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The struggle

I am a young single mother 23 years of age to be exact. I have been threw a lot these couple years and have to admit that without the snap benefits I have received and the Wic I would not have that , that is so precious to me my little girl. Please ...

Teacher & Breadwinner

I'm a teacher-librarian and the breadwinner for my family. I worry about how the government shutdown will affect me and my family, especially since my state is proposing legislation to slash the student-teacher/admin/librarian/guidance counselor ratios ...

Services for families

I know many kids who need WIC, people of all ages with health needs, young people in school who need aid. We all can't afford health insurance so there has to be alternatives, jobs are still sloe. Government shouldn't be down, we need solutions people ...


Jesse is my 3 year old grandson. He's cute as a button with lots of curly blonde hair. He also is autistic and needs early intervention speech therapy and behavioral therapy. If these programs aren't funded, we can pretty much resign ourselves to a ...

The Dark Side

I am a mental health and chemical dependency counselor working both in Missoula and on the Flathead Reservation. I work with people everyday with real problems. Many of these people are not eligible for health care, because they make"too much money". ...


I am a Middle School teacher, everyday I experience firsthand the severe need of my students for free meals because they are starving. I see the need for more counselors,we have 2 who service 1700 6, 7 and 8th graders. Our APSCS is too busy taking care ...

Special Education and medical research are vital to us

We have an 18-year-old with autism, who is basically nonverbal, so special education funding is very important for him. Also, medical research into the issues related to autism are vital, particularly given the dramatic increases in the autism prevalence ...

Cancer Treatment

For the past two and a half years, I have been living with terminal breast cancer. I am running out of treatment options and was hoping to enroll in a National Cancer Institute clinical trial next week. The promising new trial drug could extend my life ...


No, my boys weren't actually trying to get out of doing their assignments. They were simply frustrated when the websites which they needed to complete their studies were unavailable due to the government shutdown.

My ten-year-old's teacher had to give ...


Get Your Act Together, Congress!!!

I am a mom with two young kids working full time for a small federal agency. I was lucky to be considered exempt from the furloughs that my coworkers across the agency are currently facing due to the government shutdown, but this whole situation makes ...

How our country is suffering.

While the shut-down is not directly affecting me (not a federal worker), all the services not being funded may eventually affect me negatively. The stress on the rest of the nation is not good when citizens are pushed to their limit. People become depressed, ...

Working Part-Time for Low Wages

I sub as an instructional assistant for Lower Merion School District. I work with special needs children in Resource Rooms and in mainstream classrooms. I am currently enrolled in Food Stamps and Medicaid because I am considered a temporary or "guest" ...

My family

My son is on Medicaid/Medicare and Social Security. He has a history of Crohn's disease, and now has kidney failure. My daughter is a student who turns 26 in December; she will be off our insurance when she does, but luckily will qualify for Medicaid ...

We need jobs and better education to begin with!

Put your sorry selves second and deal with the issues at hand. I am sick about hearing how the people on welfare are the issue with MY America!

Corporations are the real issue. Tax them like they used to be so they only make gazillions instead of ...


Empty Nest Single Mom/the Technically Homeless among us.

I am 61. At 17, I graduated from high school and went off to college at an Ivy League school, on a full scholarship. Soon after my enrollment, I learned that I was pregnant. Several young women in my dorm had similar experiences.

I made a decision ...


After my divorce

I went through a terrible divorce where I had to leave the house in the middle of the night with my daughter because my husband was drunk again and threatening me. We had family near by and I was able to stay with them until I could get my own place. ...

Single Parent in America

Whether we choose to be single parents or not (I personally did not choose this path but "life happens," whether we like it or not) we have to survive many obstacles.

I am a woman, I have a Master's Degree and currently have a job that pays me well enough ...



I am a high school teacher and the divide between the rich and poor is very obvious in achievement and background knowledge. Programs like head start are very important in helping close this gap between the education of the rich versus the poor. Give ...

Proud American using Snap Benefits

I am a single, married mother of two children. Due to issues with my husband that were out of my control I am now raising my boys by myself. I do not make enough money to take care of them by myself and had to seek government assistance to help feed ...

Supporting Each Other Makes Us Stronger

I'm sick of hearing people talk about our government -- of, for, and by the people-- as if it were the enemy. I'm an educated middle-class American and I am grateful for the support my family and I have received from government programs. My dad was 54 ...
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