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End of Life As I Know It

I worked for the state of Kansas for five years. Because of budget cuts, jobs were frozen, people were put on less hours, and some were laid off. That was what happened to me. It would be bad enough to just lose your job, but I am disabled. My medication ...

Americans deserve better

My story is like most others...decades of working (since babysitting at 12), and fortunate to have still the same job after 15 years. My husband, as hard working as anyone, lost his job when his company closed in late 2012. My salary plus his unemployment ...


As you know, anything can happen in these days and times. One minute you are on top of the world with little or no worries and the next minute, you have absolutely nothing! It can happen to any one of us; even for those who have the power to make change. ...


IM disabled


Ive became unemployed in May of 2013.

And soon after had to spend all my savings, 401k etc. I am still looking for work but nothing is happening. Had to apply for SNAP benefits which were initially declined, i appealed and finally am receiving those benefits ...


Facing looming unemployment

My employer recently cut back my work hours and I only have a few months to find a job. The legal market looks pretty bleak right now and it is likely to take me more than six months to find something new. If unemployment benefits remain cut off after ...

Single Mom of Child with Autism Unemployed Again!

I have lost my job for the second time since 2009. Although it was not high paying, nor did the company give us health benefits, it helped to put food on our table. Families like mine depend on these emergency benefits.


Iam left without any financial support,beleive it or not some people don't choose to be unemployed and will rather have a job,this is terrible for the country, what's going on in america

Unemployed husband

My husband currently receives unemployment benefits and thanks to the extensions we can stay afloat. If he was to loose his benefits anytime soon we will sink. Something has to be done. Life goes on and bills keep coming. My landlord will not hesitate ...

Administrative mess, incompetent system

Living in Florida, the State everyone knows, runs seasonal businesses, I lost my job due to a disability (broken elbow) right on January 2.2013. I applied for UA, I was eligible to get $188 per week, that I never get. With my still broken arm I started ...

I used all of my 401K and savings first.

I have been unemployed for 3 years now. At first I didn't want to be one of those statistics on unemployment and I thought I would get a job right away. After 2 years I had used up all of my 401K and savings and was forced to go on unemployment insurance. ...

3 job loses in 15 years

This is the third job in the past 15 years that I've lost. The first two jobs were lost due to the companies being sold. The last company I started as a temp and eventually became a full time employee.

I was employed for 4 years, the company closed down ...


Laid off in August and Still out of Work

I was laid off on 08/30/13 from a 4-employee non-profit where I worked for 10 + years (of the other three, 2 are related and 1 is an old college friend of the CEO). I had Group Health Cooperative Medical that included Washington Dental Service’s Delta ...

I support three families in addition to my own.

I am a retired school superintendent of a very prosperous school district on the North Shore of Long Island, New York. I am also a retired USAF Captain who spent the Korean War in charge of an interrogation unit in Germany that interviewed former Nazis, ...

Head Start Preschool Teacher

My job was cancelled in April 19, 2013 due to Federal Budget Cuts. I worked as a Head Start Teacher for 22 years. I worked every day 7.5 hours.

This is the first time I have ever drawn unemployment in 22 years. I am not old enough to retire and due ...

—Billie JeanTN

59 yrs old, unemployed after working all my life

I'm in a top-5 bad states with worse bad job market. I'm 59 yrs old and have experienced racial and age discrimination, as well as job preference to the military first. I've exhausted all savings. Now Republicans have stopped the emergency Federal ...


Families shouldn't have to bring in the new year suffering ... we shouldn't have to worry that we cannot provide at least the essential for living ..eating .... having a warm place to sleep etc. Most of us have dealt with struggles and we live in the ...

Extended unemployment benefits

I have been unemployed in the past few years and although seeking employment It was more than a year until I found work.The extended benefit from UIA filled the gap and was very much needed by myself. I was thankful for it and ask the congress to please ...


I am unemployed been applying for many jobs with still not working and now no more unemployment money these are very hard times for mo


I became unemployed in 2008 as an Executive Assistant for over 25 years. I was one of the first 99% to loose unemployment in 2010 and was actually 'without' income for 6 months. I was completely dependent on my friends for a handout. My family had to ...
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