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What my Dad taught me about gun ownership

As a child I remember asking, "Dad, why don't we have guns?"

His reply? "People have guns for two reasons; hunting or killing people. I don't want to do either, ever again."

My father began his life-long Army career at 17. A few months after turning ...


Just plain concerned

I served in the US Army, and through that I (and many others) developed a serious respect for the damage firearms can do.

I fear that I don't trust some of the 2nd-Amendment-righters to know enough to do the right thing with firearms. The NRA started ...


single moms working for no money

Single mom with 3 on minimum wage and have to get help from the state really is no way to try and raid a family but single moms have to do what needss to be done work work work no rest and try the best to make sure the family is ok but it's hard

A-typical for a lot of single mothers.....

I have two children that I chose over education and career. The divorce made it necessary for me to go back to work and minimum wadge just doesn't cut it. No family should have to choose between food and medical care, or taking a government handout because ...

Support for Work-Life Balance like Jobshares/Flex-time/Real part time job opportunities

As a sole parent I had a choice: continue my life-consuming career and miss out on my child's entire childhood -or- be a real care-giver Mom and stay home with her. There didn't seem to be any real options in-between! So kids either grow up somewhat ...
—julia moranDC

Too many kids lost

I do not have a compelling personal story, though a friend's brother killed himself in high school with a gun, and another friend lost her leg while playing with a gun. I did not forget these kids from my childhood, nor do I want my children to be victims ...

WARNING: Weapons on Carousel

According to the Children’s Defense Fund every thirty minutes a child or teen dies from a gun in America. Children here are 17 times more likely to die by gunfire than in other developed countries and firearms are the most common method of suicide among ...

I am working harder than ever and we are drowning in debt!

Dear Mr President,

My name is Amanda and I am a teacher. I love what I do. I became a teacher because education saved my life in many ways. I tell my students the truth and I put in 150% each day. My husband works full-time as an arborist.

We work ...



I have been fortunate that my family has not been touched by the loss of a loved one by gunfire. But it breaks my heart every time I learn about another killing by guns….anywhere but particularly at schools. I really believe that gun control must ...
—Betty TN

My First Job

When I was 16, I was a cashier at a discount store. My minimum wage was $1.25 an hour and time and a half on Sunday.

Today, that would equal $10.00 an hour. It is disgusting that we have to beg our legislators to even take a vote on raising the minimum ...


What to do...??

I am a 57 year old white female with a bachelor's degree, yet the only work I can get hired for is part-time jobs at minimum wage. Even with three part-time jobs, I still don't get full time hours, and I still qualify for food stamp assistance, which ...

work with low income women

I work with women who only earn minimum wage and they are the hardest working people who are raising beautiful well loved well behaved children but need the support of foodshelves and services to just survive. They deserve to earn a living wage and want ...







#ASsalamALAIKUM !!!!!! ...


A Hot time in Minneapolis

In summer, 1962 I worked for the minimum wage of 1.30/hr. I was given a raise to 1.325 after about a month. I worked standing in 110 degree heat folding sheets coming off a large commercial mangle. I worked from 7-3:30 every day. If I was 4 minutes ...


im a single mom who works full time and daycare cost what I make each week after taxes so I have family watch mysom so I can work. I get assistance because I have no other choice I work to pay rent and utilities and that takes what I have to providethe ...

my youth and working for minimum wage

i am 63 now and have been on social security disability since 1990 and unable to work. before then there are many many many minimum wage jobs i held. i had 2 or 3 good jobs with benefits before attending graduate school and obtaining my MFA Design/Art, ...


I have a high-functioning , special needs daughter, who is 22 years old and despite the fact that she has worked & kept 2 jobs for over 2 1/2 years (one in a retail store & one at a grocery store) she does not make enough money to support herself. Her ...


there is no such thing as retirement ..... one works in one occupation or another to make ends meet
—Diana E. Peláez RiveraWI

I hate retail!

I am 59 y.o. and have worked in retail for the last 12 years. Ten years previously I was a full-time stay-at-home mom. I received my bachelor's in business management in May 2011. I have been looking for a full-time office job since 2002. I thought once ...

stay at home mom, so husband works two jobs

With my little one being so young and day care is so expensive. I have to be a stay at home mom and since my family relied on my wages, my husband who barely makes over minimum wage at his first job, now has to work two jobs for us to survive. If my husbands ...
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