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Common Sense

The easy access to guns in our state terrifies me. While I realize that common sense regulations will not eliminate access to firearms, if it prevents even one senseless death it is worth it.

Please Make Our Country Safer

In 1974, I was stalked at gunpoint when I was 22 years old and had to flee Colorado where I was attending graduate school and go into hiding in Washington State. That was 1974.

Since then, I've watched the nonsensical blockage and erosion of any minor ...


Common Sense

It is just common sense that owning something that can seriously impact the live of others should be regulated. We license cars, drivers, and pets. What could be wrong with regulating firearms. It's a No-Brainer.


Back in the 80's we were waiting for our friend to come out from the store when a man and woman in their 50's drove up next to our car. The man started mumbling about evil kids and he went to the passenger side of the car put his hand inside the car his ...

Our sons and guns

This was written after the Colorado shootings; sadly, it could have been written about Sandy Hook, or the UC Santa Barbara or Columbine or Georgia Tech or countless other shootings that occur daily…

As usual during our daily drive to school, I was ...


The Good Ol' Days

I haven't been a victim of gun violence, but I sure do long for the good ol' days when I could enter a public place and the thought, "I wonder if I'm safe," never crossed my mind. I especially feel this way at work...I should be able to go to work (at ...


My story is that I am simply sick of the carnage. Unbelievable that we call this country civilized. I have been changing my personal donations so I can free up money to help finance some changes. We cannot rely on Congress to serve us. What a bunch of ...

Erosion of public safety

I am a mom getting ready to send my child to collage. The senseless shooting at our college campuses in Washington State and across the country is on my mind. Why should I have to suffer this fear? Why should I have to fear every time I send my child ...


When I was 18 a man held a gun to my head in a parking lot at a 7-11 we were waiting for a friend to come back to the car. The older man got the gun from his passenger who we assumed was his wife. My life passed before me in a minute. It felt like hours. ...

Stuck in the middle

When my husband and I found out we were going to have a baby, we were elated. I had been diligently saving sick days, as it was my only option for paid maternity leave, since I had first started teaching, just in case. However, as is reality, things ...

Responsible gun ownership

Many years ago a friend of mine, a retired missionary, was sitting by the window of his home reading the newspaper when someone in a passing car fired a gun at him and hit him in the head. Luckily he survived and recovered. The shooter was never identified.

This ...


My experiences with guns....

Being an emergency department nurse for over 30 years, I have seen my share of "accidental" gun deaths. EVERY one of them could have been prevented! EVERY one of them was tragic, sad, and devastated all involved (family, friends, neighbors, emergency ...

Safe Again, Or Ever?

It has been difficult to raise my children in the violent society of the US. Like my two children, I grew up in the Puget Sound area of Washington State but without the "normal" sounds of gunfire that my children hear regularly. When we lived abroad for ...


I want to see sane, rational, thoughtful "people obtaining guns and explosives laws" enacted. People that are unstable or criminal should not have access to these weapons of destruction. This should also appease the NRA because "guns don't kill people, ...

A sister lost to gun violence

In 1992, my sister Barbara was shot and killed by her estranged husband during a difficult and contentious divorce. He shot my sister and her man friend with whom, after 3 years waiting for the divorce to happen, she had a relationship. It took me a long ...

Guns in MN

I believe anyone who wants to own a gun ought to be licensed. I believe background checks should be required for every license and every gun sale. I believe that gun safety classes and logged time at a shooting range should be required before obtaining ...

No responsible gun owners

Many years ago in CA, I had a brother-in-law who loved guns. He brandished a six-gun type revolver and told me to hold it. I was 5-10 ft away and said No. He said not to worry there were no bullets in the gun. I continued to say no, I was not interested. ...

Teaching Parentsand Families at Risk

I am worried about safety of the families I teach in a Family Literacy program. I am worried about the young children finding a gun accidentally shooting someone. I am worried about the families who experience domestic violence, if a gun may be just to ...

Spousal Abuse

Had a husband who legally owned guns supposedly to protect from an intruder but he threatened to kill me if I divorced him. I got away safely but too many women don't, like 6 or 7 just last year in the Twin Cities. Too many guns are at the hands of people ...

witness to violence

It was early evening, I was riding my bike to the grocery store, I saw a group of kids standing outside - all of a sudden two cars screeching to a stop, someone jumped out of the car, and shot one of the boys in his head- point blank! And sped away-- ...
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