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My children

Both college graduates my children work for minimum wage in cooporate environments, Barns and Noble, and Living Well Fitness, Neither of them receives benefits. The money is not enough to pay the rent , utilities and groceries. They are young but they ...

Low Minimum Wage Means we Subsidize Big Business with Tax Dollars

Here's the way this works plain and simple:

Big Businesses like Wal-Mart, McDonalds, Burger King, etc, etc. typically pay their people MINIMUM WAGE.

M.W. is not a LIVING WAGE! No one can survive on this alone, especially with a family. Therefore these ...


Many Disabled Persons Work for Pennies Per Hour

The so called Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 allows companies, including federal

contractors to pay disabled workers less than the minimum wage. This is an outrage!

When the minimum wage is raised, as it must be, DISABLED WORKERS MUST BE INCLUDED ...


Real inflation is much higher than reported

Did you know definition of CPI changed twice since 1980 and no longer reflects reality?  T he pre-1980 CPI in 2013 was TEN PERCENT!  And yet the increase in social security checks and many peoples wages in 2013 was like 1.5%.  SS and wages need to ...

You are punished everyday in everyway.

You work very hard, but if not enough you are fired, if you don't make everyone happy all the time you are fired. Those you serve, those you work for making them the big checks. You can't pay your bills, your credit is damaged you can't buy or rent ...

Opportunity in 1973

I was just out of college in 1973. I had a teaching job lined up in Yuma, AZ. There was no opportunity for summer work where I grew up in Iowa, so I moved to Yuma right after college. I worked at two minimum wage jobs during the summer until August ...

Minimum Wage

I am 38 an a full-time college student. I was working 2 part-time jobs until the bakery I was working at closed. Now, I am working through my college's work study program. I get paid 7.25 an hour, and I'm only allowed 20 hours a week. It's very difficult ...


no story

the day

Hour 1, mainly set-up, no customers. I made less this hour than it took me to get to work.

Hour 2, early birds. Old ladies on a pension, no extras for tips. They don't believe it isn't optional, and I can't mention a thing.

Hours 3 and 4, the rush, ...


lifetime of minimum wage pay

Ever since I was sixteen I have had a job and every job I have had except one I was paid minimum wage. I have never been paid more than the minimum allowed by the law. The only time was when I worked for a Burger King restaurant where the owner started ...

raise spouses minimum wage

my spouse's wage is so low our power is constantly being shut.

still hard to survive

when I was in my twenties I worked at a chambermaid and waitress for $0.85/hr. plus tips. on evening shift we had 1 hr of clean up with no tips. I tried to get others to go with me to talk ot management but they were afraid 0f losing their jobs. so ...
—Jane CA

'''''''''''''''dependent, but not really a child.

I worked as a dishwasher & had to have my parents help me.

I also cleaned houses . two jobs were

not enough to be independent, so I was realy blest to have parents who coould help a little.

—Barbara WA

Children of working poor

I am a Head start teacher, working with children and families for four years. Although i am not a minimum wage earner, i joke about how now that I am a lead teacher I am finally back to earning what I earned 10 years ago.

Many of our families have come ...



We make twice the minimum wage, yet can barely afford basic needs - we just get the bills paid with rarely anything extra - retirement and insurance take a third of our income alone - we don't go to the doctor like we should, although we both suffer with ...


The key to the wage issue is to bring the cost of products and services down. Inflation works for the rich and that is why it exists. If they don't want to pay higher wages then they should make things affordable on the present wage. Henry Ford knew what ...

Retirement income based on earnings

I made $100 a week at one of my early jobs in the 1960s. Although I had a master's degree, some of my other early positions occurred before any effort was made to give women and men equal pay for equal work. After reaching age 65, all I could find was ...

no one working should be in poverty

In the 90's when I was raising my two sons as a single parent, I had 2 or 3 jobs at minimum wage and we barely were able to make it. Now, I would not be able to even get 1 job in this messed up economy. I had to get public assistance from time to time ...

we need more food stamps

there have been a few moments were I ran out of food stamps in the past… I am attending school full time and I am raising my daughter on my own, so I am grateful to have governmental assistance to buy food at this point in my life but we need more help!! ...

My Mom

My mom barely lived on minimum wages and when I was young from birth to when I was 9 me and my mom had lived with my grandma so we can have a roof over our heads because she had to make sure she had money to get gas and stuff that we needed. She helped ...
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