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    They all turned me down

    When my husband went on Medicare, I lost my coverage under his retirement benefit. My agent told me that because I had had a colonoscopy recommended and had not gotten one, I would be turned down. So I paid for a colonoscopy out of pocket. They all turned ...

    Single mom

    As a single mom working my way through college, I had no other options for healthcare other than CHIP. I am so glad that I had that for them.

    Adoption is a pre-existing condition

    Several years ago, I stepped out of my car, slipped on some ice, and ended up with permanent nerve damage in my knee. The medical term is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). I'm extremely fortunate that my condition can be managed through medication. ...

    Shame, shame, shame

    It's a shame that politicians and politics want to deny U.S. citizens the right to affordable health care and not make it manditory for all employers to offer such a benefit. As a school nurse in New Orleans, every day I see students who's parents either ...

    from a Nursing perspective

    I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. I have had my own tribulations with the healthcare system through my 2 pregnancies, but that is not what I am writing about here.



    Unreal step back in time

    American Women vs Men: Susan B. Anthony (1820-1906) A civil rights leader, dedicated her life to the belief that all people are equal. She spoke out against violence toward women and slavery. Her work was pivotal to the anti-slavery movement and women ...

    my story

    my husband has many condions and has had a very hard time finding doctors willing to treat him. in the mean time, his health has only gotten worse.

    Bad Medicine

    I had been without health insurance for some time and was attempting to get individual coverage. When I submitted my list of medications I was immediately shunted into a different category. Despite the fact that one of the medications I was on is commonly ...


    I work for a small non-profit which has sustained 7 years of budget cuts since I have worked there. We have had to switch health insurance providers 3 times in the past ten years in order to keep premiums from sky rocketing. We get paid less and less ...

    pre-existing conditions...boy do I EVER have them

    I have a pre-existing condition...I have asthma and MS AND an immune deficiency. I was "fortunate" enough to be diagnosed with a progressively degenerative neurological disorder by the age of 19 - meaning that I was able to file to become a disabled ...


    I am a 63 year old retired teacher after 40 years of educating countless students. I have no healthcare coverage because of the prohibitive cost involved...$850/month, almost 1/3 of my pension. I am waiting for the Affordable Care Act until I become ...

    Finally, affordable health care!

    I've been self employed my whole life. At times I've been eligible for health plans through the unions I belong to, but lately I haven't made enough union money to qualify. Out on the 'open' market, I was able via HIIPA to get only one policy for my ...

    Alive because of the Affordable Care Act

    When I was diagnosed in 2007 with HIV, I was a home owner working three different jobs. None of my employers offered health insurance, and I was told by the case manager that I should quit at least one of my jobs (and lose my home) in order to qualify ...

    My Grandsons heart problem

    My grandson was born with tetrology of fallow. A heart defect that required open heart surgery when he was two months old. Thankfully my daughter who was 17 at the time had medicaid. It covered all the expenses, over 100,000 dollars worth. Without ...

    My brother could still be alive!

    My brother worked for Wal Mart for 23 years & was fired for saying that Mr. Walton would be very angry if he were alive to see how his company was being operated. They were looking for an excuse so they could hire someone younger & pay less to. My brother ...

    health insurance.

    My husband and I both had health insurance through our work but still had to apply for medicaid for our youngest son. He was born prematurely and as a result required tube feedings. Neither of of insurances covered his feeding supplies or special formula. ...

    Self-Employed Florida Business Owner has no Clue Where to Go

    I am self-employed and work out of my home in Florida. I purchase health insurance independently and pay high premiums for a high-deductible plan with no drug coverage. I am very interested to know if I can purchase better coverage on the Exchange but ...

    $3,500 a month

    My name is Cathy Cunningham. I am a small business owner. My husband and I work from home running an Internet business while taking care of two small children with a lot of medical issues. Presley is 6 and has a genetic metabolic disorder called Classic ...

    how ObamaCare has made my life work

    I am a 50 year old, soon to be divorced, mother of two girls (one with chronic medical diagnoses), physican (who is also a small business owner of my own practice), and a breast cancer patient.

    I am thankful every day for the Affordable Care Act. Never ...


    College Grad Kids with No Insurance

    I have a son 28 and a daughter 27. Neither have had insurance since they had to leave my husband's and my insurance when they turned 26. Those extra few years were helpful, but the rest of "Obamacare" needs to implemented asap. My son lives in Louisiana, ...
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