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There's many mothers that afraid of losing their wic coupons for their baby, I hear it everyday because I work in this department and could very well be affected by becoming unemployed if they continue with this shutdowñ. And I am head of my household ...

How can we eat?

I am a 70 year old female who has worked since I was 14 years old and paid into Social Security for many of those years. Because my last few years were spent doing non-profit work for very little pay, my Social Security checks are small. I am still working ...

The programs important to my family

The programs important to my family is the snap ,

Head start and the special education. Due to we are on a fixed income due to disabilities in my home. My husband has heart failure, and a number of other medical issues causes him not to be able to work. ...

—Christy PA

Veteran furloughed

My husband is a US Army veteran Who served in Desert Storm. He works for the Department of Veterans Affairs. He was told he'll receive a furlough next week. It is wrong to use these desperate measures to try to reverse the effects of two elections and ...


Education for preschoolers is imperative.


All Americans deserve health care!
—Carol FL

save lives

4 children in our household & struck with T1Diabetes. this costly disease affects the entire family emotionally , physically & financially. cutting programs that allow our family to feed all our ch8ldren & afford medical care will devestate us & many ...

My Sister

My sister is 59 years old, has been unemployed for almost two years and now has found a part time job without benefits. She needs insurance.
—Mary AnnMD

Babies and Young Children

Our youngest citizens are affected by the loss of WIC and Head Start. They are victims of this crisis. Please help them!


I know how important programs like Head Start are, how much difference they make in the life of a child and his/her family. My own child went from being considered developmentally delayed to be part of the program for gifted children at school, thanks ...


A year and a half ago I took in a then 16 year old girl who was a friend of my 17 year old daughter. I had known this child since she was in elementary school and knew that her parents had mental health issues as well as alcohol and drug abuse issues. ...

3 kids and an alcoholic husband

It gradually got worse. My denial that my husband could control his alcoholism and addictions was crumbling year after year. Married for just over 5 years and with 3 children, I found myself in daily verbal and emotional abuse as my husband's drinking ...

Research cuts impact my family, but more importantly our future

My husband and I work in medical/public health research. We see the impact of dwindling federal research funds and wonder what kind of future we will have, and what will happen to the future of American science fields. We both work at internationally ...

stop this tantrum

Okay, it is time to take our country back from these belligerent children. I am stunned that they have gotten this far,


As a social worker I see several clients who NEED, not want but need, services like WIC and/or Food stamps, not just children and families, and by taking these away our government will be seriously devastating the people I work with.

Observations From The Trenches

I am a licensed professional social worker. I have the distinct privilege of working with young families who are trying to help their children with disabilities reach their potential. The current situation is a complete abdication of responsibility ...

Touching so many lives

I have a cousin whose husband was laid off from his job. They have been using his unemployment checks to pay for their health insurance (which he previously received through his job). Apparently the staff at the Washington State Employment Security (who ...

Still reeling from the sequester!

My husband lost his job in December 2012 because the hedge funds running his company finally chose to liquidate the business. He is a skilled worker and wasn't able to find a job at anything like the level he is qualified for. Fortunately, he did qualify ...

Things I want the government to do

Shutting down the government is ludicrous. Here's a short off the top of my head list of things I count on the government for: educating my children and _all_ children, maintaining the roads and bridges that I used daily, funding medical research, funding ...

Save our Children

I work in a WIC clinic and have had many calls today and yesterday about whether we would be open and whether they would be receiving their checks for food this month.

So many of our families are struggling to feed their children good food. If they don't ...

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