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I was unemployed for over one year. It was a nightmare. I ended up taking a job that paid less than my previous job out of fear of being in the situation that so many are experiencing now; no unemployment assistance. Now I work full time and still have ...

Single Mom

I to am a single mother who has lost her job and has no family or friends to help me with my teen daughters and young son, their father disappeared and I no longer get help, If I don't get these benefits we will lose our house and right now its a struggle ...

Work Hard to Find

I earn some money from a few clients but have been unable to find full time work.

Out of Work

I am a 51 year old with a Bachelors Degree in Public Health, I have been out of work since June 21, 2013. I have applied for 26 jobs and still no work. And considering how cold and long this winter has been my unemployment money is what kept at least ...
—Maria YNY

Benefits support childcare during work search

I was laid off 9 months ago following my maternity leave and have now been unemployed for 9 months. While I am fortunate that my husband's salary and our savings have covered most of our expenses, without the weekly unemployment benefits, I wouldn't be ...

Working Part-time but still looking

I worked for a company over 20 years before my job was outsourced November 2012. I currently have a part-time job, but those benefits, really helped to provide money for medical costs not covered by insurance. It wasn't my fault I'm not working and ...

Unemployment Extension

I was with my previous company for 12 years when I got laid off. My husband has his own small business which is not doing very well right now. We have two kids and are struggling with the little income we have coming in. If I do not get the extended ...

Temporary, but Vital

Unemployment compensation is a temporary necessity providing the bridge for families to continue until their unfortunate situation changes for the better. In so many cases this situation is due, not at the fault of the employee, but that of a company ...

stuck in the middle

I work hard and so does my significant other. He has been laid off without any extension. We are now finding ourselves having to sell our home in a short sale. We have a 13 year old who grew up in our home and does not want to move. She has finally made ...
—Bernadette MA


Was laid off 2 consecutive times.

my families life on unemployment

My family was unemployment, for the about two years, then my husband's unemployment ran out. Luckily he secured a job in CA. We lived Washington state. After his unemployment ran out, we lost our house, and had move in with my mom. We left our families ...

no jobs here

where i live jobs are hard to get, my unemploment has ran out and i still find a job . so please help

From Full time to Part time

Hello my name is Gloria. I am married and mother of 3. My husband has been looking for work for the past year and no luck. I have been the only one working. I was grateful to have a full time job which helped me provide for my family. Last year around ...

I once needed assistance

I was once on food stamps. Now I happily contribute my taxes to help others in need. By receiving temporary assistance for my young family, I was able to complete a higher education degree and ultimately obtain a good paying job. I ardently believe ...

Unemployed for the first time

I am 61 years old. I have worked all my life. My last job was almost 6 years. Prior to that 29 years. My last job was relocated to Portland which is over an hour away. I commuted for 3 years when I first moved here to Clatskanie 10 years ago. I ...

Struggling Americans Need the Same Help you give to Foreiners

My daughter has 3 kids and she's been unemplyed for a year after being at her previous job for 11 years. Before that she was at a previous job for 9 years, and continued to work at various other jobs to make ends meet. She has worked her entire life ...
—Patti CO

Labor union workers need long-term benefits

My mother and step-father both work for a labor union. They get hired for an outage and work until they are laid off and then they have to wait for that phone call for another outage. During that time of waiting their only income is unemployment. Sometimes, ...

Congress will now pass anything that will benefit ordinary citizens..They are hell bent on vetoing anything that the President p

I have been fortunate in my life. However, I have great empathy for the people who are valiantly trying to get by on these pitiful wages. I would really like all of these Republicans to be in the shoes of these minimum wage workers and see how ...


I got hit twice. I worked for Head Start for over 30 years and lost my job in Sequestration and then lost the unemployment in Dec. How do you measure 30 years of work against 6 months of unemployment. I have had 6 interviews in the last 10 months. ...

5 years and counting

My husband has been unemployed from a permanent job for 5 years, during that time he has either worked temp jobs, received unemployment benefits or no benefits at all.

We qualified for LIHEAP and SNAP, but that covers maybe 3 months of our electric bill ...

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