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As owners of an individua...

As owners of an individual health care plan, our family was THRILLED to see health care reform passed. My son had a febrile seizure before he turned 2. He had 1 seizure because he had a fever that spiked. Due to his "history" of seizures, he was denied ...

I am the mother of a 19 y...

I am the mother of a 19 year old who has a pre-existing condition. For now, and while she is in college, she can be covered by either my insurance or minimal insurance she can obtain as a student. However, when she graduates, I will be retired. ...

Type II, But Not Blue.

In June of 2002 I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Fortunately, my wife is a teacher and we have group medical coverage. I have been on oral medication (Actos, Benazepril, and Metformin) for over wight years, and I know that they have saved my life, ...

Steve the Awesome Mechanic

It has not affected me directly, but my auto mechanic, a middle aged guy with pre-existing conditions who was uninsured because he worked for a small business, was finally able to get insurance shortly after it passed. The poor guy had 2 arthritic knees ...

Health Reform Brings Peace of Mind

Dear MomsRising, President Obama, and members of Congress who voted FOR healthcare reform,

I have 2 reasons to be grateful for the passage of health reform:

My husband and I had to drop our health insurance 2 years ago because it just didn't fit ...


Healthy Mom, Healthy Family

I am so grateful to know that I will be able to obtain coverage even if my husband looses his job. My anxiety disorder requires drugs, and drugs require an expensive ongoing relationship with a healthcare provider. When I quit my job to stay home with ...
—AnonymousNorth Carolina

Health Reform is making i...

Health Reform is making it possible for me to get affordable insurance for my son with a pre-existing condition. It is forcing health insurance companies who are only interested in their bottom line profit margins to either serve people by helping them ...

Helping families with young adults maintain health insurance during their transition to complete independence.

Because of the new healthcare reform my son, who graduated college last May will be able to return to coverage under my health insurance policy at work this coming January. My son is supporting himself but his employment does not include health insurance. ...

grateful for extended dependent coverage

My daughter with pre-existing conditions will be able to stay covered on my insurance now that she's graduated from college while she looks for a job.

Can't afford coverage for preventives.

I Have you put off getting preventive care like a mammogram or colonoscopy because you simply couldn’t afford it.

My yearly deductible requirement is too high as I barely can afford rent and basics now.


Thank goodness my daughter was covered

My daughter recently had to have elective surgery. In this economy, she's been unable to find her first job. What a relief that, on top of any health concerns, we didn't have to worry about how to pay the medical bills now that she is allowed to stay ...

My daughter suffers from ...

My daughter suffers from asthma and eczema. I have always paid for her health insurance in my family plan through my employer. This past year she turned 22 years old and would have been no longer eligible under my plan because she was no longer in ...

I am very concerned about...

I am very concerned about people trying to repeal the healthcare reform. My 8 month old son was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when he was 2 1/2 weeks old. If anyone has a person in their family or a friend with a chronic condition, thy know how expensive ...

Getting care without fear of being canceled

My family is pretty healthy, but last year my doctor noticed that my daughter's legs are not the same length so she has been referred to an orthopedic specialists. We have a high-deductible plan so any non-catastrophic expenses are essentially paid out ...

Providing for a Healthy USA

Preventive care (mommogram) found my breast cancer early. I am now free of the cancer. Preventive care will give our country a healthy productive citizenship.

Insured with concerns

I currently have Cobra insurance, due to the fact that I am unemployed for over a year. The wonderful thing is DUA in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts picks up 80% of the tab. The difficulty is my insurance provider only provides 60 consecutive days ...

Resting Easier Because of Medical Reform

Although I have not experienced a change (because my coverage is through my employer and I do not have a preexisting condition nor do I have kids), I am glad that this reform is in place for me when I retire. I am also glad that the lifetime limits will ...

American vs. German health care

I lived in Germany for 8 years and my two children had wonderful health care there. Contrary to political opinion in this country, German doctors do NOT work for the government. Their system is run by a non-profit, semi-private entitiy, so that far ...

A Fundamental Human Right

The absence of the new health care policy would devastate my entire family. My daughter and her 2 year old child, my son who has a small, newly created company, hiw 2 children and wife. We have made such - by any standards - such a modest begining with ...
—AnonymousSouth Carolina

A little bit of justice at last.

Just the very thought that insurance companies can no longer refuse children with pre-existing conditions and soon won't be able to refuse the rest of us (if I've got the timing right) does make me sleep better at night. Who does NOT have a "pre-existing ...
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