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Congress...get your heads out of your @$$

As a white male small business owner, I find it reprehensible that you guys cannot figure out how to act in the best interests of the American people...not just your constituents. Read the polls!! What if you were furloughed because of some idiots in ...


My family of five has been grateful and proud to live in a country where Medicaid protects our three young sons by providing the preventative care we all need in order to care for each other.

SNAP benefits

I'm helping my parents out. With the pathetic S.S. not going up along with the economy.SNAP is a need that is heavily relied upon.Going to a food bank on occasions.

I would dare any of those politicians to try and make it like My Parents are having ...


Healthcare for all is the right thing.

My mother has worked all her life. She was never one to complain about working. Almost two years ago, she was let go from her job of 10 years. She also lost her heath insurance. My Mom never was the type to go to the Dr. she always took care of it herself. ...

The Battle is 'NOT' Mine!

My daughter-in-law is the one that I am fighting for. My son after serving in Afghanistan, left her with three sons, they range in ages from 10 years to 3 years. She struggles daily to clothe, and feed these three angles, and to deny her access to basic ...

Why Can't a Two Year Old Get Affordable Health Care?

I support "Obamacare" because I believe that my chidren have a right to health care coverage. Because of "Obamacare", I am able to keep my son on my insurance policy for four more years-- until he is 26. However, his wife and their two year old daughter ...

Blessed with assistance!

I lost my job the day I was to return from maternity leave. As a single mom of two small children, I don't know what I would have done had it not been for SNAP, WIC, daycare assistance, etc. Thanks to these types of programs I was able to use that layoff ...


My grandson's mother is a single mom. She is ADD and extremely dyslexic.

She is trying hard to go to a 2 yr. tech school and work part time to better herself.

They would not be able to eat healthy food if she did not have government support for housing ...



I am disgusted that Congress members are

to be paid for creating this situation while

hard working families, poor people and even tourists visiting USA will suffer.


you disgust me!


No Funds for Play

Our federal funds are frozen. Our staff can't work, kids can not come to our museum and learn and play and get out of the cold in our rural area. Our staff families will have no income from their jobs at the museum.

STOP THIS. We already passed the health ...


God Bless the American Families

I have been on food stamps in the past as it was the only way I could feed my 5 children my husband who served r country as a Marine who served in Viet Nam is deceased I. Was happy 2. In the WIC program with my last 2 children I worked in 4 the "Big Three" ...

WIC a generation later

My parents had me very young (barely out of high school), and my brother followed less four years later. When he was baby, WIC was delivered in milk crates, to our door-milk in cartons, cereal, baby juices and baby foods. This gave my baby brother and ...


i am a working and single mother of 3. how can we survive without these program ?

help for those who need it

I am on SNAP and presently am trying to get into the housing authority or a subsidized apartment in the city where I live. If the government stays shutdown I will not be able to feed me and my mother who is 67 years old on oxygen due to having COPD/Emphysema ...

The struggle

I am a young single mother 23 years of age to be exact. I have been threw a lot these couple years and have to admit that without the snap benefits I have received and the Wic I would not have that , that is so precious to me my little girl. Please ...

Teacher & Breadwinner

I'm a teacher-librarian and the breadwinner for my family. I worry about how the government shutdown will affect me and my family, especially since my state is proposing legislation to slash the student-teacher/admin/librarian/guidance counselor ratios ...

Services for families

I know many kids who need WIC, people of all ages with health needs, young people in school who need aid. We all can't afford health insurance so there has to be alternatives, jobs are still sloe. Government shouldn't be down, we need solutions people ...


Jesse is my 3 year old grandson. He's cute as a button with lots of curly blonde hair. He also is autistic and needs early intervention speech therapy and behavioral therapy. If these programs aren't funded, we can pretty much resign ourselves to a ...

The Dark Side

I am a mental health and chemical dependency counselor working both in Missoula and on the Flathead Reservation. I work with people everyday with real problems. Many of these people are not eligible for health care, because they make"too much money". ...


I am a Middle School teacher, everyday I experience firsthand the severe need of my students for free meals because they are starving. I see the need for more counselors,we have 2 who service 1700 6, 7 and 8th graders. Our APSCS is too busy taking care ...
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