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Long Time

I haven't been able to afford insurance for over 30 years. Ins. Co. wanted to charge me the equivalent of 2/3 of my BEFORE tax earnings.

Then, I have breast cancer (all treatment was paid for, by me, over almost five years)...and they wouldn't cover ...


Peaceful Sleep

I sleep better at night knowing that there is now access to affordable healthcare options due to the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare).


Annoyed with Republicans Trying to Sabotage ObamaCare

I am so relieved that ObamaCare is law because it means I can insure my daughter til age 26, and that once she turns 26 she won't struggle with pre-existing condition restrictions. That is a huge relief for my family.

So annoyed to see that prominent ...

—Maria ElenaCA

Medicare Matters to us grandmas!

I would never have been able to have 3 joints replaced if it weren't for Medicare. That is the one saving factor of getting older! I'll fight for it to stay as it is, or get better, but not ruined by those who really don't understand or care.

A Good Nights Sleep

Thanks to the changes already in place with the new healthcare law, I can provide healthcare for my 23 year old daughter who is still in school and not employed.

Texas Teachers Need More

I was an adjunct professor for over five years and taught a full load without blinking an eye. I was proud of my academic credentials and invested a lot of time and money to gain my credentials required to teach at the university level. By year six, I ...

Let's do what is Right

I have all the classic characteristics of a one of your Republican constituents.....68 year Old White male Texas who went to U of Tex, is an Army vet and business owner . I have been married for 45 years , have two grown children and 5 grandchildren. ...

Caring for a family

I have a wife who has migraines and seizures. My oldest two children are out of the house and starting out on their own. My youngest is in high school and has been diabetic since she was 7.

I am the sole breadwinner for the family.

Without the Affordable ...


Finally! Healthcare Insurance!

I am retired and am covered by Medicare plus I also pay for a supplemental insurance plan, so I am fortunate. My grandchildren would not have health insurance were it not for Obamacare. One is a 20-yr old college student and one is 24 and is a pastry ...

Thank God!

My 27-year-old daughter will obtain her Master's Degree with a $50,000 debt; if in addition she had to pay for her medication for Rheumatoid Arthritis, she would not have anything to eat. With the Affordable Care Act, she has access to and cannot be denied ...

I got onto Medicare

I contacted Kaiser Permanente when I retired and asked about their Medicare Cost plan. It's great very low monthly premium ($15) and I get lots of free services like a Wellness exam without co pays. Those of us over 65 or disabled enough for Medicare ...
—Anne GrayVA

ACA: No Pre-Existing Conditions

I had major medical "pre-existing conditions". My insurance coverage was steadily increasing to the point that my monthly premium exceeded my mortgage payment. I was giddy with excitement as I was asked only one personal "medical" question: Did I smoke ...

My Friend Richard

Richard has a pre-existing condition. He had stage 4 throat cancer a few years ago. He had been unable to afford regular coverage because of that and was only able to buy catastrophic insurance which did not cover his PET Scans. He enrolled in Obamacare ...

Not really a story

Just recently I noticed that every time

NPR mentioned the Affordable Care Act they prefixed it with the adjective "unpopular". For me, the Affordable Care Act is very popular. I have a daughter who is turning 26 in June. She has a pre-existing condition. ...


What one Mom said

I was canvassing in a neighborhood a few month ago and was talking with this woman who said that her son would have died without the Affordable Care Act.

He needed a kidney transplant and had a "pre-existing" condition and could not get insurance. He ...


Closing the Affordability Gap

Our son left his position in Chicago with an inner city school and was able to obtain even more affordable healthcare coverage through Obamacare than he had with the school he was at. The ACA is reducing the Coverage Gap in Medicare Part D for us. We ...

Healthcare Should Not be a Political Agenda

I've heard Republicans claim that they are compassionate yet many of them in the Party still try to deny healthcare to vulnerable people. My brother was one of them yet he is only one out of so many people I know who are in and those who are out of the ...
—Surya-Patricia LaneAZ

A relative who had no insurance until the Affordable Care Act Provided It for Her

I relative of mine was not able to get health insurance because of a pre-existing condition. This was of utmost concern because she needed access to medical care. When the Affordable Care Act went into effect, she was finally able to get health insurance! ...
—Mark CA

a case of exclusion due to a pre-existing condition

I am now 70 years old and safely covered by Medicare. However, I was self-employed as a psychologist before turning 65. My husband's insurance dropped me when he turned 65 and his employer-based coverage then provided only Medicare wrap-around insurance. ...

Thanks You For ACA

My employer has always paid 100% of our health care premiums. We are the lucky employees to have such a good employer runnin a small business. Thanks to ACA, we dropped from a $5000.00 deductible to $1000.00. She also saved over $200.00 per month per ...
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