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The New Hampshire legislature has been in session for a little over three weeks and all we can say is: WOW. Even a little snow storm like the one we had last night can’t slow our lawmakers down! This session is moving at the speed of light, and this morning the House Education Committee shoveled their way to Concord for the hearing of HB1311. This Freedom to Read legislation would help stop book bans by requiring schools to develop a policy for evaluating challenged books. Tell your Representative to pass this legislation and stand with moms against hate!

Across the nation, a small but vocal minority are using political tricks – including fake “parent” groups designed to look like ours – to suppress accurate and age-appropriate education, attack LGBTQ+ communities, and ban books. Hundreds of books are already off the shelves in other states where extremist organizations have infiltrated state and local governments – and this movement has been working its way across the Granite State. We were honored when Rep. Angela Brennan read a piece of our testimony during today’s hearing. Check it out: 

What Rep. Brennan said is true – moms DON’T want book bans. What moms DO want are for our schools to be safe and inclusive and to value diversity; for parents to be a partner in their children’s success; and for educators to be valued and respected. Teachers must be allowed to teach our country’s truths, good and bad, and the values that got us to where we are today. We want our children to learn about the history and obstacles faced, and overcome, by members of Black, Brown, AAPI, Native American, immigrant, religious-minority, LGBTQ+, and other communities. We want our students to be able to access unbiased health information. We want all our youth, regardless of income, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity, to be safe and included in schools that prepare them to contribute to and succeed in our society.

Books have already been challenged at school board meetings across the Granite State by individuals who don’t even have kids in the school in an attempt to erase honest and accurate American history, and attack students and teachers simply for who they love. Why? Because this is part of a coordinated effort to create distrust in our awesome public schools to move forward a well-funded, radical agenda by trying anything that might work. They are basically throwing hate spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. 

As a mom, one of my favorite things to do is repeat myself over and over, so I’ll say it again in case it’s not absolutely clear: moms are not interested in book bans!

Say it with me! Tell your Representatives to reject hate, censorship and book bans.

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