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Families shouldn't have to bring in the new year suffering ... we shouldn't have to worry that we cannot provide at least the essential for living ..eating .... having a warm place to sleep etc. Most of us have dealt with struggles and we live in the ...

Extended unemployment benefits

I have been unemployed in the past few years and although seeking employment It was more than a year until I found work.The extended benefit from UIA filled the gap and was very much needed by myself. I was thankful for it and ask the congress to please ...


I am unemployed been applying for many jobs with still not working and now no more unemployment money these are very hard times for mo


I became unemployed in 2008 as an Executive Assistant for over 25 years. I was one of the first 99% to loose unemployment in 2010 and was actually 'without' income for 6 months. I was completely dependent on my friends for a handout. My family had to ...

Change the Law

I was an elementary teacher and college instructor. I left both positions to advance my career and income and become a private school principal. After four months I was let go due to philosophical reasons. It should be against the law to let someone go ...


Me and my family have never ever asked for help from any one andi mean we both have been in some real messed up places and still came out on top but that's when their was the chance to but it off the blue my husband whom has been a plumber for almost ...


I've been working for the same plumbing company for the last 10 year's and got laid off I went to file for unemployment and was denied for no reason I paid my taxes each week just like every one else so I don't see why I can't get it.

Seeking employment

I became unemployed when I moved to New York State about 15 years ago. I had worked as a teacher/librarian for many years, both State-side and overseas. I tried to get a teaching certificate in New York, but instead ended up in a TBI program due to ...


When I lost my job unemployment insurance helped me. I still do not have a job and I no longer have this jobless benefit.


Dear congress:

It would be in-human not to extend the federal EUC. There are so many people including myself who are relying on the EUC to continue to pay our mortgage , feed our children and paying our bills and what we are getting is not even enough ...


This Is A Great Payback Or "NOT"

I am unemployed and was receiving unemployment benefits since June 2013, all of sudden I was cut off Dec.28,2013. I received 1 week instead of the usual 2 weeks I cant buy food, pay my bills or buy gas for my car to go on job interviews. I have worked ...


I was unemployed for several years after having worked steadily for over 15 years. First, I had to switch fields and get started in a new one. That took a year. Later I suffered from depression. It was so bad I was not able to work. Someone should ...

I have suffered with NO INCOME AT ALL while unemployed.

During my 65 years of living, I have been unemployed several times with ABSOLUTELY NO INCOME WHATSOEVER.

That is difficult and frightening.



My husband is a professional with hears of upper level experience in his field. He has been looking for a position since March 2013 and it is now January 2014. We have two sons (14 & 10), and I was able to stay home with them for years as my husband ...


May have to increase wages for employees who are sole providers in the household which applies upside pressure on finished cost

My story

I found out that I was officially soon to be out of work by a posting on a bulletin board at work, after coming back from my first short staycation in years. Soon after, they put the ones that did not hear the news the day before in a "meeting" and read ...

No confidence in my country

I became unemployed Feb 2013, not even a year has gone by and I have been left out in the cold. I have been working ALL my life and when I finally need Government up & decide to pull the plug on the small income I & my family have been surviving on. ...


I have unemployed since 9/13/13. I have a Master degree . I have a mortgage plus utilities . Hammond had a blizzard today & will have negative 40 degrees tomorrow & Tuesday. I have sent out over a thousand resume to all the job sites but still haven't ...

Scared To Death


I will be short and sweet, I have a Master's Degree and was laid off in April from the Government Contracting job. I have been looking for work since my Dad died in 2013, for the last four months, to no avail. I have a thousand people calling me, ...


The Sinking Middle Class

Thanks to Momrising for profiling stories of individuals - real people - real lives - having a terrible time in the job market. It is a shame when anyone can say I have a bachelors degree - I have a master's degree and yet, I cannot get hired. More so, ...
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