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Day care for single parent with multiply children should be funded based on the need instead of finances


I am a stay at home mom as of 3 weeks ago. In the past, I have been enrolled in the SNAP program and my son attended head start and is currently in Pre-K. Kids are the most important thing in this world, without them we have no future. It is extremely ...


i live in a nursing home,please stop making us suffer so you look good to right wing nut jobs..GOD KNOWS..

In limbo

My mom is a DAV and we may actually face a very real threat of homelessness because she may not get her check and she may not have her mortgage taken care of come November. I am temporarily on SNAP. Will it continue. I am due for a court date to determine ...

Schools need funding, school kids need health coverage

As a public school teacher, I see students all the time who need glasses, medications, ongoing care, or special therapies and who aren't getting them due to a lack of insurance. Many of our students are also on free or reduced lunches, and have families ...

Please stop the madness!!!

Congress and USA Government Leaders,

You are chosen leaders of today to lead and guide our country to the best of your abilities and not to conflict your authorities. Please look around who are you're hurting the most, the future children of America. ...



My inlaws have gone for over ten years with no medical coverage because there place of employment dropped their health coverage and getting insurance on their own was not financially feasible. The health care reform act was made for people like them. ...

Wake Up!

As a small business owner I have provided full health care insurance (employees & dependents) maternity leave and 6 weeks paid vacation to my employees. It is fair. I am not getting rich off their hard work. We share. "Obamacare" is not destroying my ...

Teacher and Mother

I am a special education teacher and a mother of two children. I am lucky to have health care and that we can provide for our children. I would never be able to do what I can for my kids on a teacher's salary, yet I work with kids every day who have ...

Stop the shutdown! Support families!

I am a behavior analyst and special education teacher in an early intervention program in CT, which receives federal funding under IDEA Part C. Although the shutdown hasn't directly effected me yet, I am concerned that it may effect my job in the future. ...


Children deserve health care, we all deserve access to good preventive health care. We lag behind the rest of the industrialized world in neglecting the access to health services, something important and economically essential if we are to remain competitive. ...

Mom & Educator

I'm a teacher, but I am a mom first. I know first hand that education is undervalued and underfunded--I haven't received a raise in quite a while. I've done everything I thought I was supposed to do, but my husband and I still can't afford to insure our ...

enough is enough!

For me all the programs are important such as SNAP, headstart, medicaid, education, WIC, jobs and all of the above. I believe all these programs are essential nationwide it provides extra support for all of us hardworking families. Please put a stop to ...


I spoke to a disabled elderly Veteran today. He is devastated and afraid as his food stamps amount is being cut......... Something is so wrong ..... More and more people are awakening and wanting compassion and kindness to be the center of our politics, ...

Federal Aid Saved My Child's Life

Now a healthy 12-year-old, when my daughter was 4, she was diagnosed with cancer - a tumor surrounding her heart - and underwent 2 years of chemotherapy and side effects. As a single parent unable to work FT while her FT caregiver, I could not have ...


My story is simple: not only do I rely on WIC for me and my family, I also WORK for WIC as a Breastfeeding Perr Counselor (we don't get paid much so I still qualify). The government shutdown needs to stop!


My little family and I participate in the Wic program, snap and Medicaid. Our daughter is only 4 months&1 week old and I'm currently a college student and my husband is fighting disability so with this government shutdown it's affecting my family and ...
—Veronica MO

Stay at home mom

I depend on food stamps to feed my children and Medicaid please fix things.


Stop holding us hostage. Obamacare (Romney's idea) is LAW. Your tactics don't stop that. Stop the bullying.

All Americans

I have no personal story to relate. I deplore the lack of integrity in our Congress and will do anything to bring change to that branch of government. The Congress has become so insular that they apparently think that they are engaged in a, ...
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