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    Knowledgeable, reliable, nurturing childcare for a child with epilepsy and behavior problems? Not so fact...impossible!

    People are afraid to committing to caring for my son, Kai, now 12. Kai started life as a gifted child, until the unexplained seizures started when he was 2 and a half. He lost his place at a Mill Creek preschoool, an home based day car centers wouldn't take him..his seizures were unpredictable, to the point of his having to wear a helmet. He lost his ability to speak, and could be aggressive when frustrated.

    No one wanted the liability.

    He attended special ed preschool, Dev kindergarten, and I learned that he was not a candidate for brain surgery. I lost more jobs of was turned down from applying more often than I can count.

    He and his sister receive SSI, and I receive 60 hours of respite. Despite a college degree and a lot of experience, no one is equipped to nurture him while I work a set schedule. He now attends school, and some friends and the respite help.

    It shoudn't be this difficult.

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