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I have suffered with NO INCOME AT ALL while unemployed.

During my 65 years of living, I have been unemployed several times with ABSOLUTELY NO INCOME WHATSOEVER.

That is difficult and frightening.



My husband is a professional with hears of upper level experience in his field. He has been looking for a position since March 2013 and it is now January 2014. We have two sons (14 & 10), and I was able to stay home with them for years as my husband ...


May have to increase wages for employees who are sole providers in the household which applies upside pressure on finished cost

My story

I found out that I was officially soon to be out of work by a posting on a bulletin board at work, after coming back from my first short staycation in years. Soon after, they put the ones that did not hear the news the day before in a "meeting" and read ...

No confidence in my country

I became unemployed Feb 2013, not even a year has gone by and I have been left out in the cold. I have been working ALL my life and when I finally need Government up & decide to pull the plug on the small income I & my family have been surviving on. ...


I have unemployed since 9/13/13. I have a Master degree . I have a mortgage plus utilities . Hammond had a blizzard today & will have negative 40 degrees tomorrow & Tuesday. I have sent out over a thousand resume to all the job sites but still haven't ...

Scared To Death


I will be short and sweet, I have a Master's Degree and was laid off in April from the Government Contracting job. I have been looking for work since my Dad died in 2013, for the last four months, to no avail. I have a thousand people calling me, ...


The Sinking Middle Class

Thanks to Momrising for profiling stories of individuals - real people - real lives - having a terrible time in the job market. It is a shame when anyone can say I have a bachelors degree - I have a master's degree and yet, I cannot get hired. More so, ...

Healthcare is a Human Right

As a single mom I made a lot of hard choices. Not buying health insurance was easy compared to a lot of the others.

Luckily, in the decade I had no health insurance I did not get sick. My children were covered by their father's excellent insurance but ...


Community Assister

I work in the community and it is so sad to have families come to get health insurance for the first time and then they find out they are caught up in the "donut hole"

Don't Punish the Unemployed - Get on Corporate America's Case!

I have been fortunate enough to have never applied for unemployment. I cannot imagine how devastating it must be. Not too long ago, my brother- in- law was laid off from a company after 30 years of service. Although he is dependable and was willing ...

My adult son's health needs

My adult son lost his job about 2 years ago and has been unemployed since then. He decided to finish college and has been a full time student all this time with no insurance whatsoever. He was able to find a fairly good health plan through Obamacare. ...
—Maria del marFL

Obamacare works!

I am saving more than $3000 a year with better coverage than my wife and I have for my 30 year old son who has a pre-existing condition now that he is on Obamacare.

Please don't screw us over because of you crazy politics. We need healthcare for our ...


Health insurance at last!

I am a self employed graphic artist who has not been insured for over 10 years. The price of insurance on the individual market kept going up while the quality of insurance went down. Thanks to the ACA, my husband and I now have quality health insurance ...

Unemployed Sept 16, 2013

I was laid off after 7 years of employment. The Company felt they needed to cut expenses. I actually had a discussion with my boss. I went over her head and she went one more over my head. I thought 7 years in HR and operations management I should ...


I have only been unemployed for 6 months and it is very hard out here not receiving any income. Please reinstate the unemployment benefits.

I need my unemployment

I have not gotten any unemployment in over two months. My child support comes out of that money and I cannot provide for my family. this puts me in high risk of losing my home, courts and not a good situation.


I think it's sad how this country is being ran. I don't blame the President because I know he only has say on certain topics, and can't do anything unless congress approves. But to leave millions of Americans without unemployment benefits is just a ...


My son recently found employment. But, prior to working, he was unemployed. His benefits were about to expire. He is the father of four and almost wasn't able to provide for them, leaving me to take up the slack. I am happy for his employment, but for ...

Actively Seeking Work

A few years ago, right after my husband and I got engaged, my husband got laid off from his job. At the same time I got laid off from one of my two jobs, and (due to budget cuts) I got demoted at my other job. This, of course, resulted in a great loss ...
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