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I am one of the lucky ones as I do not need to participate in any assistance programs. My family is financially well off compared to much of the country. But I am still deeply troubled by the government shut down. So many people will receive no pay, ...

My town

It's bad enough when teacher's aren't being funded enough now having to pay for there own school supplies. Cause there isn't enough funding now there isn't going to be any money at all cause congress and there fools can't get it together. There wasteful ...

Disabled woman helping support single mom lawyer sister

I became an RN in 1985.. Due to rare cancer, and infection, and complications I am on permanent disability, which is a very limited income, esp. when you are sick with chronic diseases. My younger sister finally had her baby 3 years ago. She moved in ...


I have two little boys who had been looking forward to a fall trip to Yellowstone. Instead, the park was closed and I had to tell them we would not be able to go because those who represent us could not do their job. Listen to John Mcain!!!


have a family member working for OUR government who now has no paycheck.

Has three children, mortgage, needs to feed his kids etc... and IS required to work his normal hours but NO salary.

Our congress is disgraceful



My thing is, I am a descendant of generations of victims fallen to racism, and genicide (Native American). There are wealthy ppl who have probably never had to deal with that. I see NOTHING wrong with lending a hand to people who are recovering from ...

Republican is a Dirty word in my home.

It wasn't always that way. My great grandfather was a U.S Senator for Delaware, my grandfather a U.S. representative for PA, and I was proud of their work. I was raised with a respect for the need to work together even through disagreements- that was ...

American Indians particularly impacted by government closure

I am a Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara Nation member and wanted to express my concern with the government shutdown and the incredible impact that it has on Native American nations. The U.S. has promised many government services and programs to my people and ...

I want my Obamacare!!!

I want my Obamacare so quit stalling! All US families need healthcare and it's time to let us have it.

Dept. of Education

This is the time of year for high school seniors to be applying to colleges. One of the most useful websites for discovering which schools may be best for any student is, a site maintained by the Dept. of Education. This site is ...

Single mom

I had to raise my son on my own since he was 7 years of age. He was always hungry and skinny at school where there was not any good nutrition. I tried to feed him the best that I could at home but working factory jobs never enought and paying bills as ...

The struggling middle and lower class

Hardworking Americans are tired of watching their elected representatives show no signs of having any idea what their constituents are dealing with in their lives because of their actions. WE ARE SICK OF THEIR IRRESPONSIBLE TACTICS - IT'S TIME FOR THEM ...

Progress for Children & Families

I worked for Early Head Start/Head Start Program as a Child Care Specialist for Family Child Care Program for eight years, until I recently decided to go back to school full time.

It was so rewarding working with so many children & families who truly ...

—Juanita VA

My mom lost her home before she lost her life

My mother battled cancer first in her early 30's and then had it again at 48. The second time it was in her skull and spine by the time the breast cancer was diagnosed. She was a mother of four who had been left by my father but managed to complete ...

THe REal

This entire SHUT down of the government is not affecting those that made the decision. It's affecting ME and MY FAMILY!!! It's affecting those of us that are working from paycheck to paycheck to support our families. The federal programs that have ...

SNAP helps hardworking families

When my husband walked out he left me and our four young children penniless. As a stay at home mom I was not employed outside the home. Without SNAP I don't know how we could have survived this temporary setback. Because of SNAP I was able to feed ...

My daughter's hospitalization

At the age of 5 months, 36 years ago, my wonderful daughter Anna almost died because she had viral encephalitis. She was in a coma for 5 weeks. During that time she received excellent medical care which saved her live, covered by our health insurance. ...

Nursing student receiving Pell Grant, mother of 2, on Food Stamps and Medi-Cal

I was a graphic artist for 20 years, but the economy crashed when I became a single mother when my girls were 2 and 6. I have struggled tremendously, trying to make ends meet. I finally decided to go back to school and pursue Nursing, while taking freelance ...


I am a stay at hom mom of three kids. My boyfriends works to make the money we need. He doesn't get a lot of money so we struggle with the little he does get paid but he doesn't want me to work and help out because he wants me to be home for the kids ...


I am a senior with no income other than

Social Security, my daughter, a divorced

mom, struggles to make ends meet. She

relies on government programs to help

feed her boys.

I blame the Republicans for the shutdown,

they have refused to compromise on ...

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