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Knowledgeable, reliable, nurturing childcare for a child with epilepsy and behavior problems? Not so fact...impossible!

People are afraid to care for my son, Kai, now 12. Kai started life as a gifted child, until the unexplained seizures started when he was two and a half.

Loss of State Funding

When I got my job at Premera Blue Cross I was soooo excited. It was (and is) an amazing job. Unfortunately, at $14 and w/ only ONE child, I made too much to receive any further state benefits. Luckily - Premera Blue Cross was willing to work w/ me to ...
—Ann Washington

A "misunderstanding"

I had been looking into every daycare provider in town and just about to give up when I found one that had to be too good to be true. Their prices AMAZING (infants ONLY $575/mth) and they even had drop in and after hours care. I answered their questionaiire ...

Waitlists & Cost

Most quality childcare in my area has a wait list a mile long (6 months - a year - 2 years). And if it is great, it's expensive. Therefore, I have chosen to stay home and care for my infant, now a toddler.

Providing Quality Childcare

I am a mother of 3 who has utilized every form of childcare that is available. About 9 years ago, I left my high profile banking job to begin a home childcare business. Initially, I started out small with 2-3 children and my youngest child. When I ...
—JudiNew York

Pick up

My husband had been suffering terrible pains from an ankle surgery. Even percocet did nothing for him. I took my son to daycare since I would have to get my husband in but didn't know what time. His appt. was not until late afternoon on a Friday. I had ...

Tax deduction reform for Child Care

I just read the message regarding the need for finding and funding quality, affordable, and safe childcare. My thoughts are that the legislature needs to review the tax deduction allowance for childcare.

I believe right now it maxes out at $5,000.00 ...


Why all the money going to other people

Well my story is interesting - I decided to look after my own children when they were young. Its been an expensive choice but we've managed so far. What I would like to know is instead of massive subsidies paying childcare why cant the money come direct ...

For Babies and Young Children, Early Learning Equals Nurturing and Being Allowed Safe Beautiful Space To Move and Explore

Infants and children need love, consistent routines, safe and interesting (not "educational" or overstimulating) environments and space to play, be quiet, run, jump, sing, skip, hop and rest...
—KimNew Hampshire

Still waiting...

I cannot afford the tuition, but I have no other option to give my child all the opportunities that he deserves...Instead of receiving state funding, I have taken on a second job... to offset his tuition and all the expenses associated with it.

I'll Be In The Hall If You Need Me

"So...wait... I'm supposed to just walk out of the door and leave my baby here...with people I've only met 3 or 4 times?"... I knew how it was supposed to go but at that moment, the thought of doing that just seemed so crazy.

Affordable Childcare Now!

I do value the work that my childcare provider does enormously, and in fact I think she should be paid MORE than what she brings in each month; but the burden of early childhood education should not be born so heavily by an already-strapped middle class.

Caring for your own children

Research proves over and over that the best caregiver is usually the parent. But there is absolutely no incentive given to stay home. While I do support money going to more quality care outside the home, when is our country going to invest in FAMILIES?

Food Lion Pays Better than Childcare Work

We now know what to look for in childcare -- professionally trained workers who receive continuing education and decent pay. Of course, we cannot afford childcare like that, so I am now a stay at home mom.

The Zoo

For the first nine month of my son's life I was lucky to have my mother watch him. When my mother decided to go back to school I had to find daycare. My husband and I are both employed full time, but we can barely afford childcare and we do not qualify for any assistance.

Mom and Dad's perspectives...different?

My son had just turned a year old when we needed to switch family child care providers because our first provider was moving. I found a new child care provider, one that I was comfortable with, and as usual I dropped off my child at the new provider's ...

The Ongoing Preschool/Childcare Dilemma

With the nation embarking on a new way to educate our future, I do hope that the issue of early childhood is examined on a deeper scale than in the past. Recent attempts to fix surface problems have not been successful.

Breast Cancer

Shouldn't MomsRising take issue with the latest government funded study about postponing mammograms? Don't we think women should protect their own health? They're now being told to not even so self exams! False positives are stressful i agree. But ...
—AnonymousNorth Carolina

On site affordable child care for all...

On site care could be done by a nonprofit organization that would provide a sliding scale fee, trained and educated staff that has had a criminal background check and fingerprints to their staff, liability insurance and complete administrative oversight of the program.
—Susan New Jersey

public daycare in France


Although I'm originally from Virginia, I'm sending word from France, the only place I've ever been a mom, where public schooling, financed and organized at the national level, begins when kids are three. That means three years of public school ...

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