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No More American Dream

Americans are working so much to live check to check and we are not able to spend timewith our families. No time for vacation, no money to enjoy life. Everything is about money. You raise prices for everthing but you don't raise minimum wage so people ...

not enough

I am a mom that has seven children and ten grands I work at Kmart paying 7.93 hour four days a week and getting paid biweekly and the more money I make on my job the more money disability take out my disbility check rent 800.00 I am still struggling to ...

Collapsing in Conneticut

30 yrs stay at home Mom to 7 kids then he kicked me to the curb and our court system helped him do it ! ( she's pretty she'll just get married again) . No work history , no nothing , I'd like to be able to eat ! I'm 2 months behind in my rent , my car ...

Help us help ourselves

Im 45yrs old mother of 7. Its hard enough trying to find a job, but not having graduated high school makes it harder, when you do get a job you cant survive on just 1. I recently found a p/t job what a joke, theres no way people can survive on this ...

Single working mom

I was divorced when my son was 2 years old. I waited tables (earning minimum wage) and refinanced my home in order to keep it. I went back to college during the day and waited tables at night. It was hard on my son to be gone all the time. Finances were ...

Divorced, Two Kids, No Spousal Support

My children, the oldest 3 years, the baby 18 months, moved states with me when I divorced. We received a support check from their father for about a year. After that stopped, I had to move in with my parents because on my salary I could either pay rent ...

Lab Worker

I'm a hospital lab worker, called a medical technologist or clinical lab scientist. I've spent most of my career working in hospitals. Yrs, I earned more than minimum wage but not a whole lot more because doctors' control the pay scale in health care. ...


I make minimum wage but I also make tips so I am able to pay my rent, water and pge, put gas in my car and feed myself but my dad is still paying my cellphone bill and car insurance and I am lucky to have that. Many people don't have such a cushion and ...

A good start

The 2014 MN Legislature passed a good law which deals with gun use in domestic abuse cases. More work needs to be done on developing programs to deal with mentally unstable people obtaining guns. Mental health is a seriously ignored problem which needs ...

"Progress must move forward."

I shall keep this short/brief.What's the logic n not raising the min.wage to $10.10 hr?To those people who keep saying get a higher education.People work n go to school online/take 1 semester at a time r wait for in house supervisory/mgmt training positions ...

Back in the day...

Years ago, when I was in my 20s I had a few minimum wage jobs, but the thing is I could afford to live in San Francisco, pay my rent, buy food and other life necessities, and occasionally go out for entertainment.I was single and I had roomates and life ...


I have done low-wage work and care giving so I know the problem.


I am a minister and have been for 57

years. I have tried to minister to and help people who struggle to put food on

the table, a roof for their families and pay utility bills. These have been honest, hardworking people who are not paid appropriately ...


Below The Poverty Line

My Annual Income is Less that $14,500 and i can surely identify w/ those below The Poverty Line.

Especically Women, since they are being Paid Less than their Male CoWorker's.

Fair Is Fair / UnFair Is UnFair, Plain & Simple.



I know people who have minimum wage jobs and get minuscule raises that is a joke. They can not find a decent job even with a college degree. Forget about going back to collage that's just adding to their debt. There are no free rides for AMERICANS. ...

Minimum Wage Worker

Hello! I am a legal resident living in Kentucky, married to my loving husband who is disable and working in county schools as Instructional Assistant and receiving a hourly rate of $8 from 8 am to 2:30 pm. It's hard to keep up paying all the bills and ...

High Echelons

I worked in the Pentagon for the government as Secy to the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force. I had achieved that almost highest position through hard work and ability, and intended to head from there to the White House. My pay was even less than ...


As a youngster who was on the poverty level, I know what it is like to not have enough money. The minimum wage has not been raised for years. This is terrible for a country such as ours to keep people at a poverty level for so many years.

The minimum ...


Independent Divorced Home Educator

I have been a single mom for 10 yrs. I have had to work up to 4 jobs w/ different employers plus homeschool (a healthy choice) I have dedicated to for past 10 yrs. The lowest rate I accepted was $5.50 hr. I have settled for positions no one wanted or ...

Hard working deserve ,better pay

I working and I make yes the minimum,$8.00 for hour, and I neded working 6 days for bring decent money to my house.
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