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MomsRising Campaigns

Maternity & Paternity Leave

The Power of ONEsie

The MomsRising mom-made Power of ONEsie display is traveling the country to remind leaders that there are real people behind the call for family policies.

Create and send your ONEsie

Open Flexible Work

Open Flexible Work

Everyone deserves a job that fits.  Workplace place practices that honor workers; responsibilities both on the job and off create a win for employees and employers alike.  Check out this practical, inspirational guide for making the workplace more nimble, trust-based, and profitable.

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Protect Our Families from Toxic Chemicals!

Are you sick of worrying about toxic chemicals in the products your family uses every day? We must act now to fix the Toxic Substances Control Act and phase out BPA so we can have safer chemicals and healthy families.

Send a letter to Congress urging a fix today!


Health Care for All

Health Care for All

Right now, some members of Congress are trying to drastically cut our Medicaid and CHIP programs. Tell your members of Congress that cutting health care for our children, people who are disabled or elderly, while at the same time increasing tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires, does not reflect our nation's family values!

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Early Care & Education

Early Care & Education

The personal experiences of real moms and dads make a huge difference when we're talking to leaders. It gives them a window into our lives and makes them understand why early care and education is so important.

Ever had a good, bad, funny, or sad experience with finding, paying for, or getting great childcare?

Share your experince!

Realistic & Fair Wages

Urge Congress to take action to create jobs!

There are currently 25 million Americans who want to work, but can't find full time jobs. Tell Congress not to let politics get in the way of creating jobs and to pass the American Jobs Act now!

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What's $1.00 minus .78 cents?

It's the difference between your salary and the salary of your male counterparts. If you're a woman of color, you can subtract at least an additional 10 cents, and for single mothers you can take away even more. Seem fair? We don't think so either. Working together we can close the wage gaps.

Tell your Senators to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act

Sick Days, Paid

The Healthy Families Act - Paid Sick Days for All

Nearly 40% of American workers don't have a single paid sick day. There is overwhelming public support for paid sick days - the majority of both Republicans and Democrats support this common sense, family friendly policy.  When you think about it, it is hardly surprising. We ALL get sick. When we’re worried about our kids’ health or our own health, we shouldn’t also have to worry if we can pay the rent or if we’ll still have a job when we get better.  Mom voices matter--you can help make paid sick days for all employees a reality! 

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Take action in support of the Healthy Families Act!
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