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We Must Raise The Minimum Wagei

We raised six children....all University graduates ...& we see that even with higher education...many people are struggling with the low income of minimum wage.
—William & RuthFL

Equal pay

I work a lot of hours to get just 200.00 in 2 weeks, still not enough!

Not My Story but I do My Homework

Anyone who works a 40 hour week should not be living in poverty. Even the $10.50, that Obama suggested, is far below what it should be to keep up with inflation. As opposed to what Republicans say, it will not hurt job growth. It actually helps. When ...


I have worked as a waitress with my base pay at $2.01 per hr. (& that was in the late 80's) & now it's at a whopping $2.13 per hour before tips? You've got to be kidding me! (Maybe I ought to put in here that I was fired while on maternity leave (my boss ...

Get with it

I am retired. But it is very clear from numerous reports that the present minimum wage is not one that a person can live on. Time to get on with making it possible for folks in the lower levels of our population to survive with some dignity and full stomachs-but ...



Seeing the suffering causes me to suffer.

From the days of my youth I watched my grandpa and grandma work for minimum wages and less. My grandpa worked for minimum wage until he retired. He folded boxes for a living. My grandma scrubbed floors and cleaned toilets for $40 a day. Watching their ...

Minimum wage's original intent

The minimum wage was intended for high school students still living with their parents when I received it, 1958-60. It was never intended to support a family.


My wife worked 24 years with the same company, rising to $5 above min. wage in the last years. She had paid medical, dental, and eye coverage, plus profit sharing and vacation/sick pay. When the recession dug in (coupled with the lack of CA protections ...
—S. C.CA

Minimum wages are necessary

Please require the greedy companies to

raise the minimum pay to a livable

level. I've seen how people are suffering.


Single mother

I am A single mother , workinf 48-53 hrs a wk . I make barely enuff to cover my bills, If the mimimum wage was higher then people like me could afford luxury items , like .. FOOD!! CLOTHING FOR MY KIDS,, Please consider us hard working people who are ...


No particular story

I own a Small Business

We have owned a small business for 23 years and we DO NOT PAY MINIMUM WAGE. Mainly because no one can exist on it and pay bills.

I would like to see the Walmarts and Home Depots of the nation have to pay $10 minimum wage to full time workers, and more ...


No More American Dream

Americans are working so much to live check to check and we are not able to spend timewith our families. No time for vacation, no money to enjoy life. Everything is about money. You raise prices for everthing but you don't raise minimum wage so people ...

not enough

I am a mom that has seven children and ten grands I work at Kmart paying 7.93 hour four days a week and getting paid biweekly and the more money I make on my job the more money disability take out my disbility check rent 800.00 I am still struggling to ...

Collapsing in Conneticut

30 yrs stay at home Mom to 7 kids then he kicked me to the curb and our court system helped him do it ! ( she's pretty she'll just get married again) . No work history , no nothing , I'd like to be able to eat ! I'm 2 months behind in my rent , my car ...

Help us help ourselves

Im 45yrs old mother of 7. Its hard enough trying to find a job, but not having graduated high school makes it harder, when you do get a job you cant survive on just 1. I recently found a p/t job what a joke, theres no way people can survive on this ...

Single working mom

I was divorced when my son was 2 years old. I waited tables (earning minimum wage) and refinanced my home in order to keep it. I went back to college during the day and waited tables at night. It was hard on my son to be gone all the time. Finances were ...

Divorced, Two Kids, No Spousal Support

My children, the oldest 3 years, the baby 18 months, moved states with me when I divorced. We received a support check from their father for about a year. After that stopped, I had to move in with my parents because on my salary I could either pay rent ...

Lab Worker

I'm a hospital lab worker, called a medical technologist or clinical lab scientist. I've spent most of my career working in hospitals. Yrs, I earned more than minimum wage but not a whole lot more because doctors' control the pay scale in health care. ...
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