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Since the founding of MomsRising in May of 2006, the members have already taken over a million online and on-the-ground actions. MomsRising has over 90 aligned organizations, and often works closely with those organizations in a policy partner capacity to achieve shared goals. We’ve found that joining with specific aligned organizations/policy partners in strategic efforts-which we’ve determined would benefit from an extra grassroots push in order to win-is a powerful way to leverage our grassroots base and to contribute to the great work our aligned organizations are doing. Below are some quotes from policy partners and elected officials on the impact of collaborative work with MomsRising:

"Paid family leave is on the cutting edge of balancing work and family in our country. Since 1999, the Economic Opportunity Institute has been developing the policy and catalyzing the discussion for paid family leave. This work came together this year largely as a result of the birth and activism of MomsRising. With this new generation of moms (and dads) standing up and demanding true family values, paid family leave became first possible and then actual!"

- John R. Burbank, Economic Opportunity Institute

"The Family Leave bill would not have passed without the great work of MomsRising. Being able to mobilize thousands of constituents to e-mail our Governor and individual lawmakers made all the difference. It's a great model for an authentic political movement made up of people who are unable to attend rallies or raise huge amounts of campaign donations. It's a way for real people to make a real difference."

- Senator Karen Keiser, sponsor of the WA Paid Family Leave policy

"MomsRising's ability to quickly and consistently mobilize their members to contact their state representatives was a great help towards bringing Family Leave Insurance in NJ to a win. The contribution of their staff and members has been essential to the efforts of the NJ Time to Care Coalition and the wonderful onesies display was a fun and creative way to bring attention to Family Leave Insurance at a critical time."

- Atif Malik, New Jersey Citizen Action

“It was fantastic working with MomsRising on the campaign to delete the stealth furniture flammability lines from the CPSC Reform Act. Without this good work, we might have had a huge increase in the volume of toxic flame retardants in our homes forever.”

- Arlene Blum, PhD, Initiative for Green Science Policy

“Thank you - and thank you so much for all of your help. It's a tremendous testament to the organization you guys have created that your members generated well over 3000 emails to the Council in just a few short days. Thanks again!”

- Karen M. Minatelli, Esq., D.C. Employment Justice Center

"MomsRising's activism, coupled with our own efforts, has meant that every Member of Congress has heard from their constituents over the last few weeks. Hearings are being scheduled and Members are vowing not to adopt the President's plan. Children and families will be much better off as a result."

- Jodi Grant, Afterschool Alliance Executive Director

"Partnering with MomsRising was just about the best thing we could have done on this bill. A few hours after putting up the onesies, we got a work session scheduled for paid family leave. The onesies are a FANTASTIC way to get the message across. Thanks so much for your wonderful work on this bill."

- Cathy Kaufmann, Children First for Oregon

“MomsRising's online organizing has created an energetic and active membership that in turn can quickly mobilize to respond to emerging opportunities. This has a tremendous benefit to our state efforts to educate, engage, and involve the general public in advocacy work around paid sick days.”

- Monica Halas, Greater Boston Legal Services

MomsRising may view itself as principally about generating and fostering on-line activism. But what has really stretched my own appreciation of what on-line activism can mean is what MomsRising achieved in the Washington state legislature around paid family leave. For a number of years I have worked with staff at the Economic Opportunity Institute which has provided the lead policy expertise on the issue. It was MomsRising's collaboration with EOI that helped give the policy needed grassroots breadth. The "muscle" that MomsRising generated by getting 500 people to show up at a rally around paid family leave – and, again, in a remarkably short period (this time, just days) made me realize that 'on line' could turn from 'virtual' into 'visual'.”

- Jodie Levin-Epstein, Center for Law and Social Policy

"The Orange-O-Grams were a total hit. Even staff members/legislators who weren’t necessarily happy to see us smiled when we gave them the orange. The folks who delivered them really liked doing this too. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you on this. We hope to do it again."

- Brenda Munoz, Labor Project for Working Families

"MomsRising is a unique organization that is mobilizing one of the most important constituent groups - mothers who are committed to improving the health of their families and their communities. I was honored to speak at the recent MomsRising Forum on Health Care and to witness a grassroots organizing model that is both action oriented and family friendly. As both a mother and a grandmother, I believe strongly in the power of mothers to catalyze long-term, community-centered social change and look forward to working together with the members of MomsRising on future campaigns."

- Loni Hancock, California Assembly

"MomsRising is a rare gem among grassroots organizations because they have both the political sophistication of seasoned insiders and the passion of 50,000 concerned mothers. They are an unstoppable force."

- Mark Leno, California Assembly

"I applaud MomsRising for giving a strong voice to mothers who care so much about the welfare of all children. Your voice matters and I greatly appreciate the input from my constituents."

- Jean Fuller, California Assembly

"Letter writing campaigns are extremely important to the democratic process. This past legislative session, MomsRising provided mothers in California with a strong voice in Sacramento, helping me and other legislators counter-act the strong presence of the business lobby. I look forward to continuing to work with MomsRising in the future."

- Fiona Ma, California Assembly

“MomsRising has been a critical partner in our effort to win health coverage for all of California's children. Their ability to mobilize tens of thousands of voices in support of children’s coverage is remarkable. In just a short amount of time, MomsRising members sent 12,000 letters to state legislators supporting covering all children. They also put a face on the policies on which we work by identifying members who can share their real life stories of living with and without health insurance for their children. In short, MomsRising has helped us turn up the volume on the importance of covering every California child.”

-Jenny Kattlove, The Children's Partnership for the 100% Campaign

“MomsRising has demonstrated an impressive willingness, ability, and enthusiasm to utilize its grassroots capacity to support the work of Children Now and the 100% Campaign as we strive to achieve health coverage for every California child. They have been consistently responsive to collaborating with the 100% Campaign to determine the most effective way for MomsRising members to carry and amplify the message about the importance of ensuring health coverage for all children. Not only has MomsRising lent the 100% Campaign its tremendous strength in grassroots advocacy, it is also apparent that the organization has an innate sense for developing unique and creative ways to carry the vital message of covering all kids to its members and legislators.”

- Krystal Moreno Lee, Children Now

" has quickly proven to be an invaluable partner in the Children’s Defense Fund’s and 100% Campaign’s effort to defend against dangerous cuts to children’s health insurance and ultimately achieve coverage for all California children. Their ability to mobilize their membership in such impressive numbers and quickly collect powerful and moving stories from throughout the state is a unique and important contribution to the Campaign’s work and mission. MomsRising members who have spoken at 100% Campaign events and press conferences, and those who have joined us in various formal and informal advocacy opportunities, have provided a powerful, one-of-a-kind reminder to public officials and the media that even middle class Californians are vulnerable to devastating effects that come with the loss of healthcare. In essence, MomsRising offers invaluable access from the powerful voice of parents to the wide coalition of Californians who demand that all children should have healthcare."

- Clifford Sarkin, Children’s Defense Fund

[Doing the Power of ONEsie]"It was empowering to speak up for myself, my little one, and families across the nation. Next time, I will bring him with me so that he can witness the power of the ONEsie and know that it is a privilege and a DUTY to let your voice be heard."

- Member, Denver CO

"I want to thank the MomsRising community for working to eliminate toxic toys. By passing this legislation and continuing our vigorous oversight, we will work to make certain not one more child is harmed by the toys we give them – our children deserve nothing less, and certainly much more."

- Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House

(In an article mentioning MomsRising and the power of consumer pressure to change corporate policy.)"In instances where our customers may look for a product that goes beyond standards the FDA has set, it behooves us to listen and to stay in step with what parents are telling us."

- Linda Blakeley, Wal-Mart spokesperson

"Moms everywhere have the ability to capture the attention of the press, raise public awareness and move legislators - and legislation - on complicated toxics issues. The reason why? They bring the issue home to a level everyone understands: the safety and protection of children's health. MomsRising would be particularly helpful to the national campaign to secure passage of a federal ban on phthalates in kid's toys because of their national reach and the faith mom's have in this organization as the messenger of important issues they should care about…we need MomsRising now more than ever to be active on this issue and other efforts to protect kids from unsafe chemical exposures linked to breast cancer - and other diseases - later in life."

- Janet Nudelman, The Breast Cancer Fund

"MomsRising's involvement in the children’s health care debate has been invaluable for our children and our nation’s well-being. The National Council of La Raza believes that the proactive efforts of mothers and their families throughout the country deeply influenced the outcome of the children’s health care debate. Ultimately, Congress took a stand for our children, and four million more will now have access to health care coverage, thanks in part to the leadership of organizations like MomsRising."

- Jennifer Ng'andu, National Council of La Raza (NCLR)