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All Americans

I have no personal story to relate. I deplore the lack of integrity in our Congress and will do anything to bring change to that branch of government. The Congress has become so insular that they apparently think that they are engaged in a, ...

single people are affected just as much

I receive SNAP benefits due to having no income and without it I would not be able to buy food for me and my mother who is 67 years old, on oxygen due to having COPD/Emphysema and she is the one paying all the bills and has nothing left from her check ...

I have 4 kids I'm raising on my own!

I am a single mom that is not able to work right now and depend on Section 8 and food stamps to help provide a home for me and my children and food for all of us. I am greatly concerned because today I got a call from my landlady telling me that Section ...

We don't receive any govt assistance

My husband and I are hard working people just trying to support our family. .. I wish all of you decision makers could live in my shoes on an economic level for just a day.

work in WIC

I have worked for the WIC program for over 3 decades and I have witnessed first hand the difference WIC has made to the lives of this very vulnerable population. Our families depend on WIC and safety net programs. Many are low wage workers who struggle ...

Scared stay at home mom

Let me start by saying, I hate the fact I need to depend on government, and I wish I could provide for my family with out it.

I have two children and one on the way, I am enrolled in college, and my husband works full time., I am on welfare, on ...



After I pay rent, utilities, and buy a little food, I have no money. Oddly enough we make too much for foodstamps but we do qualify for WIC. I REALLY need WIC. My husbands check barely covers rent, utilities, gas for our truck and food. My kids have ...

Mom, Teacher, Artist, Volunteer, Small Business Woman

I am so sad today for our country as I listen to the news of the furlough that so many layers of our government are going through. We need to get over our differences and meet in the middle. When I saw the flag flying at half mast at our school today, ...

Educators are hamstrung

I am married to an elementary 4th grade teacher who teaches in a very poor Title 1 school. She busts her ass and pays out of pocket to help her disadvantaged kids and special ed kids, many of whom can barely speak English. She has done this for 24 years. ...

I am the government; do not shut me down

If all the voters in the US quit voting forever the "government" really shuts down. That means I am the voting public government and I want my government to function every day. No false reasoning by legislators is allowed. Open the doors of government ...


Retired early due to health issues. Existing on SSI Disability, worried my benefits will stop.

my life

i am a 45 yr old single woman fighting for my ssi. i have no income. i had to move in with my parents. this shut down affects me in a lot of ways. i dont know when i will get my ssi hearing, i dont know if i can get insurance and i dont know if i will ...

I know close up and real the importance of good child care.

My daughter is learning disabled. While the school was working on how to teach her how to read it was the after school child care workers who were her best help.

I also know the importance of food stamps. My sister finished law school and passed ...


Immigrant Success

Child migrant farm worker, attorney, judge, and began school at almost age 14. Most immigrants contribute greatly to this country. Our economy will benefit tremendously by Immigration Reform.

The Tea Party idiots in Congress need to grow up, and they ...



I'm a mom of two young children, and I'm going to school full time to be a teacher. We are also a DoD family, and were significantly affected by sequestration. The current budget crisis directly impacts my family's future. The financial aid that I depend ...

Hard Times

I work part-time, I am still looking for full time employment. I am 55 years old and been looking for full time employment for 3 years. I was on partial unemployment that has ran out and now I am getting $68 in food share. I am only making it because ...


Single income family. Husband is Federal gvt worker.

Post flood Boulder

We here in Boulder, CO have just faced a national disaster that damaged our schools, wiped small towns off the map, destroyed homes, roads, bridges and lives. We were so deeply grateful to our president for his swift response to our tragedy and wept tears ...

Retired American

I'm 71 and I depend on government programs such as Medicare, Social Security, and Housing. I worry that the tea partiers will try to exact concessions with this blackmail that could threaten my sources of survival.

my family

My family means the world to me and I will always believe that the children are the most important in this world and for the congress to take away from kids is unacceptable and ridiculous the world already has enough starving kids and now u want more ...
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