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Early Childhood Education

I've shared my story before, but think it's worth retelling it. At the age of 3, my child was declared developmentally delayed by specialists in the school district. As a result, he was accepted into the only preschool program in the area funded by public ...


I want to open the classified ads in the morning and find pages of openings for teachers, public workers, office persons, engineers, archetects, draftsmen, receptionists, instead of this endless parade of the same companies adverrtising for "tryouts" ...

Jobs going out of the country!

I was unemployed when jobs were shipped out of state many years ago.

The problem caused me as a woman

long-range financial difficulty.

I was working for a large and well

known label in the garment industry.

Recovery was difficult.

—Frances CA

My daughter-in-law's story

She is a high-school grad and is now 34, and she was a single mother until she married my son. She was without a job or health insurance for over half a year. The decent jobs she used to be able to get now go to unemployed people with bachelors and masters ...


“Stop leaving the unemployed out in the cold. Extend unemployment insurance benefits!” I GOT LAID OFF LOST MY HOUSE STILL HAVE NO PLACE OF MY OWN TO STAY, LIVING WITH PEOPLE RIGHT NOW - THAT'S SAYING YOU GOT TO GO YOU BEEN HERE 6MONTHS - WHERE I'M ...

I need my money

I worked at Walmart for over ten years got fired for something that I didnt do . I was drawing unemployment then all of a sudden my unemployment just stoped. We are a family of 4 , we are now living on my wifes 923 dollars a month. I would love to see ...

I am fortunate I have a job. So many do not have any monies coming in to put food on the table for their families. I, urge Congress and the Senate to release the funds to help the people of this great country. My father served in WWll for four long years ...


My husband get unemployment he is the head of our household and there are very little job that you can find. Everything is on line that's the only way you can find a job. We need the unemployment to be extended that's the only way we want go homeless. ...

All generations in on unemployment

My son is 43, my house guests are 23 and 25, 3 friends are between 50 and 60. Only one of them has a job and he is the oldest one--past 50 and it took him a year to get a job. Most of these guys and gals have done cheap day labor or been on a job a week ...

Unemployment Saga

I am a 49 year old female who was laid off for the very first time in ny life, in May 2013. The unemployment checks helped me but did not cover all my bills. My household consist of myself, my daughter a fulltime college student and my grandson. They ...

My son can't get a job due to the credit check employers are doing

My son has been trying to gain employment, but since they has this bill that employers are doing credit checks he can't get a job, to pay his bill and especially his student loan, this has to change for him and millions of people who are out of work and ...

what's a mother to do

I myself would be scared as hell if I had to be unemployment and to have it stop. If the govt would ask the people to do community service to continue getting their unemployment im sure there are many things they would do. Dont just stop their income ...
—Sherri sue IL

Basic wage for all.

Unemployment Insurance is a life saver for those out of work. Now I believe we must advocate for a Basic Wage for all people. We can build a new society of equality for all. It can be the Shangri la that many of us have dreamed of. It is not impossible ...

Winter of 2014 Unemployed, Cold, Hungry, Jobless

This is part of my journal, as an unemployed single mother of 3, and what you need to know about us! First, I am a self starter, hard working, smart, devoted mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend.

Divorced in 2002 after being married for 13 years, ...



I became unemployed in April 2013. After searching for a job, I finally accepted a position in November 2013 that I am over qualified and took a large pay cut from the salary I had been making. Since the position was only part-time, I continued receiving ...

Long Term Unemployment Benefits are Crucial

I am among the long term unemployed/underemployed. I am fortunate to have wonderful family support during this crisis. I'm an accomplished financial services professional. I completed a finance degree 20 years ago, while working days on Wall Street. ...


I myself was on unemployment and exhausted all benefits for which I was Thankful for..Because of my age I have not been able to find work. I have 3 family members who were not able to get any extensions and are struggling bad..I do have a small pension ...

A six year unemployed Boomer

My 6 yrs of being unemployed as a Boomer has been HELL forty one years as a Banker came to an abrupt end.

On Dec 19th 2008 could not afford nothing after that I lost everything that I had worked for all my life.

Thank God my twin daughters were 5 yrs ...


Too old to hire, too young to retire

My position at a job I held for 13 years was eliminated in October 2008. I have not been able to find a job since, except intermittent self-employment doing pet care and other things. I just turned 63 last month, and the previous five years were a nightmare. ...

Unemployed victim of hurricane Sandy


My name is Juel and I became unemployed several weeks prior to hurricane Sandy. My family then became victims of the storm and now had to struggle with losing everything we possibly owned while surviving off of unemployment insurance. Now that ...

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