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peace of mind, not risk roulette

Since leaving my corporate job in 1999, I have been without health insurance, and I've been solely responsible for the risk since I became unexpectedly single a year later.

Though generally healthy, in my solo uninsured period, I've had three costly ...


My family needs health insurance!

My husband is self employed and I work part-time so do not qualify for health insurance. We pay outrageous premiums for awful health insurance and can not continue to do so for much longer. I thought the "American dream" was to start your own business ...

Affordable Care Act

I am excited about my children and grandchildren being able to finally get quality affordable health care.

How the ACA will help us

I'm lucky to have insurance through my work. However, my brother-in-law works for a restaurant chain. The insurance they have is expensive and, believe it or not, if you miss work because you are sick, they will cancel your insurance. What's the point ...
—Elaine NC

I got Kaiser Silver Plan on October 7th

I signed up for a Silver Plan from Kaiser through the Colorado Health Exchange in early October and got wonderful coverage which, with my early SS retirement as my only income, costs me only $68 per month.

My letter to Brian Williams at NBC News

To Brian Williams: You are a heck of a guy and I love your wit, but soon I will not be watching any mainstream media. Your reporting about the outrageous costs of Obamacare is just plain ridiculous. I just signed up. Sure it took awhile and the website ...

insurance exchange

I got online in Wa. state to find affordable health insurance. The first time was a little frustrating and the system cut me off and said to try back. I tried back a few days later, got online, finished the forms and got a better insurance plan than I ...

Cancer at 34

I had colon cancer at 34 and fortunately was covered by an employer-sponsored health plan at the time.

However, my partner and I are both entrepreneurs, and until the ACA, it weighed heavily on us that my only option for future coverage was if one of ...


Gail is alright

I am on medicare, medicaid, food stamps. Being on medicaid and knowing the donut hole is going too close is a big help that I can thank the Affordable Care Act for.

Shhh. Don’t Tell Anyone That I’m A Stay-At-Home Mom

As a native New Yorker, I am the type of woman that says what she thinks. In fact, sometimes my filter needs adjusting when I hear my thoughts slip right out of my mouth. I never thought that I would want to conceal that I chose to leave my career to ...

Healthcare is a Human Right

As a single mom I made a lot of hard choices. Not buying health insurance was easy compared to a lot of the others.

Luckily, in the decade I had no health insurance I did not get sick. My children were covered by their father's excellent insurance but ...


Community Assister

I work in the community and it is so sad to have families come to get health insurance for the first time and then they find out they are caught up in the "donut hole"

My adult son's health needs

My adult son lost his job about 2 years ago and has been unemployed since then. He decided to finish college and has been a full time student all this time with no insurance whatsoever. He was able to find a fairly good health plan through Obamacare. ...
—Maria del marFL

Obamacare works!

I am saving more than $3000 a year with better coverage than my wife and I have for my 30 year old son who has a pre-existing condition now that he is on Obamacare.

Please don't screw us over because of you crazy politics. We need healthcare for our ...


Health insurance at last!

I am a self employed graphic artist who has not been insured for over 10 years. The price of insurance on the individual market kept going up while the quality of insurance went down. Thanks to the ACA, my husband and I now have quality health insurance ...

I miss Michael

My husband was sick and because of a pre-existing condition after his job laid him off, was turned down for oth health and life insurance. I put him on my insurance but it did not cover all of the medical needs that he had. He died way too soon and I ...

Son now has Obamacare

We were paying $690 per month for our 28 year old son to have insurance. He went online and quickly got Medicaid through the AFA. As a graduate student with low income, it's costing him nothing.

Clear, comprehensive, and cost-effective healthcare - finally!!!

Although my family is relatively well-to-do and has always had so-called top-of-the-line healthcare coverage, for the first time in my life, I was able to easily compare healthcare options. And I was able to make those comparisons with clear visibility ...

Graduate Student paying out of pocket

I'm a married, graduate student getting a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, but I have to live with my in-laws because my husband and I cannot afford to live on our own in the Bay Area. The Affordable Care Act helps my husband and I out A LOT, because we ...

I work part time as an adjunct reading instructor

I went several years during this last recession without any medical insurance and finally my mom said to apply for Medicare of which I did while I was briefly without any work in 2010 and means to take care of my family. I got a job a few months later ...
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