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Unemployed for a year!

I have been unemployed for a year, and struggling to find a job that will pay enough for us to support our family. I am so grateful for unemployment benefits, and mine officially run out in December. Please consider extending benefits for next year. ...

My Brother

My brother does not own a computer, therefore, I am his voice. His name is Gus, named after our father. He is 59 years old and have worked since he was 16. His last two jobs he worked 20 years be fore the closed down. Sept of 2012 was the first time he ...

Unexpected Unemployment

I was laid off my job in 2010 and temporarily received unemployment benefits. Before my layoff, I earned $72,000 per year. My unemployment benefit was approximately $350 per week. I was unable to make ends meet, lost my home, relocated out of state, and ...

Unemployed & Uninsured With Breast Cancer

I have been unemployed since February 2012 after working for my former employer for 33 years. I have not had any job offers. My unemployment ended in July, the same month that I received a letter of a problem with my mammogram. I was on Cobra which was ...

Unemployed 5 years

There are many people like me that unemployment benefits ran out and never found a job. I have looked for 5 years and still looking for a job, I type 90 wmp bilingual and over 50 years of secretarial skills. I had no choice but to file for my social ...

We need to be compassionate!

I have been affected by unemployment but more importantly, the state of Arizona offers such a ridiculous cap of $240 a week that you can hardly afford to live on that.

We need to be compassionate about people who are displaced. You never know when ...



I was raped and nearly beaten to death I can't work because I can't see out f an eye

Just me and my Angelita

I won the cosmic lottery when I adopted my amazing daughter 16 years ago from Guatemala. As a single woman I have been able to provide Angela and myself a modest but comfortable life in the Twin Cities. I have a doctorate in Public Health and have taught ...

What Will I do?

After 27 years of raising a family, building equity, paying taxes, contributing to charities my husband job was killed by automation. We have nothing left, no home, he was laid off from the job he got after one year unemployed and now we are living on ...

Doing the right thing gets you no where.

When I was laid off I received the maximum amount of unemployment benefits. However, the maximum amount of unemployment did not pay my bills, so when I found a part time job I took it to supplement my income while looking for a full time job. Because ...

Single Mother Loses State Job

After my husband left in 2009, I found a job at the local community college. My daughter was three and a half. I was so thrilled to have a state job with great benefits. I became more and more self-sufficient, even buying a modest house through USDA Rural ...

Unemployment benefits

I received unemployment benefits when I lost my job in 2011 and had them until the end of July in 2012. When I had the benefits it helped to pay the bills and get things for the house. Just shortly after losing the benefits I got a job but it did not ...

Life was good ...

My husband is, by trade, a union sheetmetal worker. When he was working, life was good. Work was steady, he was dedicated and loyal and life was good. He worked steady and consistently since entering the labor union many, many years ago.

Last January, ...



I have had several of my kids unemployed reciently and they desperately needed the benefit of un-employment insurance. They weren't on it for long but it sure helped thm survive until they got a new job.

1st time recipient of unemployment benefits

After my baby was born prematurely @ 27 weeks, she spent the next 3 months in NICU at our hospital. I had worked for 8 years at this hospital but they gave me such a hard time about needing time off from work to take our baby to all her doctor appts ...

4 1/2 years of struggle

The company my husband worked for for 23 years went bankrupt in 2009 and he was laid off. Until then he was earning a modest but middle class salary and I was able to be a stay at home mom for 14 years. After the layoff, I freelanced for about a year ...

Help with hanging on

When my husband lost his job we also lost our health benefits. We ended up having to claim bankruptcy and turning our house over to the court. We depleted our savings to pay for our meds and trying to hang on to our house. Having the unemployment benefits ...

Cutoff from NC Funding

I have been laidoff since March, 2012 and my unemployment funding was cutoff in summer of 2013. And just today my ex husband was laidoff out of state so what about the welfare of our innocent child?


There are 3 people who live in this one bedroom apartment. My son, Michael who is on disability. Myself, also disabled. And my boyfriend who is on Unemployment. He received a letter stating that his unemployment was stopping. Without him able to ...


I was terminated, illegally as it turns out, from my job in 2003. I was granted unemployment insurance due to my employer's not having followed proper procedure in terminating me. Already in my '50's, I did not find employment in the six months that I ...
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