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When The Good Become Desperate

I have worked as a security consultant in loss prevention for almost 30 years in upstate NY. With economy swings and disappearing wages I have watched the effects of good times and bad times on employees and people in general. To start.. those employers ...


America claims to be the land of opportunity and equality, yet women continue to be LEGALLY underpaid. Will I someday be explaining to my granddaughters that they earn less money because they are women? Does it take a woman's abolitionist movement to ...

Former Welfare Worker

I witnessed far too many moms doing anything necessary to stay on public assistance and food stamps because they were not making enough money to pay expenses. Welfare checks if a eligble unit or household expenses exceed income. In many cases, income ...

Second Job

When my husband lost his job in 2008 with the market crash, he was unable to find another job although he had a Ph.D. After a couple of years of struggling I took a second job at a department store to help supplement our income. I barely earned enough ...

Unemployment Restoration

I am currently homeless and staying with a son and his family. I and everyone else need that extra help to get back on our feet. Jobhunting has been a hassle because when you put an application in, you never get any type of call to come to work although ...


raise min wages so every one can try to live

Poverty is cruel

I have worked in resturants in college..lived on minimum wage before graduation, had to rely on WIC and food stamps while in college.

It is time to raise the minimum wage and have built in increases in the law to keep up with inflation.



we need support all families who need unemplyoment beenfits extend until they fully back on there feets..

single mom and widow

I am a single mother who had a child with a non american who traveled locally and abroad for work regularly. Obtaining his citizenship was not a priority as my husband was 27 while I was 25. In 2009 my husband died in a car accident so as you can imagine, ...
—melissa FL

Single Mom

I am a single Mother of 4 with 2 still young and living at home. I work for a local grocery store. I have no choice but to have to receive food stamps since I can only work part time in order to take care of my sons. Like most women I do not recieve child ...

Minimum Wage Does not Cover the Rent

I work with the homeless and have discovered that some of them work jobs that here in Boston will not pay for the rent. We must raise the minimum wage to prevent homelessness, if nothing else. It is outrageous not to do otherwise!

Can't imagine

We are going through some tough times right now. My husband is out of work. It took me 7 months to find a job, I took an on call job. The child care in the town I live in would be half of my income when all of the kids would not be in school. If I paid ...


Stay at home mom recognizing how difficult the world can be for working moms.

Earning pennies with all the degrees

People with a many experiences and degree are finding it difficult to secure adequate employment. We are settling for the social service type which pays pennies considering the number of hours put on to situate other peoples life. It's been difficult ...
—Nora MD

Dont be selfish

I am a young black female, and I am fed up with this country selfish and greedy ways. In the words of the GREAT Tupac Shakur "they got money for wars but can't feed the poor". That is absolutely true, help our country and give us more than little scarps. ...

North Carolina, a nightmare.

I believe the current assembly will not reinstate EIC, never. They have shown time and time again, they do not care about those of us who struggle. I don't want a handout, but I would like a chance to improve my life, for my children's sake. I had to ...


I am a working single mother of two children three and under. I find it very hard to make ends meet on just minimum wage. I recieve only 35$ a month in child support which does not help much.

child care

I am a nurse , My husband a electrician and no we are not well off , We are living paycheck to paycheck we have a son and have to work to make around him to make sure he is safe , we have after school program we get help with but when he is sick or on ...

no unemployment...WHY???

Hi, I have been working for over 35 years and have NEVER received unemployment compensation until this Sept. Mine has just ran out! Why when I get the funds it is only 26 weeks while others have had it over a year. I have applied for many job positions ...


I am a College student and I know a lot of women who work and study and raise their children on their own. I know that if women without children are paid less than men, women who have children have their salaries lowered, while their male counterparts ...
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