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What happened to my American Dream?

I am a mother of three, living in poverty because my ex has never payed his court ordered child support. He works under the table and has no known address and in this way he effectively hides from his obligations. And there is no recourse for me. Thanks ...


I work for a non-profit organization in Honolulu for the pass 27 years. The population of those we work with are below the poverty line.

I have seen many families share a meager meal that might include a can of tuna or corn beef, pork in beans among ...


Food is not a luxury item

As a health coach, parent and grandparent, I am crucially aware of the impact of nutrition on the mind, body and emotional stability of our children. Children in our country are facing an unprecedented surge of obesity, diabetes, and a host of other ...

I'm a food pantry worker

Working in a food pantry has been an eye-opener for me to see and serve the poor in my area. People living with food insecurity as one in five of our nation's children do, is a very sad commentary on the state of our seemingly prosperous nation. The ...

Falling Through the Middle Class Ladder Rungs...

My husband lost his job back in May, so immediately we found out that we could not afford the private preschool in our area which costs $6000 a year. We could not put him in the "public" preschool because we had earned too much money from the year before. ...


*Are you currently enrolled or have you participated in a program like SNAP (food stamps), Head Start, Unemployment Insurance, housing assistance, WIC, Medicaid, or government assistance for child care?


*Are you concerned ...


But for the government, I wouldn't be where I am today.

I was thirty-something, with three kids, married and working hard. I had to ask my boss for a raise - I worked hard and I deserved it. I helped an accountant classify expenditures. He had the degree, I had the talent. The accountant made three times ...


I have a daughter who works just under 40 hours a week so she gets no benefits; she also cannot afford an apartment so she and my granddaughter live with me. One of my sons went to school to become a mechanic and got a full time job with an established ...

Our children are hungry

As a head start teacher i work with low income families. Many of our families hold minimum wage jobs and depend on food assistance programs to feed their families. SNAP and WIC provide that much needed support. SNAP also provides funding for nutrition ...

Keep helping those that need help

Living in rural WV, I had to get food stamps and a medical card for my children because i wasn't able to get a job when they were younger. Now my daughter also needs to use an EBT card and a medical card for her son just to make ends meet between trying ...

Single mother of 3

I am a single mother of three living with my single mother. I became a full time student at CSUN last year. The first year of school was quite difficult. I am not employed. I took out student loans and applied for all available financial aid. This year ...

Government has a Role in Helping Us Prosper

My family has relied on Food Stamps at times. It amazes me that Congressional Republicans (and some Democrats) have no qualms about throwing money to defense boondoggles designed to enrich shady defense contractors, and corporate welfare yet would let ...

I am a Preschool Teacher

I have a very important story, as I have the awesome responsibility in getting children ready for Kindergarten!

Every day is an important day in the life of a child...and Early Childhood Educators work extremely hard in honoring the social/emotional, ...


My Child

My daughter just turned five years old on the fifth of November. If it were not for WIC I have no idea how I would have gotten formula for my daughter. I was not fortunate to be able to breast feed due to illnesses I had after I gave birth. I was on ...

growing inequality

I'm deeply concerned about growing inequality in this country. We seem to accept it as a natural part of the American dream, that there are haves and have-nots. But the extremes to which these groups exist is not natural, and it's not acceptable. We need ...


I am thankful for having Medicaid and WIC when I became pregnant. I contribute my sons health to having medical assistance & help with nutritional food (milk, peanut butter, juice, eggs). Its expensive having a baby and it really helped sooo much. Then ...

I got Kaiser Silver Plan on October 7th

I signed up for a Silver Plan from Kaiser through the Colorado Health Exchange in early October and got wonderful coverage which, with my early SS retirement as my only income, costs me only $68 per month.

Hungry Children

Today I heard a story on how important nutrition is to the first 3 years of life, physical and mental development. As a grandmother I am concerned that we are not meeting the needs of the future generation, cutting food stamps for our citizens is not ...

My letter to Brian Williams at NBC News

To Brian Williams: You are a heck of a guy and I love your wit, but soon I will not be watching any mainstream media. Your reporting about the outrageous costs of Obamacare is just plain ridiculous. I just signed up. Sure it took awhile and the website ...

insurance exchange

I got online in Wa. state to find affordable health insurance. The first time was a little frustrating and the system cut me off and said to try back. I tried back a few days later, got online, finished the forms and got a better insurance plan than I ...
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