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Left in the cold

I am a 61 year old woman that has worked all my life, and have now been unemployed for 6 months. Congress chose to go on Christmas vacation without renewing unemployment benefits.

They say they will vote on it in what are we to tell ...



Unemployment Insurance saved my life when I was "laid off" from the NYC Parks and Recreation Agency. I can't imagine how I could survive now!

Head of Household Out in the Cold

My husband lost his job in May and he was the head of household. Due to high daycare costs, I was forced to quit my job and stay home. Now, we are both without jobs and now, unemployment. Congress should have to go for weeks with no money. Let us ...


i have been receiving unemployment for 6 months i am faithfully applying for jobs everyday all day and still no results, i have 2 boys and i need a source of income

Trying to send daughter to college and start a small business

I had unemployment and recently lost it. This really sets me back as I am still putting my daughter through college as a single mom. I job hunt weekly, get interviews frequently but no offers, ageism? Overqualified at 54? So trying to start my own ...


Years ago, I was laid off my job. If I hadn't been married, I don't know what I would have done because it was over 6 months before I was able to find another job in my field. I'm single now, and I hate to think what would happen if I should lose my ...

Unemployed in southern California

My immigrant father became unemployed in southern California after decades of working. His company suffered in the face of increased global competition. Accessing unemployment benefits was a lifeline for him.

I am disappointed Congress has not done more ...


Another mom back at work

I was out of work for a while, by my own choice. I left the military and decided to become a college teacher. I soon discovered many teaching jobs come with practically no benefits (only for full time teachers). Very few full time college teaching jobs ...


I see on a spiritual level what is really behind all of this.
—Donna CA

Not Charity!

I am a 51 yr old female, was laid off 6 mo ago, have been diligently seeking work and just ended state benefits, which I qualified for because I worked for years and paid taxes and was laid off through no fault of my own. These benefits are not free ...

Congress Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

I'm a physically challenged individual who collects SSDI, but it's not enough to pay all of my bills. Even though I am confined to a wheelchair, I still worked to maintain my home, pay bills and attend to my daughter. I lost my job in June of 2013, ...


I currently am on leave from my teaching position with the public school system. Money is VERY TIGHT because I only received $700 for 2 weeks while I was deemed 'shirt term disabled' during the 6 weeks after my daughter was born. I was only able to save ...

The Dread of Being Unemployed

I lost my job in January of 2013, no fault of mine. Thought I would be working for this company for years to come, but unfortunately I was laid off with a sick husband and two children, never would I gave thought in a millions years would I have thought ...


I don't have a story; just wanted to show my support!!!

Ridiculous and Unconstitutional

I have been unemployed since January 2013. I have had several interviews or broken promises from so called agencies or consulting firms. Filing a claim was degrading. You work for years and told you allowed to get pennies back. The cost of living in Somerset ...

Unemployed Several Times

I am a single mother with two children. Iam in a process of being trained for the Health Information Technology field through a community college training program. This program is all day from 8 to 5 pm. This unemployment helps me to complete this program ...

No Savings

Unemployment insurance hits many people like me who have no savings. My pay checks go towards rent, food, utilities and little extra for me and my two kids. Losing my job last spring was devastating. I had only enough in savings for one month of living ...


I lost my job, in June or 2013 do to it closing, with that I lost my health care, my way of living. I have my grandchild on my healthcare , on which as ADHD, with switching over to the medical assistance for them, the theripist that he see's doesn;t ...

My Husband's Story

My husband, Odis, was unemployed for over two years. He worked for a company for almost 37 years. The Company went bankrupt. He tried to find a job for two years and decided to go back to school.

The weekend before school started he was offered a, but ...

—Jo AnneAL

no warning

I am a single mom with 3 children. I started working for a new company that was having trouble staying afloat let alone reaching production goals. In two months I was able to double profits by organizing the chaos and streamlining the system. Once everything ...
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