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I have been a pediatrician for 37 years and treated thousands of children who would not have been able to obtain basic health care, immunizations, and specialist care for significant conditions without these programs. It has been even harder to find ...

It Can Happen to Anyone...Even a Physician

People are often surprised to hear that even a physician can end up on Medicaid...but I’m a great example that it can happen to anyone. I’m 32 years old, married, with two small children and I am a family physician. In January of this year, right ...

Medicaid Saved My Son's Life

At just six weeks old, my son was put on oral steroids and Tylenol with Codeine for a rare vascular tumor that was trapping his platelets. His platelet count got so low that he would bleed internally when he cried—something he did a lot with how painful ...

A Fox in Feasterville

My son, Will, was diagnosed with cortical visual impairment (CVI) when he was three months old. The diagnosis qualified him for Pennsylvania's Medical Assistance program. CVI was only the beginning and as Will gained additional diagnoses, (cataracts, ...

My children

My son and his wife had to leave Virginia 2 years ago, taking my 3 beautiful grandsons because they could not afford to live here. Together they made less than $30K, and this family of 5 still did not qualify for Medicaid for my son and daughter-in-law. ...

disabled widow

I'm a disabled widow who relies on Medicaid for my prescriptions and other medical conditions. I'm deeply concerned about what congress is planning for this much needed program. There's no way I can afford to see a doctor, dentist or any other medical ...

Need medical work

I had needed foot surgery while I was living in a homeless shelter and just started a new job.. I was able to get the surgery I needed and keep my job. I didn't have to worry about co-pays during my recovery. I also had a hysterectomy and it was also ...

Much Needed Support for Disabled Son

My son had his first seizure at 15 months old. Since then, he has rarely enjoyed any day seizure free. He is currently averaging 5-10 seizures a day. He has been diagnosed with a rare catastrophic form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gestaut syndrome. His seizures ...


I depend on Medicaid because what Medicare does not cover Medicaid will pay the rest. It also covers families who are unable to afford other insurance. It also helps the elderly.

Pending Claims

I have worked since I was able to obtain a work permit and did not grow up on welfare. However I've been injured at the age of 30 & again at the age of 32. I have son 9 years of age and I will be 34 this year. Workers Comp and the Department of labor ...
—Cassie PA

I know many poor children

through my volunteer work for a Bucks County agency I am aware of the life saving help Medicaid is to children of low income families who desperately need Medicaid.


My family has benefited from the above mentioned program. Without this program my children would not have been able to get the health care they needed to live healthy lives.

Children in Westmoreland County, PA

We have a significant health issues in this county. They have done nuclear testing here for decades. Our children have paid the price. We have the highest number of childhood cancers and leukemia. Rare brain cancers as well as children born with missing ...

My children

I adopted a sibling group of 6 children in 2000, and in 2005 adopted their two brothers. With these children came the assurance that their medical and dental needs would be met with Medicaid. I had been a full time employee of an oil and gas exploration ...


Congress I hear people bitch and complian all the time on social media and news programs about thier taxes going to people who are on welfare and medicaid, mainly Republicans, who say horrible things and voice strong opinions about how the poor people ...

My Beloved Granddaughter

One of my eight grandchildren is severely disabled. No one except the wealthy can cover her costs and Medicaid is the only answer. The costs are outrageous so we must blame the providers as well. Thank goodness my husband and I are healthy enough to ...
—Sharon IL


Do the right thing and help all people. It does not matter what race you're, you need help and give it to you. Just like getting you in office to represent us so help the American people.

Relying on Medicaid

I work as a substitute instructional aide for Lower Merion School District, helping children with special needs. I receive no employee benefits, and am called a temporary "guest employee" even though I've been doing this job for fourteen years. I rely ...
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