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I'm not alone!

I'm a college educated business professional whose been unemployed since August 2013. I have actively been seeking employment and to help with expenses worked retail at Macy's during the holidays. With only 8 weeks of UC left and no job offer yet on the ...

Husband has been unemployed since June

My husband was laid off at the end of June after 20 years at a medical publisher. He looks for jobs every day and he's had several interviews but he hasn't gotten any offers yet. His state unemployment runs out in about 6 weeks.

I work part time and ...


four years of unemployment

My husband lost his job in 2007 and it was four years before he was able to find full-time permanent work in his field. He is 57 and was just laid off again. We are very worried for our family and others in similar situations.

We have learned the hard ...


Lost Everything

for all workers who lost their jobs for various reasons and for oour troops who are back home and might have found a job, then with cuts were forced to get on unemployment. They need those extensions, so they can buy food, pay on their homes, pay for ...

Single Mother with 3 seasonal jobs

I'm always eligible for unemployment because I'm work for 3 different employers, each a different season. My next job doesn't begin until June. Without my extension, what do I do until then to support myself and my children?

Unable to get help

My fiancé was laid off two weeks ago. He has been trying daily to get through to unemployment to file his initial claim but due to high call volume he keeps being told by a recording to try again later. We are in a terrible financial situation and because ...

Self employed

I choose self employed to with long long

Hours and days of work for FEAR

OF unemployed in the corporate world .

I had 2 children to feed , cloth , educate

I had to survive .. Henceforth , my job took

Care of my children now as I approach

60 years ...



My brother is currently unemployed and he is desperately looking for a job. I cannot continue to keep paying his bills and mine too while congress figure out what they need to do concerning whether or not to extend unemployment benefits. A couple of weeks ...

right to work/ at will

I worked for Republic Services in Southern Illinois. I was terminated because a woman backed out of her driveway into the side of my garbage truck. I live in an at will/ right to work state, so I could be terminated for any reason ( saying hello to my ...


I am a mom of 4 and was recently laid off from my job in May 2013. I have been vigorously looking for work since then and I have also went back to school. The struggle has been hard but bearable with the help of unemployment benefits but now I am no longer ...

Desperate Need

There are not many more words that I can say to describe the way I am being impacted by the government cutting off benefits... Desperate need. I am a single mother of three and was laid off my full time job over 2 years ago. I have only been able to land ...
—Laura OH

my son

still needs unemployment help at this time. No money to pay rent and my house is 3 hours away for him to move in with me because I don't have the money for is rent. He is living with 2 others and they have all they can do to take care of there rent. I ...
—tina WI


In November of 13' I left my job as a Nurse to take care of my dying father along with my mother and hospice at home - after he passed I could not go back to my job. Prior to that happening I was diagnosed with 2 herniated cervical disc along with spinal ...

Please extend unemployment!

I have been unemployed since July 1st, 2013 through a group layoff as a result of sequestration. I was the primary earner in my family and at 41 I am facing the fact that I will probably have to take a $10,000 to $20,000 pay cut and a step back in my ...

Unemployed After 38 Years

In March, 2009, after 38 years of employment with Sprout-Waldron and its' successors, I was laid off. In that 38 years I worked in the stenographic department, engineering records, and as a clerk in the mail room. The company was downsizing and my contribution ...

still waiting

I'm 34 years old I'm married with a 5 year old and an 18 year old nephew who I am responsible for. I have been the sole provider for my family for the past 5 years. In Oct. 2012 I was laid off from my accounting job, since then I've been on unemployment ...

I've worked my whole life helping others, NOW I NEED HELP!!!

I've worked since I was 17 and in September, 2013 I lost my job. I'm now on Unemployment, which I've never been on in the past. I'm told I may have 2 months left- I haven't found another job yet so I'm wondering WHAT am I supposed to do? A little history- ...

First time Ever

In October 2011, I was laid off from the Federal Courthouse in Los Angeles, Ca.

I had worked since 16 years of age up to 37 years old (at times working 2 or 3 jobs simultaneously)! I was a good employee, however, 20 individuals' positions were eliminated. ...


unemployment exhausted

I recently exhausted 6 months of unemployment in DEc 2013. I am 61 years young I have over 50 resumes out.who is hiring people my age? And why should I accept a job making 8 or 9 dollars a hour which is less then what i receive on unemployment when i ...

It Can Happen to Any of Us

Just as I don't have to be gay to support the rights of GLBT brothers and sisters,

I don't have to be unemployed to sympathize with those folks who are.

We keep hearing about the dissolution of the American family. Well by not extending the unemployment ...

—Nina IL
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