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I am aghast that our NC legislators have decided to enable concealed weapons in public parks and playgrounds -- and outraged that they are stripping the rights of our local communities to make their own ordinances. What public good could possibly come ...

The Murder Of Ron Kirby

My husband was working at home on November 11, Veteran's Day 2013. When some person came thru the unlocked front door and shot him with a semiautomaitc gun and filled his body with multiple bullets. He was not only the love of my life but respected ...
—Anne Gray VA

Keep guns out of recreational spaces!

It is absurd that guns will be allowed throughout our state in parks, athletic fields, and buses, usurping local ordinances against them. We and our children should be able to relax and take public transportation, free of the fear of people bringing weapons ...

What my Dad taught me about gun ownership

As a child I remember asking, "Dad, why don't we have guns?"

His reply? "People have guns for two reasons; hunting or killing people. I don't want to do either, ever again."

My father began his life-long Army career at 17. A few months after turning ...


Just plain concerned

I served in the US Army, and through that I (and many others) developed a serious respect for the damage firearms can do.

I fear that I don't trust some of the 2nd-Amendment-righters to know enough to do the right thing with firearms. The NRA started ...


single moms working for no money

Single mom with 3 on minimum wage and have to get help from the state really is no way to try and raid a family but single moms have to do what needss to be done work work work no rest and try the best to make sure the family is ok but it's hard

A-typical for a lot of single mothers.....

I have two children that I chose over education and career. The divorce made it necessary for me to go back to work and minimum wadge just doesn't cut it. No family should have to choose between food and medical care, or taking a government handout because ...

Support for Work-Life Balance like Jobshares/Flex-time/Real part time job opportunities

As a sole parent I had a choice: continue my life-consuming career and miss out on my child's entire childhood -or- be a real care-giver Mom and stay home with her. There didn't seem to be any real options in-between! So kids either grow up somewhat ...
—julia moranDC

Too many kids lost

I do not have a compelling personal story, though a friend's brother killed himself in high school with a gun, and another friend lost her leg while playing with a gun. I did not forget these kids from my childhood, nor do I want my children to be victims ...

WARNING: Weapons on Carousel

According to the Children’s Defense Fund every thirty minutes a child or teen dies from a gun in America. Children here are 17 times more likely to die by gunfire than in other developed countries and firearms are the most common method of suicide among ...

I am working harder than ever and we are drowning in debt!

Dear Mr President,

My name is Amanda and I am a teacher. I love what I do. I became a teacher because education saved my life in many ways. I tell my students the truth and I put in 150% each day. My husband works full-time as an arborist.

We work ...



I have been fortunate that my family has not been touched by the loss of a loved one by gunfire. But it breaks my heart every time I learn about another killing by guns….anywhere but particularly at schools. I really believe that gun control must ...
—Betty TN

Common Sense

The easy access to guns in our state terrifies me. While I realize that common sense regulations will not eliminate access to firearms, if it prevents even one senseless death it is worth it.

Please Make Our Country Safer

In 1974, I was stalked at gunpoint when I was 22 years old and had to flee Colorado where I was attending graduate school and go into hiding in Washington State. That was 1974.

Since then, I've watched the nonsensical blockage and erosion of any minor ...


Common Sense

It is just common sense that owning something that can seriously impact the live of others should be regulated. We license cars, drivers, and pets. What could be wrong with regulating firearms. It's a No-Brainer.


Back in the 80's we were waiting for our friend to come out from the store when a man and woman in their 50's drove up next to our car. The man started mumbling about evil kids and he went to the passenger side of the car put his hand inside the car his ...

Our sons and guns

This was written after the Colorado shootings; sadly, it could have been written about Sandy Hook, or the UC Santa Barbara or Columbine or Georgia Tech or countless other shootings that occur daily…

As usual during our daily drive to school, I was ...


The Good Ol' Days

I haven't been a victim of gun violence, but I sure do long for the good ol' days when I could enter a public place and the thought, "I wonder if I'm safe," never crossed my mind. I especially feel this way at work...I should be able to go to work (at ...


My story is that I am simply sick of the carnage. Unbelievable that we call this country civilized. I have been changing my personal donations so I can free up money to help finance some changes. We cannot rely on Congress to serve us. What a bunch of ...

Erosion of public safety

I am a mom getting ready to send my child to collage. The senseless shooting at our college campuses in Washington State and across the country is on my mind. Why should I have to suffer this fear? Why should I have to fear every time I send my child ...
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