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Son on dialysis

My 32 year old son has been on dialysis since he was nineteen years old. If it were not for Medicaid, many if not most, dialysis patients in this country would die.

My son is a very important part of our family. Even though he can not hold down a job, ...


Medicaid is so important

Please do not cut Medicaid funding. My mother, a retired teacher, is dependent on

Medicaid for her healthcare. Without it's protection, she would not seek / receive necessary care. As a mother to 8 children, a grandmother to 9 children, and a faithful ...


Keep our home, or pay for health insurance?

When my husband and I began having kids in 1995, his health insurance coverage for our family through IBM, his employer, was only about $60 a month for us; IBM paid the rest. Family coverage included 2 or more kids, all at the same rate. We went on to ...

Where has our money really gone??

In my family, there are three children who have had serious auto-immune diseases. Two of them have had to rely on Social Security Disability benefits and Medicare/Medicaid because they were completely unable to work and care for themselves.

Fortunately, ...


Medicaid is vital to people with disabilities

I have a 15-year-old son with autism who will need Medicaid assistance when he becomes an adult. Please don't make these deep cuts now, just as my son and our friends' children with autism are reaching adulthood. This would be devastating.

Mom's Medical Bills

My mother needed help in her final year of life and My sister helped her as much as she could but needed to work. We got excellent nursing help for Medicare and Medicade in her final months of life. Please leave the Medicare progam as is and try to ...

On the street!

That's where I'd be if it wasn't for Medicaid!

First I ran out of COBRA, then I ran out of my savings, then I sold my home & moved in with my daughter. I am 75 years old, with insulin dependent diabeties - living on $800 a month.

Without Medicare & ...



Lynne is the 50-year old daughter of a friend of mine. Lynne has muscular dystrophy, which worsens over time. Lynne receives essential care through a program funded by Medicaid. I don't know what would happen to Lynne without this care.

We cannot ...


life story

I am grateful for any public assistance I receive. When I was diagnosed with ms in 2001, I immediate became blacklisted from private insurance. when private insurance ran out, I stopped taking meds (bad idea for now I'm a cripple stuck in a wheelchair ...



Mama Mia!

My Mother's name is Mia. She recently moved to our town in order to help take care of our 2-year-old daughter, Lotte (and soon, our second baby will be here too!!!). My mom helps us in a million ways. She gives me time to work, she helps with the dishes ...

So Many People Are Not Thinking

The Republicans in Congress seem bent on disassembling quality of life for the American middle class. I have an elderly parent. My husband and I are also trying to save for retirement while funding a college savings plan for our two young children. ...

My Daughter

My six year old daughter is autistic. She was diagnosed when she was four. If we had not had medicaid for her she would not have been able to get that diagnosis and we would have no idea what was wrong with her. she would not have been able to get the ...

My friends at Loudoun Nursing and Rehah Center (LNRC))

I have a number of friends I have visited at LNRC in Leesburg, Va. for more than ten years. Essentially all of these people are indigent and dependent on Medicaid to pay all of their nursing and medical bills. Without such support, I don't believe any ...

One Lucky Uncle

My husbands' uncle has always had trouble keeping a job and maintaining a healthy lifestyle because he was (in early terms) simple. He was diagnosed with diabetes and long-story-short landed-up in a nursing home in Bismarck, ND where he lived with his ...

What Will Happen to My Friends?

My close friends are a couple in their late 70's who have had multiple illnesses for several years. They have paid for help in their home to maintain their independence. After a recent mastectomy my friend spent several weeks in a rehab facility which ...

My Sister

My sister has been a single mom of 4 since 1986 when her husband walked out on their family. She always worked multiple jobs, but never in a field where she could afford insurance for herself or her children. For years she played roulette with their ...


My Mother suffered a stroke 15 years ago, and since that time she has relied primarily on Medicaid/ Medicare. Without it, the costs would be astronomical and her quality of life would be greatly diminished!

Sandwich Generation

My husband has been disabled over 12 years due to diabetic complications, he is only 61. I was unemployed in 2008 and became the primary caregiver for my mom who has Alzheirmer not to mention that we had a daughter in college during this period. Due ...

Aging mother-in-law

My mother-in-law is approaching 90 and has been paying into the system since she was 18-years-old. Her departed husband was a WWII vet. She simultaneously cared for her two children and her own parents. She brought her aging parents into her home, I ...
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