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SNAP allowed us to pay our bills and eat

In 2012, my husband lost his job completely unexpectedly. He was an independent contractor who had worked for one client for 3 years. That client was supposed to have him sign a new contract for another project, but that project was put on hold due to ...

Help our families and friends

I am a single mom of 5 and I am disabled. I live by a very tight budget and I barely make it. I live off child support and SSI. I can't make it with the food stamps I was getting. But now they took more. Thank God for food banks or we would starve. ...

I care

In order to have a livable society we need to start equal and live equal. It starts with all pregnancies should be planned and wanted, great education, great jobs, in a world that protects the environment and love one another, and we all have great healthcare, ...

Mine and others' suffering

Except for the last 3 years I have had insurance coverage my entire life. Once I had children I would always think, "I feel so sorry for parents who can't just go to their pediatrician and get antibiotics when their kids have strep, ear infections, etc." ...

Healthy children grow to be good citizens

I'm a registered nurse. I've worked with children for over 40 years. Two things I've never seen: a cared-for child who didn't have a keen interest in how to be a good citizen, in one way or another, and an uncared-for child who had enough attention for ...

I wouldn't be the person I am without assistance

I grew up in poverty. The beneficiary of public housing, my mom's unemployment benefits, and very good public schooling, I eventually made it into MIT and am very successful today. I'm afraid there will be fewer and fewer stories like mine as the government ...

Parenting on a Budget

My husband and I have 4 children. It's very difficult to make ends meet even with 2 salaries much less 1. My husband was just recently able to find a decent paying job. Yes we get assistance but it only goes so far. We don't any more budget cuts on education, ...


I believe that children are our future and you have to invest as much as possible to that future is ensured to bring the most positive results for growth and fulfillment. Children and families suffer when our leaders do not make good choices and we ...

Working Mother on Food Stamps

I am a separated but married mother with two children. I work full time for a good company that provides excellent benefits. But with the rising prices of insurance, food, gas etc I am struggling to support my children. I also attend college full time ...

Tom Corbett and early learning and K-12 education

It was right before the Governor election and Tom Corbett was on a TV Show, being interviewed. He was talking about how to get more people to go back to work and being out of state support programs and he said he was going to put some cut on those help ...

Les Miserables

The other night I watched Les Miserables and was horrified once again about the disparity between rich and poor and to what extent the super rich can tolerate the misery before them. I thought of the era when five year olds were sent into the mines, when ...

Food Stamps

It is so essential that the food stamp program doesn't receive any cuts as they just experienced. There are people who simply can no longer feed their family on the amount they receive and children are going hungry. If they have school age children, ok, ...

an US and world citizen

The best way to raise a family is to make certain the children have appropriate and stimulating nutrition, exercise, education and community support. This is the best way to support a nation, also! It takes a village, a state, a union, a world!

Cutting Federal Aid Undermines Charities

As a fundraiser for charities that serve impoverished families, I am tired of hearing people argue that we don't need government aid to the poor because charities should handle it. The vast majority of charities that aid the poor receive a large proportion ...

What happened to my American Dream?

I am a mother of three, living in poverty because my ex has never payed his court ordered child support. He works under the table and has no known address and in this way he effectively hides from his obligations. And there is no recourse for me. Thanks ...


I work for a non-profit organization in Honolulu for the pass 27 years. The population of those we work with are below the poverty line.

I have seen many families share a meager meal that might include a can of tuna or corn beef, pork in beans among ...


Food is not a luxury item

As a health coach, parent and grandparent, I am crucially aware of the impact of nutrition on the mind, body and emotional stability of our children. Children in our country are facing an unprecedented surge of obesity, diabetes, and a host of other ...

I'm a food pantry worker

Working in a food pantry has been an eye-opener for me to see and serve the poor in my area. People living with food insecurity as one in five of our nation's children do, is a very sad commentary on the state of our seemingly prosperous nation. The ...

Falling Through the Middle Class Ladder Rungs...

My husband lost his job back in May, so immediately we found out that we could not afford the private preschool in our area which costs $6000 a year. We could not put him in the "public" preschool because we had earned too much money from the year before. ...


*Are you currently enrolled or have you participated in a program like SNAP (food stamps), Head Start, Unemployment Insurance, housing assistance, WIC, Medicaid, or government assistance for child care?


*Are you concerned ...

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