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Buried under daycare costs

My husband and I both work and we have 3 children . My husband is in the Army and I work on post and our children go to kindergarten and preschool/daycare. We make too much money for assistance (even for Army assistance), however we pay enough in daycare ...


When I got the letter in the mail on Jan. 3 saying that my benefits had been cut off I was shocked. There was no advance warning for me. My family was already struggling with the IRS taking over half of my husband wages and then this. My car has been ...

Clear, comprehensive, and cost-effective healthcare - finally!!!

Although my family is relatively well-to-do and has always had so-called top-of-the-line healthcare coverage, for the first time in my life, I was able to easily compare healthcare options. And I was able to make those comparisons with clear visibility ...

Graduate Student paying out of pocket

I'm a married, graduate student getting a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, but I have to live with my in-laws because my husband and I cannot afford to live on our own in the Bay Area. The Affordable Care Act helps my husband and I out A LOT, because we ...

I work part time as an adjunct reading instructor

I went several years during this last recession without any medical insurance and finally my mom said to apply for Medicare of which I did while I was briefly without any work in 2010 and means to take care of my family. I got a job a few months later ...

ready to be homeless

I lost my job in February due to an extended illness and surgeries. I am 52 and have always worked. This is my first time collecting UI. Benefits were cut off Dec 28. I have received an eviction notice, car is ready to be repossessed, phone and internet ...

Long Time

I haven't been able to afford insurance for over 30 years. Ins. Co. wanted to charge me the equivalent of 2/3 of my BEFORE tax earnings.

Then, I have breast cancer (all treatment was paid for, by me, over almost five years)...and they wouldn't cover ...


woe is me

I will soon be 75 and half to work because I oonly get 900.00 per month social security house payment is 700.00 month cant live on that and pay utilities insurance on cars homes ect buy food..have always worked just me in the home.Ilost my job after ...

Community, Compassion, Common Courtesy, Common Sense

In the first months of 2008, I became an early victim of the recession. Working in retail on commission, I struggled against the outgoing tide as the economy took a nosedive and everyone's purse strings closed up tight. For the first three months of the ...

Not Working Takes a Toll

My husband, Steve, died 6/25/10 while on extended unemployment insurance. He worked hard trying to replace his job. In fact, finding a new job was harder than doing the job. This took a toll on his physical and mental health.

His network of friends ...


No single mom can live off of $7.25 working Part Time

When my husband and I separated I was working as a cashier at a grocery store working Part time hours making $7.50 an hour. After almost a year working there, my hours got cut thanks to a new grocery store opening up down the road which got more traffic. ...


My 36 year old son has to live with me

because he makes $7.70 an hour, 32 hours

a week. He has child support to pay and

can not afford rent, gas, food etc.


Yes, raise the minimum wage!

I live in Baltimore, Md., and many, many people here are struggling with low wages and little opportunity.

Let's raise the minimum wage for everyone!

Minimum wage should be linked to the idea of 'living wage.'



We need to pay wages sufficient to get workers out of the poverty income level. It will boost our economy.

How do poor parents do it?

My housing costs are rock bottom, I buy low cost food, my clothes are not very expensive, I don't pay a big heating bill, and I still don't see how I could pay all my expenses on only $15,080 a year. How do poor people support their children? It just ...

My story

It is impossible to support yourself much less a family on the minimum wage. I live below the poverty line.

Teachers in poverty

I work 80% as a teacher and home school my 15 year old twins, who are gifted with mild special needs. My husband left us 4 years ago. We were homeless over the summer and now live in a house with rent that is 75% of my income. Every month I go further ...

social worker

I believe that the minimum wage should be increased to allow people who are working be able to live a life like mine. I work full-time and I have a home. children and education.

U.S. government

is to protect The Rich, and make it appear it's trying to protect us. It works very hard to project itself as our protector. It lies.

If we didn't have to maintain The Rich and all their brutality, governance would only be about us taking care of us, ...

—Norma J FCA

No raise in 4 years!! How do I support my family?

I'm a single parent, trying to maintain a home and raise an autistic son. My job as caregiver for my son is my only source of income. Maxing out, in 2010 at $9.53 per hour, how is this possible? I will never receive another raise, I only work 35 hrs ...
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