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I don't have a personal story to share, but stand behind all those Moms who do.


This plan helps me since I'm already paying the high price for a family plan now I can add my other children and get my money worth. Every year the plans goes up and they take things away from the plan. Now I'm getting my moneys' worth and they can't ...

My life and my concerns

I am an amputee who's existence depends on Social Security Disability, Medicare, Medicaid and food stamps. There are children and poor families who depend on Wic and other federally funded programs to exist also. I am pleading with you to balance the ...

Health care social worker

I'm a social worker and behavioral health therapist in a primary care clinic in Seattle. I have several clients with chronic mental health problems waiting for health care coverage so they can get the help they need, to prevent a continual downward spiral ...

Single mom, teacher, and health care user

I'm a single mom, a public school educator, a music teacher, singer and mentor. I have three sisters and two nieces and one nephew with debilitating illness.

It's expensive to buy food, pay rent, clothe my children and make sure that they get adequate ...


Taking care of our kids...

My husband works for Head Start; due to sequestration, he took a pay cut, which has affected our family. More importantly, the agency had to cut enrollment for 3 & 4 year old children, and close some of the rural Head Start classrooms.

It's incredibly ...


Give up your paycheck

If Headstart teachers in Stillwater, MN are not being paid, neither should our congressional representatives.

Keeping families healthy and working

My daughter receives healthcare through Healthy Families in California and my mother, who now lives in Oregon, is living in a safe, well-run assisted living facility subsidized by Medicaid.

When our family did not have these options, I was unable to ...


health care

When I got pregnant with my first child, my husband was a graduate student, and I was working full-time as a pre-school teacher, with no benefits. We could not afford health insurance, but luckily we qualified for government aid, and I was able to get ...

Playground Talk

Yesterday I was at the playground talking to another mother while our 3 and 4 year olds played. We did not know each other but over the hour we were there she shared with me that her kids were uninsured as was she and her husband. She tried to get coverage ...

What Happened to Altruism?

My husband and I have worked for the past thirty-some years, since we were 16 years old. During this time we mostly got by. During the early years we sometimes needed help. Daycare costs hardly made working worthwhile. WIC was a Godsend. Child Health ...

Disappointed Again

I'm very disappointed that a faction of Congressional Members had rather spend money on a government shutdown instead of providing medical insurance to many American Citizens who are suffering from poor health and poverty. I truly believe all Congressional ...

My Son

My son is in the Navy, and is based in North Carolina, and he cannot take his Vacation leave until this shut down is over and he was planning to come home for a week....Also he told me that the Commerary on the base are closed because of the shut down!!... ...

Do you want to be blamed for someone death because of your own greed!

I am a nurse. I have witnessed the injustice of how people without healthcare coverage are treated. I have witnessed a young woman who was denied healthcare for colon cancer and by the time she came into the hospital she was terminal and in excruciating ...

Damage Caused by Congress Inaction is Devastating

I see the impact of the government shutdown everywhere I look.

- My close friend is distressed and worrying about her mortgage and bills as a furloughed federal employee

-My step son-in-law, also furloughed as a government contractor, sits at home ...


Congress, I play by the rules, you should too!

My family and I play by the rules, the laws of the land. We vote. We engage in political discourse. We pay our taxes and we expect you to do the job we hired you to do. I am self employed, my husband is self employed, we are supporters of a system that ...


Stop this outrageous, shameful stunt right now. Real people's lives are on the line.

Don't Make Our Children Suffer

I work at Head Start/Early Head Start in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I see children and families daily who depend on our services to provide their children with high-quality childcare, healthy foods at school, support for the entire family, and love ...


I currently am enrolled in the SNAP food program. I have a son who is only 2 and a half months old and I a breastfeeding him.


I am a mother of two young daughters. I am a teacher of second, third and fourth graders. Just this morning a little boy came to class without having had breakfast. I was able to send him to the cafeteria to get something to eat. He needed that foundation ...
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