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Senior needing to retire but can't.

I have several health issues that make it very hard for me to continue working, but if I retire and they cut any medicare or social security benefits, I will loose my home or not have the money I need to eat. Hard choice!!!! Get this economy moving, reinstate ...


Congress needs to act now, i know what it's like to be without work i am now temping and appying for full time daily for 2years --They need to know that the unemployed want to work ----
—tamara NY


My daughter was laid off work after working for the company more than 10 years. She has 3 children and now depends on her unemployment benefits.

Older Workers

I have had a long successful career in health and human services helping others. It became more and more difficult to be seen as credible in the workplace (state government) as I aged. Nearly all of the people my age (including me) have been laid off ...

Disbelief in our system

I lost my job Oct 2008, a year after my boyfriend and I split and was barely getting by on my one income. I immediately applied for work; unemployment barely got me through.I didn't have enough to buy food or to pay for my health insurance. so I charged ...

Barack, You are working with Idiots!

I know of so many families including my neighbors who through no fault of their own, have lost their jobs. Why wouldn't we guarantee a minimal income to them so they can eat and pay for their shelter? Seriously, what is wrong with keeping families together ...

How does it feel to not know where your next meal is coming from?

How do you tell a child that you have no food in the house, how do you tell a child that you are being put out?

I've been our of work since 5/31/2013. looking and applying for jobs everday. I've gone on 3 interviews out of about 300+ jobs applicants ...


Unemployment help

My unemployment check (after I was laid off each time from the CA public school system) helped my husband and I pay our COBRA health insurance which cost us about $1200/month (now it's up to $1500). It was necessary income at that time in our life. We're ...

Unemployed Mother of 3

I have been unemployed since May 2013. I have been diligent in applying for jobs but unable to find work. I have full time care of my 3 sons and we depend on the unemployment benefits for help with utilities and food. We need an extension of Unemployment ...


I lost my job of 22 1/2 years last June. The 40 of us who were laid off knew it was coming since our company was and is in pretty dire straits, but it stung nevertheless.

I began looking for work the day the layoffs were announced in April and continue ...



My hours were cut by 1/3 and the unemployment kept me from losing my apartment.


Not only will it help the unemployed to eat, have shelter and provide for their children, but it will help the economy.
—Faye SuzanneCA

Going On 3 Years

I have been bouncing around temp work for the last few months. I haven't worked a full time job in nearly 3 years. I am single and live with my folks. The only assistance I get is Food Stamps and those went down from $200 to $180 due to the cost of ...

Unemployment due to Disability

This is the short version:

I worked for most of my life; at 58 I had a final "hearing" drop in a series of hearing losses that could not be fixed. There was no job that could accommodate my skills, especially given secondary issues of asthma and back ...


I want a JOB

I have been looking for employment for about 8 months. I want a job. I am praying I will get one for the State of Illinois or a Federal job. It seems they are the only jobs staying a float. They need to extended unemployment to help us get through this ...


My husband lost his job it took him almost a year to find another. We were without medical insurance and had to decide whether to buy food or medicine . I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus and a child with special needs . My husband recently lost his ...


There are way too many people in need to cut this benefit right now. Make the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes instead.

out in the cold

I've worked all my life...spent 14 years in the United state Marine corps..last year i got laid off. I was a production manager. I been trying to obtain employment to no avail. As we speak i have nothing to eat. .I've had to donate plasma to get a little ...
—Felipe NJ

My time on unemployment

I had gotten a job in the fourth quarter with T-Mobile, in their Nashville call center, in 2003. They hired several classes, and, when some of us failed to handle the calls in the time allotted, or to say the things they wanted us to say, rather than ...

Insult To Injury

Who would have ever guess that any American

Could start working at 14, put themselves thru college,

& build a career over 4 decades would find them-

Selves put out to pasture by the job market.

But that's just what happened when the Bush Admin.

sabatoged ...

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