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Whole family is unemployed!

My brother, near 60 and only a high school education and no particular skills, recently lost his labor job. He worked for 10 years there for VERY little pay and NO benefits, but it kept a roof over the head of he, my sister, and my nephew. He's on unemployment, ...

15 Months and Counting...

I lost my job as an insurance agent in September 2012. The company was taken over by people from a retail background. The new regime thinks that selling auto insurance is like retail--it should be easy to get people to make impulse buys! I was the oldest ...

Still looking & trying to make ends meet

I am constantly looking for work and have yet to find something; it has been 13 months. I have even applied with temporary agencies and have not been sent out for work even after months. My extension occurred during California's State Sequester period ...
—Heather CA

Childhood Memory

When I was a child, my dad became unemployed. It was an extremely stressful time for my family. Both parents were minimum wage workers to begin with and so lived month to month. We lived for months on beans wondering if we'd end up on the street. The ...

Superstorm Sandy. Laid Off. Cancer. Unemployment Benefits.

My title says it all. I am a single mom. Without unemployment benefits...we have nothing, absolutely nothing.

A year ago, we lost our home and everything we own to Sandy. We are still displaced in a rental. A month after Sandy, I was laid off in ...


Unemployed for 21 months

My husband was unemployed for 21 months (just 7 months after we were transferred to a new state and bought a house). I am on disability so I do not contribute much to our income. I am beyond offended by the remarks made insinuating that extended benefits ...

Unemployed for 21 months

My husband was unemployed for 21 months (just 7 months after we were transferred to a new state and bought a house). I am on disability so I do not contribute much to our income. I am beyond offended by the remarks made insinuating that extended benefits ...

never enough

I live on medicare and can't imagine life without it. I think it is cruel to give something to someone only to take it back. My son just abruptly lost health care coverage. Pretty soon we'll be as poor as India. What the heck is happening?


Since losing my job, June 30, 2013, due to no fault of my on, I lost my healthcare for me and my family. So, not only losing my job, healthcare and now UC, it makes you wonder what to do. I am a mother of three, grandmother of seven, two which I have ...

Daughter Fired and Unemployment Insurance Denied

My daughter worked for Circle K as a manager, a retail gas station for over 6 years and was recently fired without warning, counseling, for a untrue statement a cashier that works under her made to the Area Manager. She was fired while she was on vacation ...

Unemployed in Colorado Springs

My story starts in Indianapolis, IN.

On June 28, 2013 I was fired from a job I did for 6+ years. I filed for unemployment and was approved for 6 months and was given the information that once the Indiana benefits expired there would be eligibility for ...

—James ACO


I was the only bilingual psychologist in my school district and was terminated, even though I was a tenured employee. Now the district is advertising for a bilingual psychologist again. What are my chances?


Fix this mess!

My company relies on federal contractors for work. For the last year we have slowly gone bankrupt thanks to congressional inactivity. It is ridiculous to not have passed a single jobs bill while stalling the federal budget fighting the ACA all for political ...

My sister and her family

My sister's husband lost his job in January of this year. Despite applying for many positions, networking, attending job events and interviewing at several companies, he is still unemployed. They have two young boys, ages 3 annd 6. My sister, who spent ...

Unemployment Insurance as a Common Good

My story is that I am employed, pay taxes to our government because I am a responsible citizen and expect the government to function to serve the needs of the people who put them in office.

What I don't want to see are people on the streets when I go ...


Unemployed Senior

I was layed off my job at age 62 and had to get unemployment benefits which was less than the amount need monthly to pay my mortgage, utilities and buy grocery. If I had not had help from my family and fiends I do not know what I would have done.

First Time Unemployed

I was layed off many years ago and it was the first time I felt like trash. The people at the Unemployment Office treated me like I was dirt, a no class citizen, a bumb that did not want to work who was trying to rip off the system.

They talked down ...



I am also disabled - a healthy society is predicated on a healthy economy. By keeping the long term unemployed apart from their insurance payments is NOT going to engender a viable economy. OK?!!!!!!!!!

Re-entering the work force

I am retired, but have unemployed friends. After incarceration, they find it doubly difficult to find gainful employment.


There are just so many people I know who have so many reasons to be on unemployment at this point in time. They are my neighbors, friends, associates, colleagues and family. Seeing them struggle is a daily stressor. Lack of job creation in this country ...
—Vincent CA
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