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I am a Teacher!

I teach 8th grade Science in Wilmington, CA. My students are eager to learn, hard working, and intelligent. Their families struggle daily to meet their basic needs, like food, shelter, and transportation, yet these kids almost always greet me with a smile.

How ...


Disabled Veteran

Why is it that our lawmakers don't do their job but continue to be paid?

I am a disabled veteran and my family relies in part on my disability payments to ensure our survival.

I have a young child that I would love to continue to take to our National ...



I want politicians to stop acting like toddlers in a sandbox.

Are You Kidding???

I am disabled and on a limited income I am ashamed of our government!! I think they should be punished for this like definitely not getting paid until the government reopens also not getting any back pay when they do. I am very sure they can afford not ...


I am a clinical social worker by profession, and have worked with many single parent clients who need food stamps and other supports in order for their families to survive. To eliminate such basic necessities for the poor and disadvantaged while at ...
—Robert NY

I need my Medicaid or I'm homeless

I am a relatively young resident (61) of an assisted living community. Illness struck in 1990. Gradually, I had to sell my business, quit my writing (I am an author), and move. I have no family members to take me in. If I lost my Medicaid benefit, I couldn't ...

Education is the future.

As a college Professor and a wife to a teacher at a title 1 school, I have already seen the impact of the shutdown and am worried about the impact of these budget fights in Congress.

My research students do not have access to databases like Eric or ...


Working parents with no afterschool programs

In a time when people are underpaid, and both parents must work to make ends meet, we find ourselves in a tough place. Both my husband and I work full-time. Our children are still in elementary school. Their school does not have an afterschool program, ...


There are many many families at this time that are dependent on government funded assistance. Contrary to what we are told, there are no jobs and many many who are looking for those few available jobs. Employers have the advantage of hiring and firing ...


Please keep government open. Vote to finance all government programs now!!!


Stop the madness and think of our kids and familes

No Moon Base Yet

I don't believe that there's an American out there who hasn't benefited, whether directly or indirectly, from some Government program (say, Mitt Romney's mother getting food stamps). Many seniors rely heavily on Medicaid/Medicare not as a perk or entitlement, ...

We have no income

My husband is a reservist on orders at Southcom. We have two young children, and he is the sole provider. Due to the government shutdown, our family has no income. None. Even a single day without pay is hard. We've had two days, now, and no idea ...

Hard times, desperate measures

Every day I worry whether or not my family will have food. We've cut down so much on things that aren't of much importance. With rent being so high and other bills that keep rolling in, I wonder if we'll ever get out of the hole. Due to medical issues ...


I taught 30 years and retirement is $22K. I have to watch budget. I can't imagine how minimum wage earners survive. And our youth are not only not being served they, many of them, are not being fed. Thanks for nothing, Fat Cats!

helpness in Milwaukee

I am a 60 year old black woman who has worked all of my life to prevent my family from being on welfare

Proud woman with independent characteristics.

Well respected and liked. I am have to apply

For foods and I am almost about to loose my apartment because ...


Schools matter

My daughter attends a Title I school. Although she does not need the additional services provided by this funding, many of her classmates do. Those resources allow kids with extra needs to get the extra attention they deserve and my daughter can get more ...

It was there when I needed it

I am 53, I have raised 3 children. I am well employed and comfortable now and have been for a long time, but there was a short time when my children were small, and I was in school so that I would be better able to support my family, that I needed food ...


More and more it seems unfairness is the rule for our Congress. Let's remember that in a democracy the government is there to help all of its citizens. Friends of ours are suffering because they work for the federal government and so are not receiving ...


There's many mothers that afraid of losing their wic coupons for their baby, I hear it everyday because I work in this department and could very well be affected by becoming unemployed if they continue with this shutdowñ. And I am head of my household ...
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