family.

So annoyed to see that prominent ...

—Maria ElenaCA

Higher education lives on substandard wages/hours

80% of the instructors at my college, and at most public institutions of higher education, are part-time employees, only allowed to teach 25% - 50% of the teaching hours that a full-time instructor teaches, but paid at a much lower wage than 25% - 50% ...


congress needs to learn how hard it is to buy food thats not proccessed or boxed. Or having to decided to buy food or pay rent ! Us little people bust our "azz" to just make ends meet and forget having anything left over after bills.. And now congress ...

First job

My first job was a minimum wage job. I only started out making just $4.75 an hour. It took me 7 years at some of the minimum wage jobs before I started to get get a salaried job, that I am currently making now. I love the salary of my current position ...


It is impossible to live a decent life on any minimum wage and not fair for educated hard working people to work 80 hours or 2 jobs to provide minimum living conditions - do your math and think of what everything costs on a daily basis - you will see ...


Just do the right thing...that's all. People deserve to participate in the American dream

Can't get a job even at minimum wage.

At the rate that the economy is going minimum wage will not make the cut, people, do not have enough money to pay their rent, buy food, and keep the creditors off their backs, minimum wage needs to be raised in every state not just a few states, there ...


I am on disability because of having Post Polio Syndrome. Yet, I also work to make ends meet. Work is playing a great deal of extra damage to my disability, but I have to do this to make it work in life. The minimum wage now does not compensate for ...


lets have our representatives live on the minimum wage for a year. Gone would be their private schools, expensive houses, trips, etc. We have got to get these Washington people off the government entitlement plan and live like the rest of us. Also how ...

Minimum wage is not enough for long-term

I worked minimum wage jobs in high school and college. This was OK for the short term, when I was not 100% self-supporting. But it's simply not sufficient to live on long-term. My first full-time self-supporting job 15 years ago paid $24k in salary, and ...

18K per year

After graduating from college I did decide to go to graduate school, which paid an 18K per year stipend. I know I qualified for loans etc, but I was always taught to live within my means, so that is what I did. I didn't even think of applying for loans.

What ...


Minimum Wage for Everyone

Minimum wage should be increased across this country in every state. People are struggling to feed their families, and keep a roof over their families, and get out of debt. Not just a few states should raise the minimum wage it should be raised in every ...

Minimum Wage

I found it difficult to pay for my first child on minimum wage. But I wasn't going to let the overpaid Congress win. They have had thirteen raises since the last minimum wage raise. And they don't even work close to what everyone else has to. Before ...
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