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Hard to find a Job

My friend and ex-colleague has been trying to find a job since August 2011 when she was laid off. She lives in NJ and just applied for food stamps which she is now receiving. She realizes that this extension will not benefit her, but she hopes that it ...

I didn't ask for this......

All of my life I have work. It's been very hard to maintain without getting any benefits coming in to pay your mortgage, utilities, and don't know where you next meals are coming from. Jobs are hard to find!!! It's a shame we have to suffer in our OWN ...

Mother, Business Owner and Full-time worker

I am a mother of two kids, one of which has developmental disabilities. I currently work full-time and have my own business. I have an AA in criminal investigations, yet I work for a small business where I have been for the last 5 years. I do not get ...

Unemployed mom

I was laid off the first time during my maternity leave. After 10 months, I found a contract position which ended 2 years later. I have been unemployed for 9 months now, without unemployment for 3.

I have a college degree, 20 years of experience, and ...



Dear Senators/Congress,

Please do not leave the unemployed in the cold. As somone who was layed off after 22 yrs in one company it took me nearly 3 yrs to find a job. It is exremely stressful and very impacting to the whole family, student loan companies ...

—Mr Patel

Losing my unemployment

When I lost the only job I could find when I reached remission from a diagnosis of brain cancer, I signed up for unemployment. I still couldn't find another job due to the fact that my credit was ruined while I was sick. I looked for a year and was steadily ...
—D. PhoenixWA


Empower us to do great things! To be great wives and mothers and lawyers and healers. Empower us by paying us what we deserve to survive and to live above the poverty line! Empower us to be the women you want your culture filled with.

Thank you.



The weight of the economy does not coincide with minimum wages. I have a child with a child who cannot afford shelter, food and clothing with the minimum wage he earns. How fair is it that the companies are allowed to pay a very small portion of billions ...

need to raise the minnium wage

the cost of living now days is very high now, people need to get a pay in crease because alot of people are single parents and have to work 3 jobs just to get buy. When I was younger ,I had to support me and my 4 kids I worked 3 jobs so I could keep a ...

Living Wages

I have worked with low income families to help build stable lives for the last 40 years. The key to helping families to become stable is the opportunity to earn a long wage. Failure to obtain employment that lifts them out of poverty is the biggest barrier ...


I am a retired high school custodian. I have seen women work as janitors just to feed their families. Our republican governor does not like organized labor so he is trying to get rid of it in our school systems by cutting per pupil funding drastically. ...

More than my mom

I remember getting my first job in an assembly plant. I was 20 and had absolutely no experience. I came home and found out my starting pay was 3 times as much as my mom's who had been working as a Restaurant manager my whole life. I started dating a young ...

Raise it!

Raising the minimum wage will give more people greater buying power and the ability to take care of themselves and their families!


My boyfriend was fired from a 12 year job for an accidental, use of a gift card. That was 10/31/2011, he has had some temporary work but nothing substantial.

He has been looking for a job, with no luck. We feel that his last employer is giving him a bad ...


never made much money.....

before college, during college, and now, in retirement, making little money, never wanted to be of the 1% but would certainly appreciate a little more on my plate. Have always worked, been honest, and will have to work till I die. Always serving, the ...

When The Good Become Desperate

I have worked as a security consultant in loss prevention for almost 30 years in upstate NY. With economy swings and disappearing wages I have watched the effects of good times and bad times on employees and people in general. To start.. those employers ...


America claims to be the land of opportunity and equality, yet women continue to be LEGALLY underpaid. Will I someday be explaining to my granddaughters that they earn less money because they are women? Does it take a woman's abolitionist movement to ...

Former Welfare Worker

I witnessed far too many moms doing anything necessary to stay on public assistance and food stamps because they were not making enough money to pay expenses. Welfare checks if a eligble unit or household expenses exceed income. In many cases, income ...

Second Job

When my husband lost his job in 2008 with the market crash, he was unable to find another job although he had a Ph.D. After a couple of years of struggling I took a second job at a department store to help supplement our income. I barely earned enough ...

Unemployment Restoration

I am currently homeless and staying with a son and his family. I and everyone else need that extra help to get back on our feet. Jobhunting has been a hassle because when you put an application in, you never get any type of call to come to work although ...
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