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Single mothers

I am a single working mother of 4 young children surviving the best I can for them. I get help with WIC, medical, and food stamps. I do not abuse any of these programs by any means. $700 a month in food stamps to feed 6 people, I go without eating a ...

Climate change threatens our children

I've worked to reduce the effects of climate change and to educate others about the serious threats that climate change poses to us and especially to our children and their children. Without more action on this issue, the world we are creating and leaving ...

What is a GENEALOGIST to DO???

I am a genealogist and just signed the biggest contract of my career. But I when I tried to go on the websites of the National Archive and Records Management, the National Endowment of Humanities and the National Park Service where ALL of the records ...

Trying to survive on one income

I am the mother of two young children, ages 3 and 10 months Currently, I am the sole breadwinner for my family. As my husband struggles to find a job we pay more for child care than housing. Due to medical bills - the birth of my second child and unexpected ...

furloughed and it doesnt feel so good

I've been furloughed from the cdc in atlanta, there are thousands of us here. We are anxious to get back to work. We work on strategies to reduce chronic illness like heart disease and diabetes and we are not allowed to work. It doesnt make sense that ...

My brother suffered under the old health care system

My brothers insurance company dropped him because of rules that are no longer legal under the Affordable Care Act during a health crisis. It ruined his finances and forced him to get himself healthcare through the only means he had left.. To get himself ...

Stop acting like children!

Putting aside the fact that congress had put so many people out of work, I am embarrassed to let my kids see the way they are acting and speaking to each other. Although I agree with president Obama, someone has to give in and do what's best for the economy ...


My wife is going blind because she cannot find health care insurance to cover the medical treatment she needs to save her eyesight. Now, with Obamacare my wife will be able to get insurance coverage for that treatment. As for me, I'm completely disabled ...

Fed up with the Tea Party

I am angry that a small group of very vocal individuals has hijacked this country in an attempt to advance their own delusional agenda. I'm upset about the devastation of the safety net and those individuals of course, have the greatest stake in all of ...

My Government

I have been under the assumption that our government was suppose to be for the people by the people. Our forefathers are turning in their graves at the way our whole government is doing to the people they are suppose to be working for. God help us ...


my 13 year old grandson has autism

He goes to a special school funded by

the state of new jersey. We need more

med research to help children like my




Children our the future the brains and BODY need to be fed!

What middle class?

My husband and I both work long hours. We are raising three young girls. We have debt and many bills. We don't know how to make it all work. We have yet to give up though.

I am a teacher and my middle school students want to know- what is middle class? ...



The Affordable Care Act was conceived by the Heritage Foundation. Governor Mitt Romney instituted it in Massachusetts, and then, as he ran against President Barack Obama, opposed it.

Barack Obama was re-elected, in part because he favors universal health ...



obamacare was passed as a law and ratified by the supreme court. What gives you the right to go against the majority of the country only to support your constiutacies only to get re-elected.

People need these services to survive

As a social worker, I have worked closely with families, mostly single Moms, who need these programs and more to make it. They are working, but don't make enough to pay for child care, transportation, housing, food and medical needs for their children. ...

7 months pregnant with 2 at home

I am 7 months pregnant and have two small children at home. My son and I are both on WIC. We also use food stamps to help supplement our income so that we can make healthy choices for our family. This shutdown is nothing more than a temper tantrum being ...


My family is dependent on Medicaid and SNAP benefits to survive. Without them, my children wouldn't get the therapies they need so badly, (both of my sons are special needs) and I wouldn't be able to afford the medicines they need to help them cope with ...

I was on WIC, and look where I am now

My mom and I participated in WIC when I was a baby (some 29 years ago).

Knowing that WIC is being cut during the shutdown because of the shutdown is really alarming to me, because everyone knows that adequate nutrition is super important to brain development ...


youth must have jobs for the economy to revive

Far too many of the young 18-19 yr olds I know are jobless or underemployed. They are wonderful, optimistic, bright people.

Congress not only must increase the debt ceiling but they must spend money on large projects such as infrastructure and research. ...

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